Energy Shields

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You analyze the ora shield and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
                           ENERGY SHIELDS
  Energy Flares:  Turn them on to let your Shield Flare.
  Surged Flares:  These drain mana and stored energy to increase flare strength.  You cannot
                  store mana during surged flares.
  Drained Flares: These reduce the strength of your flare to bond and store energy.
  PROD     ON/OFF Energy Flares
   Currently: ON
  PULL     ON/OFF Drained Flares (Store Energy)
   Currently: OFF
  PUSH     ON/OFF Surged Flares (Increases flare strength at the cost of energy)
   Currently: OFF
  PUNCH     UnAttunes the ora shield.  This is permanent.

Unlocked Abilities

General Information
 Tier: 0                                  Affinity Level: 0
 Total Energy Bound (Bonding): 0
 Total Energy Stored: 0/100
 Flare Type: Impact
 Daily Energy Cap: 0/1000
 22 Hour Energy Tracker: Expired
 Energy Reverb: Locked
 Energy Barrier: Locked
 Energy Wave: Locked

 Energy Color: white         Accent Color: black