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(GM Service and Raffle Schedule (Prime))
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'''Monday, 9/10/18'''
'''Monday, 9/10/18'''
Walward comes to spin and hand out unique siege miniatures from his old collection!
* Walward comes to spin and hand out unique siege miniatures from his old collection!
'''Tuesday, 9/11/18'''
'''Tuesday, 9/11/18'''
* Dragonbones with Jellybeard!
* Raffle - Custom Siege Miniature
'''Wednesday, 9/12/18'''
'''Wednesday, 9/12/18'''
* Raffle - Animated Cauldron
* Raffle - Summoning Orb
'''Thursday, 9/13/18'''
'''Thursday, 9/13/18'''
* Raffle - Dhu Kitten
* Raffle - 6x Erithian Katana
'''Friday, 9/14/18'''
'''Friday, 9/14/18'''
* Raffle - Wandering Tattoo
'''Saturday, 9/15/18'''
'''Saturday, 9/15/18'''
* Dragonbones with Jellybeard!
[[Category: Frontier Days]]
[[Category: Frontier Days]]

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CHE/MHO Event Schedule

Week 1: 9/7 through 9/13

Craft Bazaar 2018

All times Eastern

Date Time Group Title Description
9/7 10:30pm TownCrier Lauding the Landing
(at the Confectioner's)
There's no better opening act for the Frontier Days festival than Lady Luxelle's enchanting performance of the Ballad of the Landing, a tale of history and pioneering spirits! Afterward, all in attendance are invited to speak on what the Landing means to them. Tell us what the Landing means to you!
9/8 4pm House Daingneach Onoir Fishing Contest Will be held in the Onoir garden. Cash prizes as well as other items. Join in the fun with us.
9/8 8-10pm ICICLE Fire from the Frozen North Join ICICLE as they show you how the ladies of Icemule keep warm in the winter. A loincloth date auction will be held in the Stone Baths Theatre, located north of the Raging Thrak Inn. Bid on the loincloths, stay for the men! Empaths will be on hand to administer smelling salts to any women suffering from a case of the vapors.
9/9 6-9pm Helden Hall & Silver Gryphons Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament Helden Hall and the Silver Gryphons invite you to the Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament. Join us as we host this tournament of skill in the Helden Fighting Pit, and earn your chance to win glory, silvers and more!
9/9 10pm Faendryl Enclave Faendryl Governance and the Model Society An overview of Faendryl governance with emphasis on the Pentact and how a well-defined social structure contributes to the success of Faendryl society
9/9 11pm House Daingneach Onoir Spirit Runestones How to make them and their uses. Wintersylph will be showing us the uses of Runestones and how to make them. Join us at 11pm Elven on the 9th. Prizes for all, including a grand prize of a custom designed Runestone cutter and the tools to make runestones
9/10 7-9pm Independent Crafters of Elanthia Crafting Services Master Archsenex of the Independent Crafters of Elantia will be providing personalization and customization of items for members of the community. He can work with a wide variety of items and make them more unique by adding designs, patterns, or small embellishments. Location is Landing Treehouse!
9/11 7pm Beacon Hall Archive Fourth Annual Ki-lin Hunt Join us at the Beacon Hall Annex, Loft, in the Kobold Village for our fourth annual Ki'lin Hunt at Frontier Days! Once again we will host Lord Xorus as a guest lecturer, who will speak mainly about Bandur Etrevion and the history of The Graveyard just outside Wehnimer's Landing. Afterwards, we will venture to the Monastery and Broken Lands in search of the mythical ki'lin.
9/11 8pm Silvergate Inn Auction for the Young Adventurer Silvergate Inn shall be auctioning packs with outfits and x4 armor for the young adventurer! All auctions will start at 1 silver. There will also be some fun items and a raffle for a x6 runestaff! The raffle ticket will be set at 10,000 silvers per ticket and there is a limit of 99 tickets for this raffle so buys yours early!
9/12 2pm Fenog's Regulars and Twilight Hall T.I.E.R.S. Join Fenog's Regulars and Twilight Hall as we host a two-hour round of Elanthia's favorite game - T.I.E.R.S.! Great Prizes! Great Food! Great Company! Meet us in the T.I.E.R.S. tent just outside of Moot Hall! See you there!
9/12 7pm Order of the Shadow The Vishmiir Threat Join the Order of the Shadow at the Hearthstone Porch to hear a recounting of the plague of the Vishmiir, the undead creatures that threatened to plunge all of Elanith into perpetual darkness some fifteen years ago.
9/13 8pm The Black Hand Trading Co. Tarot Poker Run To celebrate Frontier Days, join The Black Hand Trading Co. in their headquarters on Dragonsclaw Road in the Landing (dingy grey stone building) for a tarot poker run from Solhaven to the Landing. Prizes for the best hands will be awarded... if you are sober enough to make it to the finish line!
9/13 9pm Anglers of Elanthia Fishing is Fun! Fishing tournament at Middle Dock of Wehnimer's Landing!


Shops will be open the entire duration of Frontier Days.

  • Steel Stash
  • Locks and Luck
  • Consumption Junction
  • The Imbed Shed
  • The Splatter Pit
  • The Snake Pit
  • For the Hunt
  • Frequent Fragrance
  • Immensity
  • No Stranger Ranger
  • All that Glitters
  • The Imperial Emporium
  • The Wayback Wagon
  • Just Reflax
  • Doom and Broom
  • The Smoking Arrow
  • Bootleggers and Lagers
  • Timeless Tunes
  • Natural Selection
  • Pinata Palaca
  • The Aura of Autumn
  • Mechanimal


The raffles will be spread out over the entire length of Frontier Days. Here are the items to be raffled, with more to come! Dates and details will be announced in time.

...and more!

GM Service and Raffle Schedule (Prime)

During the days of 9/14 and 9/15, there will be some general merchant services announced throughout the day and night! In addition, here is a specific schedule of some other events taking place!

Monday, 9/10/18

  • Walward comes to spin and hand out unique siege miniatures from his old collection!

Tuesday, 9/11/18

  • Dragonbones with Jellybeard!
  • Raffle - Custom Siege Miniature

Wednesday, 9/12/18

  • Raffle - Animated Cauldron
  • Raffle - Summoning Orb

Thursday, 9/13/18

  • Raffle - Dhu Kitten
  • Raffle - 6x Erithian Katana

Friday, 9/14/18

  • Raffle - Wandering Tattoo

Saturday, 9/15/18

  • Dragonbones with Jellybeard!