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Use Ranged, Shields, Staves
Bonus +12
ST/DU {{{str}}}/35
Rarity Unusual
Weight Modifier Unknown
Primary Color silver-grey
Dyeable Yes

Hoarbeam is named both for the silver-grayish hue of the wood and for the arctic region in which it grows, this strong variety of fir is a handsome tree with pointed crown of aromatic foliage. Its needles are evergreen, spreading almost at right angles in two rows on slender, hairy twigs. The hoarbeam's cones are long and cylindrical, tinted a dark purple, and they sit upright on topmost branches. Prized for a variety of uses, the hoarbeam's wood is light-colored and has a faint, irregular grain. It is resilient but still possesses enough elasticity to make it a fine choice for use in making bows. The hoarbeam is commonly found in northern forests, and it is said that the further north the specimens are harvested, the stronger will be its inherent magical qualities.