Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy

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Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Established in 1240 of the Modern Era during the reign of Argent Mirror Ardtin, the Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy was announced alongside the centennial celebration of her reign, ushering in an age of culinary discovery and celebration that continues to this day.

The organization focuses on the ever-evolving art of cooking, the influences of local and imported ingredients, and the folklore woven into each meal. The Academy was one of the first in Ta'Illistim to allow enrollment of all races and cultures, citing that knowledge could and should be shared in the pursuit of culinary excellence. For centuries, the Academy met just outside the city proper, the students and professors gathering in small, organized encampments to study various methods of food preparation that would have been considered too dangerous within the Shining City's walls. However, at the start of Argent Mirror Myasara's reign, the Academy was invited to host their meetings within the city walls, lectures within the Library Aies (and demonstrations outside, far away from potential damage to the volumes and books), and more recently, at the Linsandrych Var Chanceries.

While it is still predominantly Illistimi elves, the current membership now includes numerous burghal gnomes from the Illistimi enclaves, and a smattering of many other races and cultures; the love of food and thirst for knowledge transcends borders. The Academy enjoys the patronage of many Illistimi families, the donations received varying from old family recipes, ingredients from farms across the Elven Nations, or monetary gifts to ensure that the students and professors have ample supplies for their lectures. The order is comprised not just of professional and amateur chefs, but also scholars whose primary focus is the study of food and drink of Elanthia, as well as those with an eye (or palate) for cuisine.

The popularity of the Academy has waxed and waned across the decades, and in the modern era (circa 5124), an uptick in prominence was again noted.


Symbol: a crossed spoon and quill set before a resplendent peacock

The member's surname is sometimes added beneath the symbol, typically upon a pin, although it is noted that others have opted to tattoo the insignia.

Motto: Ever In Pursuit of Culinary Excellence


  1. Neophyte of the Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy
  2. Student of the Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy
  3. Connoisseur of the Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy
  4. Professor of the Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy

The Illistimi Lecture Series

From time to time, the Academy provides lectures on culinary arts and related topics. Information on these can be found at Illistimi Culinary Arts Academy Lectures.