Faendryl and the Arkati problem (essay)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Faendryl and the Arkati problem

Author: Maltreis Faelrlyn Faendryl

Let us start by talking about worship. Actual Arkati worship is considered by the Faendryl to be gauche at best or openly derided and discriminated against at worst. If they venerate anything, it is their Patriarch, whom they believe will guide them to ever-greater heights in power and knowledge.

There are a few notable exceptions to this, though. These are Fash'lo'nae and Amasalen. Fash'lo'nae is arguably the most respected of the Arkati by the Faendryl. Seen as the father of knowledge, many view Him as the embodiment of the Faendryl drive for knowledge at all costs. Amasalen is respected and considered by many an example of what Faendryl can achieve.

Most Faendryl see no difference between Lornon and Liabo Arkati, even though some outside perceptions are that they favor the darker Arkati. Most of the other Arkati that outsiders might associate with the Faendryl (Mularos, Sheru, etc.) are barely thought about by most Faendryl at all. In reality, Faendryl society reflects both aspects of Lornon and Liabo Arkati equally, as do most other societies. It is just that the Faendryl do not attribute these qualities in their own lives to a connection with the Arkati, making them unique.

In addition, the Faendryl do not see the Arkati as gods at all, only beings with greater power that the Faendryl know they can achieve. They see the flaws in the Arkati as reflecting exactly those of the mortal races. It is merely power that separates a Faendryl from an Arkati, and many a Faendryl have dreams of this apotheosis.

Faendryl clerics are a bit of an enigma. Most clergy in other societies worship other gods, having their holy powers granted by such beings. The Faendryl priests do not consider themselves followers of any deity, most claiming that they work their magic like any sorcerer or empath might. The power to turn the Undead, they explain, comes from having learned to manipulate the energies around Rhoska'Tor, as that was where the Undead were first created. Resurrection and the power over life and death is an elementary exercise of will and magery.

Now let us talk about the beliefs of certain Faendryl Clerics. These clerics, who profess to worship nothing, see their powers coming from their own spiritual beings. They also believe that they can eventually achieve immortality and apotheosis.

This argument is largely derided by their Sorcerous peers, as it is common belief that such transcendence can only be achieved by means of Sorcery. Both sides of the argument have merit. Amasalen certainly ascended before or during the infancy of Sorcery. However there is no doubt in most Faendryl s minds that Sorcery has moved their people closer to Ascendancy.

~Penned by Maltreis Faelrlyn Faendryl, Sorcerer of the Clerisy, and loyal servant of the Patriarch.