Faendryl Enclave

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The Faendryl Enclave is a Meeting Hall Organization located in Wehnimer's Landing. It is an organization formed for the following goals:

  1. Provide a refuge for Faendryl
  2. Promote Faendryl culture & history
  3. Provide training for typical Faendryl skills (OOC, provide a platform for RP-related interactions)
  4. As an outreach to local governments to foster improved relations


Japhrimel Co-Founder
Malkave Illusionist
Durakar Palestra & Master of Siegery
Lylia Sorceress Supreme!
Aeavenne Event Coordinator
Alasatia Elemental Overlord


Current meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month outside Wehnimer's Landing at the Alabaster Spire at 8pm


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