Fusion Shaman

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The Fusion Shaman is the automated NPC that creates enhancive fusion orbs to be inserted into fusion gear. The Shaman usually appears at pay events like Ebon Gate or Return to Coraesine Field, but also might appear at festivals like The Spitfire.

The Shaman will create fusion orbs from enhancive items. Only one enhancive property may be extracted from any single item (regardless of how many enhancive properties that item has), and the original item will be destroyed. Edible, drinkable and spell knowledge enhancives may not be extracted; enhancives with certain scripts and certain restrictions may not be extracted. Enhancives with 'global' and 'local' restrictions may not be extracted, but this limit does not affect most items currently in the game. Global restrictions are those which affect the item as a whole and all of its enhancements, while local restrictions affect single traits. Crumbly enhancives may be extracted and the resulting orb will be non-crumbly.


Know for sure what exactly the item is. This is especially important as any level, race, profession, character, or other restrictions will carry over to the orb. As mentioned above, enhancives with 'global' and 'local' restrictions may not be extracted.

Labels are highly recommended to keep track of item properties.


The Shaman only takes silvers. Go to the bank and withdraw a large quantity of silvers.


This cost of this step is separate from the cost to create the orb.

[Fusion Sanctum, Locus]
Curtains as red as rose petals, darkened by the oppressive damp, swathe the walls of the circular chamber in a display of moldering majesty.  The velvet draperies cannot muffle the sounds of trickling water from without, or hide glimpses of a rope leading up out of the depths.  They do, however, funnel and enhance the haunting whispers rising from a basin of green liquid at the chamber's center. Silver patterns are etched into the granite floor, spreading outward from the pool in concentric spirals.  You also see a robed fusion shaman and a braided hemp rope.
Obvious exits: none
>get ham
You remove a zorchar war hammer from in your woven moss knapsack.
>read ham
A greenish parchment label marred with various stains secured around the haft of the the zorchar war hammer reads, "+12 stalk and hide (31) TO BE ORBED."

>order analysis
A robed fusion shaman takes your hammer and states, "I believe I can work with this.  If you would like to see any mystical traits contained by the hammer, I can discern them for you for the low price of 6329 silver.  ORDER CONFIRM within 60 seconds if you would like me to perform this service for you."
>order confirm
A robed fusion shaman takes a zorchar war hammer from you, along with 6329 silvers.  After meditating over the hammer for a moment, the shaman lifts his eyes to you and states, "I have discovered the following traits on your hammer:

      1) It improves your Agility.
      2) It improves your Dexterity.
      3) It improves your Stalking and Hiding Bonus.

That is all I can determine.  If you would like me to extract one of the traits from your hammer, you must ORDER an EXTRACTION."  A robed fusion shaman hands the zorchar war hammer back to you and returns his attentions to a glowing green basin.


As seen above, the war hammer had been labeled with the desired enhancive to orb, and all that must be done is to extract the matching number given. As shown, it can cost a considerable amount of silver to create an orb. As previously mentioned, the original item will be destroyed here.

>order extraction 3
A robed fusion shaman takes your hammer and says, "I can perform an extraction on the Stalking and Hiding Bonus trait, yes.  It will cost you 312000 silver.  What do you say?  ORDER CONFIRM within 60 seconds if this sounds amenable to you."
>order confirm
A robed fusion shaman takes your zorchar war hammer and gently lowers it into a glowing green basin.  The basin begins to bubble and radiate waves of heat until froth obscures the shape of the hammer.  The shaman chants in a strange and guttural tongue, the sound of his voice reaching a crescendo in time with growing radiance from the basin.  A shining hoarfrost white orb breaches the surface of the basin, crackling with energy.

The shaman utters a single, sharp syllable, and light strikes through the chamber!  Slowly, the basin stills, and the bubbles within it subside to reveal that your hammer is no more.  The fusion shaman seems unimpressed, snatching the orb out of the air and handing it to you in exchange for your silvers.

Step 5: DRAW

This step is optional, but it can be very helpful to draw a symbol on the orb to make it distinctive from other orbs. The color of an orb cannot be chosen. The orb can also be loresung and labeled.

>draw on my orb
You can draw one of the following on your orb:

acorn, aegis, apple, arrow, asp, bear, berry, bird, blade, boar, bone, book, candle, cat, circle, claw, cloud, cross, crown, demon, dog, dragon, giant, globe, hart, heron, hook, imp, ivy, jelly, jewel, key, kobold, leaf, lemon, lion, lizard, map, moon, muffin, mug, needle, oak, orc, owl, peach, plume, pony, quail, quill, ring, root, rose, rune, saber, scroll, shard, shark, shield, skink, snake, spear, sprite, square, staff, star, sun, swirl, sword, talon, tear, thorn, throne, tiger, torch, tree, urgh, vereri, vole, wave, wing, wisp, wolf, wraith, wyvern, yam, yurt, or zombie.
The heat washing off of your orb warps the air around it, but it feels not entirely unpleasant in your hand.
>draw snake on my orb
You press your finger into the hoarfrost white orb, drawing a mark that is vaguely snake-shaped.

Other Notes

  • At Ebon Gate, you will need fusion tokens to access the shaman's services
  • Unwanted fusion tokens from Ebon Gate can be taken to the gjenganger in Gavelsdown Hall and turned in for 5 soul shards (See)