Icemule Trace Town Council Candidate Speeches 5120-06-24 (log)

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This contains only highlights from the Town Council Candidate Speeches which began at 9pm ET in Icemule Trace, during its 5120 Mayoral Election.

Reiphe (Opening)

Reiphe hastens in.

>look at reiphe

You see Councillor Reiphe O'Mallory the Election Coordinator.

He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.

He is short. He appears to be an adult. He has jolly periwinkle blue eyes and freckled skin. He has swept back, neatly cut silvery-grey hair. He has a clean-shaven face and large feet.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black raven-feathered cavalier hat, a stately mist grey longcoat, an opaline snowball pin, a loose black cotton shirt with wide sea blue stripes, a pair of grey moonstone cufflinks, and a pair of tailored grey cotton breeches.

Reiphe says, "Good evening, everyone."

Reiphe says, "Thank you all for being here this evening."

Reiphe says, "In the interest of time, we'll move at a swift clip tonight. However, I would like to introduce a special guest before we begin."

Fizelgrauf (Guest Speaker)

Reiphe says, "Fizzlegrauf Binnder was the longest-serving mayor of Icemule Trace, with a career spanning decades."

You see Fizelgrauf Binnder the Former Mayor of Icemule Trace.

He appears to be a Brughan Halfling.

He is average height. He appears to be extremely old. He has tired ale-brown eyes and wrinkled, wind-bitten skin. He has frizzy, thick stark white hair that surrounds a shiny bald spot. He has a gaunt face, a bulbous nose and a great big, bushy beard. A dark pink birthmark discolors his face and stretches from his right eye only to disappear into his curled moustache.

He has a shiny mahogany pipe clenched between his teeth.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a fur-lined elk hide cap, a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles, a short elk hide jacket, an opaline snowball pin, a thick red lamb's wool vest, a high-collared durable white shirt, a narrow faded suede kit, a pair of crisp charcoal grey pants, some thick goose grey socks, and a pair of oiled leather boots.

Fizelgrauf gives some slow, doddering nods around the room.

Fizelgrauf makes his way slowly up to the podium.

Fizelgrauf hoarsely says, "Well, it's good to see everyone again."

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "Though not quite as nice as retirement, let me tell you."

Fizelgrauf gives a weak, coughing laugh.

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "Now, more than ever, Icemule Trace is in need of good guidance."

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "The very fact that there are so many names on that list--"

Fizelgrauf points at a council election signup.

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "It tells me that Icemule Trace is in a good hands."

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "In good hands, rather."

Fizelgrauf coughs a few times until a young halfling brings him some water.

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "It helps me rest better in my retirement to know that so many of you care so much about this town."

Fizelgrauf hoarsely exclaims, "Now, may the best of you win!"

Fizelgrauf gives a feeble shake of his fist.

Fizelgrauf raspily says, "Good luck to one and to all."

Several younger halflings, including one that looks an awful lot like the former mayor, help him back to his seat.

Reiphe says, "Thank you, Mayor Binnder."


Reiphe says, "Our first speaker tonight will be Arianiss Winterfox."

>look at arianiss

You see Arianiss Winterfox the Insightful.

He appears to be an Elf.

He is average height. He appears to be youthful. He has argent-lashed vibrant cerulean blue eyes and fair skin. He has long, pale silver hair awash with twilight blue lowlights that curtains his back. He has long pointed ears.

He has some spiraling golden rings in the upper ridge of his left ear.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a knee-length twilight grey cloak, a garnet silk shirt with short tailored sleeves, some fitted black leather pants with a detached low-hanging belt, a twining rose vine anklet, and a pair of rugged climbing boots.

Arianiss confidently takes a few steps toward a weathered spruce podium.

(Arianiss looks out over the assembled crowd, his gaze settling on you for a brief moment before passing on to the person next to you. He smiles and leans forward against the podium.)

Arianiss says, "My name is Arianiss Winterfox, and I am a cleric of mixed Arkati. I am sure many of you do not know me very well, and perhaps do not even know my name. That is okay."

Arianiss smiles.

Arianiss says, "My history with Icemule is from a long time ago, much like Master Honeybrook. I laughed, and smiled, and loved here. I hunted the wraiths and zombies and arch wights. I defended the town against Thurfel, the Vvrael, and the Vishmiir. I was perhaps the youngest to brave the trail into Pinefar when we went exploring the mountain for it. I bled and died, here. I do consider Icemule to be my home, even if I am not here all the time."

(Arianiss gently grips the sides of the podium, again looking out and scanning through the crowd to meet returned gazes.)

Arianiss says, "..but that is the past, and we need to focus on the present, and the future."

(Arianiss releases the podium and taps his chin as he ponders his thoughts a moment.)

Arianiss says, "I am a world traveler, and thus I have seen many systems that have worked, and many systems that have not worked."

Arianiss says, "I would bring to the Council that knowledge, and awareness, and experience. I would bring a tempered and fair mind, but one also willing to go to battle for those under my care."

Arianiss says, "My desire for the future of Icemule is to see the desires of all of our Mayor candidates, including those of Mistress Wineberry, brought to fruition. They all sound good. They all sound beneficial to our future."

Arianiss says, "I desire to keep the Council, and Mayor, held fast to the community and to be available for interaction and discussion. I do not want there to be secrets, or whispers, or dark machinations. I do not want an open door policy.." he pauses, "..I do not want there to be a door at all."

Arianiss smiles.

Arianiss says, "My name is Arianiss Winterfox, and I want to be your voice on the Council. Thank you."

(Arianiss smiles, again meeting your gaze and that of those around you, before he steps away from the podium and back into the crowd.)


Reiphe says, "Next, Teaberry, of the Paradis."

>look at teaberry

You see Teaberry the Fireweaver.

She appears to be a Paradis Halfling.

She is average height. She appears to be young and untried. She has sparkling pink albino eyes and pasty white skin. She has shoulder length, glossy white hair up-swept into loose corkscrew ringlets. She has a round face, a long nose and a dimpled chin.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a crystal amulet, a rose-inlaid ruby heart medallion, a silver spiral brooch set with a star ruby and engraved with the letters WW, a ebon velveteen bliaut subtly infused with muted silver glints, a simple star ruby ring, a polished gold ring, and a pair of exquisite deep ebony open-toed slippers inset with star rubies.

Teaberry says, "Hello! I'm Teaberry. I'm a Paradis halfling wizard, and I'm very proud to be here tonight."

Teaberry says, "I am a dedicated Icemulian. I love this town, and I want it to be governed wisely and well. If I were a member of the Town Council, I would be a passionate supporter of the rights of all Icemulians, be they truefolk or tallfolk, dedicated to discovering the truth and making it known and comprehensible to all, and eager to learn from those who have lived through so much more with this town than I have."

(Teaberry looks thoughtful for a moment, and then nods.)

Teaberry says, "I think that the best way of expressing what kind of council member I would be is to quote an oath of ancient times."

Teaberry smiles and then clears her throat.

Teaberry says, "I will never bring disgrace to this, our city, by any act of dishonesty or cowardice, nor ever desert my suffering comrades in the ranks. I will fight for the ideals and sacred things, both alone and with others. I shall willingly pay heed to whoever renders judgment with wisdom and I shall obey both the laws already established and whatever laws the people in their wisdom shall establish. Should anyone seek to subvert those laws or set them aside, I will oppose them--either in common with others or alone. And I will endeavor to render the city greater, better, and more beautiful than it was before."

(Teaberry looks a trifle embarrassed but clearly means every word.)

Teaberry says, "Thank you."

With a graceful flutter of her hands, Teaberry sinks down in a formal curtsy.

Teaberry sits down.


Reiphe says, "And next will be Astari Layge Ardenai."

>look at astari

You see Astari Layge Ardenai the Guardian of Icemule Trace.

She appears to be an Elf.

She is petite. She appears to be young and sprightly. She has large ebon-infused virescent eyes and alabaster skin. She has very long, straight deep red hair pulled back from her face and tied into a complicated knot. She has a round face and delicately upswept ears. She has a flame-shaped burn mark around the ring finger of her left hand.

She has a patch of ebon-inked scales on her wrist.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing an onyx-veined dark eahnor collar, a slim dark linen jacket that flares out at the waist, a deeply hooded ebon silk longcoat, an open-back cherry silk blouse bound with a gold lace-patterned cincher, a slender and dark bloodstone ring wreathed by rolaren, a low slung black linen skirt, and some side-buttoned black silk boots with short heels.

Astari strides a few steps forward.

Astari says, "I am not one for big introductions so we will keep it simple, my name is Astari Layge."

Astari says, "Icemule is the place I have considered my home since I left my parent's house. Upon arriving, the people here welcomed me openly despite my quirks and made me feel truly a part of something."

Astari says, "This town has flourished over the years, growing not only in size but number. All of this growth at times has brought about some negative attention, but no matter how dark the times became Icemule still had one thing I have struggled to find elsewhere, a tight knit sense of community."

Astari says, "If elected, this is something I aspire to nurture further. My hopes are for the council and Mayor to actively work toward enriching our home and all the people found within. We can start this by investing in our current great houses and organizations. I want to encourage open communication with all citizens. The sharing of ideas and hopes for the town can only help our commonwealth thrive."

Astari says, "Icemule should be much more than just a place you call home or where you are from, it should be a sense of family that we always desire to make our way back to."

Astari nods politely.

Astari says, "Thank you."


Reiphe says, "Next will be Kobane Tiravellian Faendryl."

>look at kobane

A layer of water surrounds Kobane and ripples with each movement.

You see High Lord Kobane Tiravellian Faendryl the Insightful.

He appears to be a Dark Elf.

He is average height. He appears to be in the spring of life. He has silver-flecked emerald green eyes and vibrant, black skin. He has long, ebon-striped white blonde hair tucked neatly behind his ears. He has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a thin nose and thin, lithely muscled arms and wrists.

He has an alum-traced pale green jade stud in the upper ridge of his left ear, a tattooed symbol of Zelia on his neck, a crescent moon tattoo on his wrist, and a sigil-incised vaalin half-ring in his lip.

He is in good shape.

A ring of icy orbs encircles his hands.

He is wearing a broad-brimmed black suede hat with a band of white silk, a pair of blue-hued spectacles, a simple grey linen cravat, an opaline snowball pin, a cloud grey damask vest lined with deep scarlet silk over a dark sable silk shirt with axinite buttons, a thick ebonwood armband, a silver stallion ring, a white cloth satchel stitched with the word "Oregano", some sable silk trousers with axinite buttons, and a pair of sable leather boots with axinite buckles.

Kobane stands up.

Kobane turns around.

Kobane smiles at the gathered crowd.

Kobane quietly says, "G'evenin' folks, many ah y'know m."

Kobane quietly says, "Ah've served wit' th'Town Guard fah over 2 years, an ah love m'town."

Kobane quietly says, "Is m'goal t'encourage ah safe an'friendly environment fah our citizens an'visitors."

Kobane quietly says, "Simply put, t'listen an be th'Voice ah th'People."

Kobane quietly says, "Thank yah."

Kobane bows.

(Kobane walks back into the crowd.)

Kobane sits down next to Elphieya.


Reiphe says, "And now, Kittai, an advisor to the outgoing mayor."

>look at kittai

Twisting vines writhe around Kittai, obscuring her in an ever-shifting barrier of thorns.

You see Advisor of the North Kittai.

She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.

She is average height. She appears to be youthful. She has thick-lashed cobalt-violet eyes and alabaster skin. She has very long, thick ebon-hazed purple hair worn in a dozen thin lace braids interlaced with midnight ebon crystal flowers. She has an oval face and sharp pointed ears.

She has an inked sanguine rose laying in a blood-red pool of ink on her wrist, an inked black rose with a withered brown stem on her wrist, a vine-covered arrow tattoo fletched with vibrant feathers on her neck, a veniom-swept soulstone hoop in her lip, a detailed tattoo of a plump purple-bearded shirtless dwarf riding a half-centaur half-Nalfein woman while licking beads of grape jam off of her red sunstone crown on her ear, and a pair of dark starstone studs set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.

A cloud of multi-colored cat fur seems to hover around her body.

She is in good shape.

A ring of icy orbs encircles her hands.

She is holding an ebony yew composite bow in her left hand.

She is wearing a blue feather-shaped charm, a suit of midnight black and silver leather brigandine with embossed amber-eyed panther heads on the sleeves, a weathered leather bandolier, some blackened feystone claws, a spool of gleaming wire, a small bone periapt, a yew-braced ebon spidersilk pack caught in diaphanous crimson webbing, a dark velvet gem pouch fitted with ruby-inset silver plates, a crimson velvet-lined carryall cinched with black silk cords, some dark leather pants, a delicate silver-mesh collar, a mottled wintry wild silk cloak, a White Haven bear head pin, a blood red stone emblem depicting a hissing cat, a ruby-eyed cat's head symbol crafted from black moonstone, a spiral-carved lapis bangle bracelet, a pitted moonstone band, a twisted eahnor engagement ring set with a multi-faceted dragonmist crystal, an ebon frost-burned leather kit stitched with argent thread, a silver-banded black cordovan thigh-quiver stitched with metallic-threaded icy blue tendrils, some black silk knee-high socks under some dark frost-burned leather climbing boots laced with dirge-vaon vine.

Kittai smiles.

Kittai waves.

Kittai says, "Hi everyone, I'm sure most of you know me though if a few of you don't I'm Kittai, or just Kitt. I did indeed have the pleasure of being an Advisor to Mayor Tawariell during her time here with us, and I'd like to bring this experience to a seat in the new council, with our new mayor whoever that may be."

Kittai says, "Icemule is the only place I've had the pleasure of citizenship and I dont see that changing anytime soon, through all the ups and downs, overall the town, and those who call it home have remained a constant, and I think that everyone's opinions on how to move forward as a community are incredibly important to Icemule's growth, and would love to help put those plans into action."

Kittai says, "Thank you."


Reiphe says, "She is followed by Dayzed Wsalamir."

>look at dayzed

You see Dayzed Wsalamir the Trumpeter.

He appears to be a Giantman of the Wsalamir Clan.

He is very tall and has a muscular, able-bodied physique. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has piercing rhimar-hued eyes and rough deeply tanned skin. He has ragged, windswept locks of blue-gray hair flying freely in every direction. He has an unshaven face and a wildly unkempt beard.

He has a large white polar bear tattoo on his chest.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a heavy dagswain longcoat with rusted metal buttons, a penannular blued steel brooch, a thick rhimar armband, a White Haven bear head pin, a snowy white coney pin, a cornett case slung over his shoulder, a weathered leather bandolier, a thick off-white wool shirt, a blue mithril wrist cuff, an ice blue ring, a dark blue suede belt, a soft dark azure kilt, and a pair of sturdy walking shoes laced with leather cords.

Tidying his appearance, Dayzed simultaneously tugs the end of his off-white wool shirt down while pulling his suede belt up higher on his waist.

Dayzed deeply says, "First and foremost, I'd like to thank Councillor Reiphe for providing me with this opportunity to speak with all of you."

Dayzed nods appreciatively at Reiphe.

Dayzed deeply says, "I'd also like to thank all of those in attendance for taking the time out of their busy lives to ensure that our lovely town has the best possible leadership in place."

Dayzed deeply says, "For those who do not know me, I am Dayzed Wsalamir of the Arctic Clan, descendant of the great Aemarlantea."

Dayzed deeply says, "I spent my childhood traversing the DragonSpine mountain range and, for the last two decades, have called Icemule Trace and Pinefar my home."

In a moment of deep reverence, Dayzed slips his eyes closed and touches the knotwork symbol of a pair of open-mouthed wendigos touching nose-to-nose over a stylized snowflake on his blued steel brooch with the tips of his fingers.

Dayzed deeply says, "I own a market in Bootlegger's Alley and a cabin atop Pinefar's Bear Bluff, so there should be no doubt as to my commitment to the region. I clearly have skin in the game."

Dayzed deeply says, "And, for the folks here with a long memory, I was responsible for brokering a long-standing truce with the local Ice Giant tribe - a peace that has lasted for over fifteen years."

Dayzed balls his hand into a fist and pounds it against a penannular blued steel brooch worn at his shoulder. Once, twice, and three times he strikes as a fiece look of determination settles about him.

Dayzed deeply says, "By electing me to the Town Council, you can be absolutely certain that the town's best interests will be relentlessly pursued."

Dayzed deeply says, "I will strongly advocate for untangling ourselves from the hastily-arranged alliance with Ta'Vaalor. I will provide steadfast support for the strengthening of our walls and stationary defenses. And I will aggressively lobby for Pinefar to be treated as the jewel of the Mountain it yearns to be."

Dayzed folds his arms over his leather bandolier, glancing around at his surroundings.

Dayzed deeply says, "I adore this town; I embrace its culture; and I treasure all our residents and visitors, large and small. Thank you for your consideration."

Dayzed heavily pounds both his fists against his chest and bows his head slightly.


Reiphe says, "Therefore, I present Joskin Stonecreeks."

>look at joskin

Flames dance around Joskin wreathing him in a torrent of violent energy.

You see Joskin Stonecreeks the Firestormer.

He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.

He is shorter than average. He appears to be in his golden years. He has almond-shaped ale-brown eyes and nut brown skin. He has loose, floppy chin-length dark brown hair the color of rich fudge and with a smattering of crumbs and jam embedded in it. He has a plump face and a button nose. He has several laugh lines radiating outward from his mouth.

He has a braided black beard.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a shimmering rainbow cloak, a faded gold ring, a fiery red suede tote embroidered with a freshly-baked tart, a tooled leather cigar case, a large gold ring, a dragonfire opal hatpin, a rune-etched fire opal earcuff, a skillfully carved tart locket, a tiny ebon crystalline flower, a celestial tart symbol, a pair of sapphire-chained white peacock cloak pins, a White Haven bear head pin, an opaline snowball pin, a cheerful mule adornment, a vest made of bright jester's motley, a coral-bound marble badge, some fine wool casting gloves with kaleidoscopic sigils, a miniature crystal wand pin, a dreamstone spider pin, a shimmering autumn-hued leaf, an engraved fire opal stickpin, a circular platinum pin inlaid with a multicolored sea glass mosaic, a jam-encrusted varicolored sling slung over his shoulder, some glittering golden leathers, a brass-studded leather bracer dyed a myriad of bright colors, a jam-spattered tart satchel, a multicolored pouch, some brightly colored patchwork silk pantaloons, and a ghezyte chelioboros anklet.

Joskin tenses up, beads of sweat glistening on his brow.

Joskin skips happily towards a weathered spruce podium.

Joskin slowly empties his lungs.

Joskin cheerfully proclaims, "Hullo everyone! It's great to see so many people here! Thanks for coming! And I'm super happy to see Mr. Fizelgrauf!"

Joskin beams!

You hear a hoarse whoop from the back of the pavilion.

(Joskin looks over the crowd, putting his hand over his eyes in order to see better.)

Joskin jubilantly exclaims, "First, I want to say how excited I am to see so many people interested in the town and its future. It's really great to see!"

Joskin nods enthusiastically!

Joskin recites, "I know many of you were here two years ago when I ran for mayor. I think I'm the only one of us to run for Council now, so I want to talk about why I'm doing it."

Joskin thoughtfully declares, "I think the things that I talked about two years ago are still true now."

(Joskin pauses a moment to let what he just said sit.)

Joskin confidently declares, "When I ran for mayor, I said we shouldn't be afraid. We had a super big problem with Daukhera saying she was the queen and attacking us all the time. It was really hard and sad. And I wanted us to explore new ways of promoting our culture and encouraging tourism."

Joskin proudly adds, "Most of all, I said that Icemule is the friendliest city in Elanthia and we would keep it that way!"

(Joskin lets his words stand for themselves, going silent for a few seconds.)

Joskin declares, "All of that is still true! We should not be afraid. We might be threatened by something strange, and we have dangerous areas outside the city, but we should not be afraid. We have citizens who volunteer to defend the town. We have militias. I have all the confidence any threat can be ultimately defeated."

Joskin carefully declares, "We are not helpless. We are not unsafe. I didn't like hearing so much of the debate talk about defense. We have defense. Do they think we don't? I think we do. I have been there to defend the town. So have many of you. I haven't seen all the mayor candidates there. It felt like they were trying to make us feel unsafe to get votes. I didn't like that."

(Joskin subconsciously shuffles his feet after what he just said.)

Joskin proclaims, "I want an Icemule for us and by us. We should have festivals and attractions that only we can do! I want us to have a contest where we invite the land's greatest bakers to create the world's best tart. And I think we would win!"

Joskin adds, "I want us to keep our spirit of friendliness and independence. There's nowhere in Elanthia like Icemule. We should keep it that way."

Joskin exclaims, "We don't ignore threats, but we don't let them control us. We take what we do well and we show it off to everyone. So many people have visited here and decided to stay because of our spirit!"

(Joskin hestitates. His face briefly tilts toward the group. He takes a deep breath before continuing.)

Joskin sadly says, "Not only am I the only one from the last mayor election running for Council- I'm the only one still here."

Joskin frowns.

Joskin mournfully says, "There were five of us. Four of us lost. The other three left. They went somewhere else to live. Even Tawa left. It made me really sad. And they didn't go on a trip or a visit somewhere- they left. They're not here."

Joskin says, "I'm still here. This is home. I love Icemule. I'm not doing this because I want attention or perks or anything like that! I'm doing it because I think I can help. If you think I can, I hope you vote for me. Even if you don't, I'll be here. I'll be at my home."

Joskin concludes, "Thank you for listening. I have some old pins if you want them!"

Joskin slowly empties his lungs.


Reiphe says, "And now, Nemt."

>look at nemt

You see Nemt the Troubadour.

He appears to be a Halfling.

He is tiny. He appears to be very young. He has bloodshot sea green eyes and tanned skin. He has short, honey blonde hair shaved at the temples. He has a broken nose and a neatly-trimmed beard. He has a small opaque spider on his left forearm.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a high-collared tweed frock coat, a moonlight cactus-bloom, a dark leather overcoat fastened with onyx clasps, a black dreamstone emblem in the form of a decaying rose, some dark leather gloves, a bright gold ring, a pair of dark grey silk pants pleated in the front, and some sturdy leather sandals.

Nemt beams happily!

Nemt coughs.

Nemt says, "Good Evening my fellow citizens, friends or visitors of Icemule Trace. A few here might know me personally but many might not. My name is Nemt. I am a magic inclined bard that has traveled all over spreading joy through my magic and loresongs. My family has deep roots in the area, and I am overjoyed to see the outpouring support of furthering Icemule Traces growth into the shining icecold diamond it is."

Nemt says, "I will lightly touch on what I want to see flourish from each canidates platform, wether they are elected or not."

Nemt says, "Candidate Walesca Wineberry, I am sure most of us can agre keeping traditions alive is very important but putting one above all is not the future Icemule needs. I do strongly believe we should focus on commerence and trade but only if that furthers our community as a whole, not lining the pockets of wealthy businesses."

Nemt says, "Candidate Hazelnut Honeybrook, I can not help but want to follow him into the great unknown but we would get lost quickly due to his lack of direction. What he does have is a strong sense of community, and that has always been a strong trait of Icemule. This will be a primairy goal of mine to continue."

Nemt says, "Candidate Ellerel Barrowfoot, has a heavy focus on magic and utilizing it to promote safety, these are goals I would want pushed to the forefront and thoroughly researched. Icemule has a tenacious history of magic, we need to lean on that."

Nemt says, "Candidate Talliver Dabbings, always short and straight to the point, safety above all. Who can argue with that? The Dabbings family have always put Icemule Trace first, and that is something that will influence a lot of my descions and input to the new Mayor."

Nemt frets.

Nemt says, "If elected, I promise to focus heavily on expanding town borders including our close friends to the North in Pinefar, strengthening our town defenses, increasing commerence and trade and striving to make it encompass our true strength which is a welcoming and helpful community."

Nemt breaks out in a sweat.

Nemt nods enthusiastically!

Nemt says, "And thank you for..listening to me."


Reiphe says, "Roelon McColend, of the Wsalamir."

>look at roelon

You see Roelon McColend the Insightful.

He appears to be a Giantman of the Wsalamir Clan.

He is taller than average. He appears to be full grown. He has piercing blue-tinged silver eyes and tanned skin. He has long, braided white hair beaded with tiny onyx beads held in a loose ponytail. He has a broad face, a classical nose and a neatly-trimmed beard with an icy blue streak down one side. Obscured behind his beard is a rugged, muscular jawline that is further emphasized by weather-worn cheeks.

He has a tattoo of a somber black dragon that coils upwards from jaw to temple, and a circular blue tribal tattoo on his neck.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a dark veil iron earcuff, a weathered black leather duster with silver-tinged rhimar buttons, an old dark silver insignia of ruby-inlaid crossed waraxes, a dark alloy scaled leather coat-of-plates adorned with a single rhimar-studded pauldron, a small darkened veil iron armband delicately etched with a Saramar rune, some rugged ebon leather gloves with rhimar studs set in each knuckle, a veil iron signet ring, a sanguine crystal-inset rhimar band, a roughly knit woolen kilt threaded with rhimar studs, and some oiled dark leather shoes with silver-tipped laces.

Roelon pulls the folds of his black woolen kilt more tightly around his waist.

Roelon takes a few steps toward a weathered spruce podium.

Roelon takes a few steps toward a weathered spruce podium.

Roelon nods.

Roelon deeply says, "Tracers, Mulians, Citizens and friends of Icemule Trace, ah want to thank ye all and the town for allowin mahself to be ere. Mah name is Roelon McColend. Ah am nae one for speeches so forgive me."

(Roelon holds back the folds of his kilt and bows as gracefully as a Giantkin could.)

Roelon deeply says, "I kin see mahself in each of our Mayor candidates."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah hae always helped others all across Elanthia as far as mah legs could take me and as long as ah kin remember. Ah stand up for those who cannae themselves. Ah learn the ways of magic that mah Clan has taught me to do this. And ah do like to strike ah bargain or two for ah know the weight coins carry in our life."

(Roelon pauses for a moment to steel himself.)

Roelon slowly empties his lungs.

Roelon deeply says, "Wehnimer Landing, ah hae seen troubled times and survived the wars there over that bloody sword and Mandis crystals. Ah too hae lived the troubles of the Terate, the Vvrael and the challenging times of Thurfel and those Liches."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah traveled to the Elven nations and aided them in times of need, only to return and find Wehnimer s plagued by summoners in red. And even now the town still suffers from the lingering conflict from this."

Roelon deeply says, "However, ah am seeing mah old home continue to struggle with its own problems and ah want to help as much as ah kin. The home of the Hooligan clan, where mahself, mah brother Duoncon, and Randsford would seek out adventure to find our purpose."

Roelon stares outward, his expression black and tinged with melancholy, as he clutches the leather coat-of-plates at his breast.

Roelon deeply says, "The bravest ah am not, nor am ah the smartest or the wealthiest. I am just an old Giantkin who hae seen our world grow and this town change as it s faced so many tough times in the past."

Roelon deeply says, "And now our town is facing more.. The taint from the abbey as we all know is causin problems here. And it endangers us all."

Balling his hand into a tight fist, Roelon raises it defiantly skyward as a frosty, shimmering cloud surrounds his glove, and then quickly fades.

Roelon deeply asks, "How can we make the town appealing to others while it is nae even safe for our own?"

Roelon deeply asks, "More then that... what kin ah offer to aid the Mayor in this challenge?"

Roelon smiles.

Roelon deeply says, "To whi ever Mayor we end up electing, ah pledge if chosen as ah Councilor or nae to aid them in enhancing our great town. With all mah heart, mah kilt and mah experience in this diverse land of ours."

Roelon deeply says, "To help our Citizens and visitors find comfort and safety within these walls."

Roelon deeply says, "To offer and accept aid from the neighborin towns in times of need and strengthen the trade between us."

Roelon deeply says, "And most importantly to heighten the understandings between Truefolk and Tallfolk alike."

Roelon nods.

Roelon deeply exclaims, "As much as we are all different we are the same, as we are the people of Icemule Trace!"

Roelon lets out a cheer!

Roelon coughs.

Roelon deeply says, "Ah..thank ye for yir time."

Roelon forcefully crosses one arm over his leather coat-of-plates and offers a formal bow.

(Roelon wanders off to the food cart.)

Roelon blushes a glowing shade of red.


Reiphe says, "He will be followed by Gespry Kastellion Faendryl."

>look at gespry

You see Merrymaker Gespry Kastellion Faendryl the Insightful.

He appears to be a Dark Elf.

He is strikingly tall and has a lithesome, nimble build. He appears to be young and sprightly. He has gold-flecked pale purple eyes and vibrant, dusky skin. He has waist length, crimson-tipped anthracite black hair beneath a flared violet satin hat banded with silver-linked smoky dove grey glimaerstone cabochons, which is rakishly tilted to one side. He has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a slender, delicately flared nose and tiny laugh lines radiating from the outer corners of his eyes.

He has a niveous snowflake-carved hoop in his right eyebrow, a tattooed pattern of intricately-linked runic knotwork encircling both of his wrists, and a scarlet blazestar stud in the upper ridge of his left ear.

He is in good shape.

He is holding a ceramic mug of chocolate and mint coffee in his right hand.

He is wearing a twisted vaalin kilt pin, a slim storm grey locksmith's toolkit beaded with tiny riftstone studs, a pair of silver-framed glasses, a billowing grey Faendryl cloak with a knucklebone clasp, a slit-pupiled eye symbol incised in yellow heliodor, a White Haven bear head pin, a glowing pendant suspended by a leather cord, a scorched Faendryl satchel with a campfire-shaped feystone clasp, a rune-stitched Faendryl backpack, a stylish grey Faendryl tunic, some black worked battle-armor, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a thick ebonwood armband, a smooth bone ring pierced by tiny crystal shards, a braided grey Faendryl-style belt, a bulging storm grey herb kit fastened with a violet riftstone clasp, a rich purple cage of twisted mithril wire, a translucent sack, a slate grey suede pouch with purple braided drawstrings, some dark grey Faendryl pants, and a pair of grey knee-high boots secured with riftstone-tipped laces.

Gespry scampers in circles around Reiphe.

Speaking melodically to Reiphe, Gespry exclaims, "Thanks for the introduction!"

Gespry turns around.

Reiphe grins.

Gespry melodically says, "Hello everyone, and for those who don't know me, my name is Gespry, and for those who do know me, I'm still Gespry. As you can probably surmise at this point I'm running for a spot on the Town Council."

Gespry melodically says, "Just a short bit about myself..and because your all starting to drift off..."

Gespry narrows his eyes.

Gespry melodically says, "I'm a master of the mystical arts of sorcery. A local Guild Master here to the Icemule Sorcerer Guild. I'm also a proud member and also currently the chairman of the House White Haven."

Gespry melodically says, "Besides being active in the community as a shop owner and a leader a great house established here in town, I'm also one of the many defenders of this town when it is in crisis."

Gespry grins.

Gespry melodically says, "Policy wise, I'm open minded, but with a realistic view of what is possible. I look forward to positive active change in the community of Icemule, regardless if I'm selected to be on the council or not."

Gespry melodically says, "And to wrap this up so everyone gets a chance to speak."

Gespry melodically says, "My name is Gespry, I seek a nomination for council and thanks."

Gespry bows.

Gespry scampers in circles around Reiphe.

(Gespry scampers back into the crowd.)


Reiphe says, "Falvicar Jalcon, servant of Ronan."

>look at falvicar

You see Falvicar Jalcon the Blade of the Night.

He appears to be a Sylvankind of the Tyesteron D'ahranal.

He is average height. He appears to be young. He has ether blue eyes and golden brown skin. He has long, sleek black hair peppered with silvery stars and tied back with a silver sword-shaped clasp. He has a delicate face, a classical nose and slightly pointed ears. He is wearing a silver and white silk standard emblazoned with a black sword that juts over his shoulder.

He has a black unicorn tattoo on his wrist, a silver-edged black sword tattoo on his finger, a tattooed symbol of Ronan on his wrist, and a moon and stars tattoo on his ear.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a blackened mithril greathelm, a silver-edged rolaren sword symbol, a silver-edged black spidersilk cape embroidered with a rearing silver unicorn, a chased silver alloy pin, a gleaming multicolored soulstone, a small bone periapt, some silvery vultite cufflinks, a cloisonne turtle dove charm, a silver gossamer sack, an iridescent black lacquered weapon harness trimmed with silver, a silver spidersilk surcoat, some dark vultite full plate, a black-collared white shirt with wide cuffs, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a pair of articulated silver gauntlets, a platinum wedding band, a thin silver-buckled belt, a quilted black spidersilk sack with silk drawstrings, a silver-bound pure white scabbard with a decorative onyx sword affixed to it, some pristine black silk trousers, some silver-lined spurs, and some supple charcoal suede boots with darkened silver star-shaped buckles.

Falvicar takes the edge of his spidersilk cape and holds it out, as he bows low in a courtly fashion.

Falvicar quietly says, "To those that nae know me, I am Falvicar. Many of you might know me as a paladin of Ronan as well as Blade of the Night under Lord Redding of The Order of the Nights' Blade. Some of you may know I am also part of the Silver Gryphons"."

Falvicar quietly says, "When I was a young cleric, before I became a paladin, this was my home. I've seen this town go through a lot of things - including Thurfel and those evil liches that were within the tombs"."

Falvicar quietly says, "I fought at the Demon Wall, The Shadow Lands, fought in other unholy places and many foes such as Tsleth, Chaston, Raznel, Athamael, etc. I have even successfully fought foul demons and other unholy abominations that attacked other towns and thus know to work with a team of fellow militia to see such powerful foes fall"."

Falvicar quietly says, "If elected I would voice what I believe the town wants and lookout Icemule's best interest- especially with this town being my home. I would also do my best to push our town to the good town that it is and keep evil doers at bay so this town doesn't become what the Landing is."."

Falvicar takes the edge of his spidersilk cape and holds it out, as he bows low in a courtly fashion.


Reiphe says, "Jastalyn Dragorth."

>look at jastalyn

You see Chairwoman Jastalyn Dragorth the Officer of Twilight Hall.

She appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Faendryl.

She is diminutive and has a voluptuous body. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has thick-lashed cobalt-violet eyes and petal-soft, tanned skin. She has very long, thick caramel-brushed blonde hair gathered in a loose bun secured at the base with a delicate frosted glass haircomb with tapered ends, though several errant curls have fallen against the nape of her neck. She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a pert, daintily upturned nose and long, slender legs. A snowflake-carved ice blue diamond is positioned between her eyes, which casts a sparkling ice blue sheen across her face.

She has a colorful compass rose sleeve tattoo on her arm, and a scale of musical notes tattoo on her wrist.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of delicate platinum-brushed earrings, a fitted platinum gown set with a diamond choker neckline, a polished platinum engagement ring inset with musical note-shaped diamonds, and a pair of courtly platinum frosted glass slippers inset with diamonds.

Jastalyn softly says, "Thank you, Councillor Reiphe."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly says, "Good evening Icemule Trace citizens and friends. My name is Jastalyn Dragorth, and while my heritage stems from outside of Icemule, I was born here many years ago. Many of you know me, but there are a few new faces of folks who may not."

Jastalyn softly says, "Ten years ago I created Fenog's Regulars as an Icemule Hall in hopes of rekindling a time when strangers helped each other for no other purpose than to be kind and helpful neighbors. I have done many things in those ten years including my work with Twilight Hall and my service on Mayor Tawariell's council."

Jastalyn softly says, "Many people call Icemule a small town. There aren't as many souls who dare to brave the cold winter winds as those who wander the streets of Wehnimer's Landing. I say the population may not be as big as other cities, but our community is close-knit and friendlier than most."

Jastalyn softly says, "We've heard from the Mayoral candidates who are focused on strengthening the town's defenses, making Icemule a center of magical study and education, opening the town to all cultures, and are passionate about enhanced trade and Truefolk tradition."

Jastalyn softly says, "I agree that all of these topics are equally important when considering the future of our town. Whoever comes out of the upcoming elections victorious will need a strong council who knows the history of our town, its people and its local groups."

Jastalyn softly says, "The council needs members who are knowledgeable, experienced, and upholds the same kindness of heart that Icemule is known for and the glue that holds our community together. I offer these qualities and am fully prepared to commit to the time and work that goes into helping Icemule grow."

Jastalyn softly exclaims, "I thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you at the polls!"

Jastalyn smiles.


Reiphe says, "Our final speaker tonight will be Geojordak of Selanthia."

>look at geojordak

You see Lord Geojordak the Master Craftsman.

He appears to be a Human from Selanthia.

He is average height. He appears to be very young. He has gold-flecked blue-green eyes and alabaster skin. He has short, straight amber hair streaked with silver. He has a birth mark.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a broad-brimmed black suede hat with a band of white silk, a skewed sapphire prism earring suspended from a silver stud, a fractured crystalline pink heart pendant, a deeply hooded grey elesine robe, a mithril Twilight Hall pin, a black leather eyepatch with a painted blue swirl on its surface, a long-tailed sewer rat, a gold-threaded leather wand harness slung over his shoulder, a finely tooled grey leather satchel slung over his other shoulder, a smaragdine suede backpack clasped with a silver leaf, some polished full leather, a fitted bronze shirt awash with garish spiderweb embroidery, an emerald suede sheath, an etched red quartz wristcuff, a thick ebonwood armband, a jewelled engagement ring, a bright cobalt leather bag with thick wool tassels, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking, a coarse burlap sack, a pair of loose bronze breeches with arachnid buttons, and some knee-high violet satin boots accented with bronze tiles.

Geojordak stands up.

Geojordak softly says, "Thank you all for letting me speak tonight."

Geojordak softly says, "I signed up to speak last or close to last as I wanted to be able to frame my thoughts after hearing the other candidates speak. This isn't really about me. But also as a later speaker I know everyone is probabaly ready for a nap. Please stay with me here."

Geojordak smiles.

Geojordak softly says, "Honestly, I am not...running for the council per say, but if elected will server to my best. What I am looking to accomplish is to put forth my beliefs of where Ice Mule should be in terms of governance."

Geojordak glances upward and whistles quietly, an innocent look on his face.

Geojordak softly says, "And what I see Ice Mule needs is strong leadership with ideas and goals, but one also able to listen to good ideas from all comers. There are things I would focus on if I were on the council."

Geojordak softly says, "My number one goal is to see a council that can put forth ideas, good and bad, because without ideas you cannot do anything....a council that can inspire each one of us to step forth and put forth not just ideas, but time and effort to the betterment of everyone."

Geojordak softly says, "Seeing as there are only five council positions, who would I endorse for council? Out of all the excellent candidates here are my thoughts."

Geojordak softly says, "First, I would endorse myself ... but that's not fair, so echoing more recenlty in my mind I would like to endorse Falvicar. Hopefully, they will be able to provide a perspective focused on restoration and protection of all of Ice Mule."

Geojordak softly exclaims, "Second, I would think Kittai would be good for this job. An established memeber of the Ice Mule community and a perons with experience with managing security for a large group. Very important with all the carts around town!"

Geojordak softly says, "Third, Someone who could help out by acting as a liaison or give up a perspective to help us work with our larger Neighbors. In that regards having travered the DragonSpine I am liked what Dayzed had to say."

Geojordak coughs.

Geojordak softly says, "Fourth, having worked with the town guard these past years, I would recommend Kobane. A short speaker, but I think he would get the job done in his actions."

Geojordak softly says, "Finally, rounding it out I would call on Jastalyn to be on the council. Based on their comments, I think they would be well suited to help build a bridge between all people."

Geojordak softly says, "Notice I did nae mention a halfling. Not because the halfling candidates tonight didn't have good ideas but because I think we should look for diversity, and the mayor will be the voice of the halfling."

Geojordak softly exclaims, "In closing, I will serve the best I can if you do end up voting for me. That said, my endorsements are for those I have just mentioned. May the best candidate win!"

Geojordak waves.

Geojordak sits down.

Reiphe (Closing)

Reiphe says, "As we come to a close tonight, I want to thank you all for such thoughtful proposals and speeches, and for keeping things brief."

Reiphe says, "I realize that this year's election is a little different, hastened by some unforeseen factors."

Reiphe says, "In two days, when the polls open, all of you will have the opportunity and responsibility of having your voice heard."

Reiphe says, "You'll be able to select up to five council votes, and one mayoral vote."

Polveiss asks, "Is the voting only open to icemule citizens i assume?"

Speaking to Polveiss, Reiphe says, "If someone is not a citizen, but is able to back a long association with the town, I will personally ensure that their vote is counted. I understand that a few long-time members of this community are shackled to shops elsewhere."

Reiphe says, "However, I and the rest of the election commission will be rigorously ensuring that this election is free from foreign influence."

Reiphe says, "Wehnimer's Landing can vote for their own mayor, living, dead, or undead."

Reiphe flashes a wide grin.

Reiphe says, "Voting will remain open throughout the weekend."

Reiphe exclaims, "I hope you all will encourage your friends and family to vote wisely!"

Reiphe says, "Thank you again for coming."

Reiphe says, "And thanks again to all who spoke and put their names forward."

Reiphe heads to the back of the chamber, retrieves the former mayor, and then escorts Fizelgrauf out into the cold.