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a patterned red and yellow tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #265, go (other) red tent

[Heart to Tart]
Patterned walls of red and yellow squares spread out through the tent, held upright by carved white oak posts. Wooden shelves, high and low, stretch the length of every wall. A circular rosewood counter is centered in the middle of the room and holds an assortment of pastries and other treats. Near the back sits a large hand-carved rosewood trunk.
Obvious exits: out

In the counter you see:

a glazed ginger snap 100
a frosted golden cupcake 200
a glazed dark red cupcake 200
a creamy chocolate cupcake 200
a caramel cinnamon muffin 500
an oversized colorful lollipop 3500
a baked golden brown tart 3000
a crisp dark golden tart 3000
a flaky white tart 2000
a buttered reddish-brown tart 7200
a fried green tart 8600
a caramelized orange tart 10500
a glazed yellow tart 5600
a frosted blueberry tart 10800
a sprinkled strawberry tart 1500
a tiny fate tart 1500

On the shelves you see:

a polished red mithril boar spear spear 4000
a bejeweled blue vultite sai sai 9700
a rune-etched gold vultite spikestar morning star 63500
a gold-traced blue mithril blackjack blackjack 2400
some mithril-toed blue leather boots UAC boots 40000
some curly-toed black leather moccasins UAC boots 40000
some dwarven-crafted blue leather gauntlets UAC gloves 15000
some small dusty black handwraps UAC gloves 15000
a thin deep blue ora sword OHE 7800
a dwarven-styled black vultite greatsword twohanded sword 104000
a sharp mithril jelly-stained knife dagger 1000

In the trunk you see:

some small black leathers with gold tart-shaped buckles AsG: 8 75000
some oiled grey leathers rigged with interlocking gears AsG: 8 75000
some burnished blue leathers fitted with dark mithril studs AsG: 8 75000
a suit of small armor with colorful tart-shaped plates AsG: 12 240000
a suit of tiny armor ornamented with blackened steel gears AsG: 12 240000
a suit of armor enameled with a series of golden axe buckles AsG: 12 240000
a suit of small chainmail woven by silver tart-shaped links AsG: 13 260000
a suit of tiny chainmail interlocked by gear-shaped links AsG: 13 260000
a suit of chainmail meshed by mithril anvil-shaped links AsG: 13 260000
a small breastplate spattered with bright jelly stains AsG: 17 389000
a tiny polished breastplate inlaid with smoky grey gears AsG: 17 389000
a hammered blue breastplate etched with pale dwarven sigils AsG: 17 389000
a suit of small full plate set with a golden mithril tart AsG: 20 995000
a suit of tiny plate draped with black gear-shaped pauldrons AsG: 20 995000
a suit of heavy plate ornamented with ruby-crusted patterns AsG: 20 995000
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