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Enter the Hinterwilds

Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Hunting Grounds
Message #: 968
Date: May 5th, 2022
Subject: Enter the Hinterwilds

Intrepid cartographers have used the knowledge provided by last night's flight of the Firebird to map caravan routes to the Hinterwilds! Visit the stables at the Abbey of the Vigilant Heart in Icemule Trace and INQUIRE about a visit... if you dare.

Additionally, with the aid of the warlock Ellerel Barrowfoot, the Sisters of Hope have managed to establish stable two-way travel to the Hinterwilds by portal. This option is available at the Teleportation Chamber in the Abbey, or in the Hinterwilds from the alchemist Sparkfinger. It's quicker and safer (for the most part) but gigas artifact fragments are used to power the demanding magics!


The Way is Clear

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Ta'Illistim
Message #: 3362
Date: May 6th, 2022
Subject: The Way is Clear

The Argent Mirror of Ta'Illistim has ordered a small way station to be built to aid brave adventurers on their travels to the Hinterwilds. Knowing the many skilled and seasoned that resides in the Shining City, the Mirror wishes to make sure they can put their talents to good use, and help keep the denizens of the creatures of the frozen north far away from the Elven Nations.

It is located up the trail by the pine tree in Seethe Naedal.

The Artificers have set up a portal in the EAST ROOM of the Transportation Office. You can get there more quickly using this or in the Hinterwilds from the alchemist Sparkfinger. Gigas artifact fragments are used to power the demanding magics.

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