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All spell entries are required to include a spell template inclusion at the top of the article. Additionally, all spell entries should include one or more the following:

  • a blurb about the spell, describing its visual effects in simple english.
  • an Effect(s) section describing the mechanical effects of the spell.

The Spell Template

Each spell entry should begin with a spell template inclusion.

For example, this would be the spell template for Minor Shock (901):

{{spell | name = Minor Shock | number = 901 | mnemonic = MINORSHOCK | duration = Instantaneous | type = Attack ([[bolt]]) }}

Which results in the following table being added to the article page:

Minor Shock (901)
Duration Instantaneous
Type Attack (bolt)

This table will float along the right-hand side of the article, and article content will attempt to flow around it as best as possible. Please keep this in mind when writing articles and preview articles before saving to make sure the table flows well with the rest of the article's content.

The template inclusion should be kept as a single line as illustrated above, unless the spell has a particularily long or complex duration, in which case an inclusion in the following form is prefered:

 {{spell |
 | name = Minor Summoning
 | number = 725
 | mnemonic = MSUMMON
 | duration = 600 sec <br/> + 20 sec per [[Sorcerer Base]] spell ranks <br/> + 30 sec per [[Sorcerous Lore, Demonology]] rank
 | type = Utility }}

Take note of the inclusion of the <br/> HTML tag for line-breaks in the duration. This keeps the width of the table at a minimum and makes the duration more readable at the same time.

  • Name should be in capital case, as all spell names are proper nouns.
  • Number is the spell's number.
  • Mnemonic should be typed in all capital letters.
  • Duration should be one of the following: instantaneous, permenant, special or the duration formula.
    • Time units should be abbreviated as follows: sec (seconds), min (minutes), hr (hours)
  • Type should be a combination of any of the following as appropriate: attack, defense or utility.
    • Attack type should include a internally linked sub-type in parentheses. The list of sub-types includes but is not limited to: bolt, warding and maneuver.