Iznori's Windows

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Iznori's Windows is a Premium Home Window shop in Zul Logoth. It is located north of the entrance in Furniture Foyer.

[Iznori's Windows]
Display windows adorn the metallic walls, offering views of the sea, the stars, or the sky, depending on what painting has been placed behind it. Between customers, a cheerful dwarven woman lovingly polishes each window pane, admiring her reflection before moving on. You also see Iznori and an etched pale slate sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   80000  an invar-framed clear glaes window
2.)  140000  a sphene-inset amber glaes window
3.)   80000  an invar-framed red glaes window
4.)   80000  an invar-framed green glaes window
5.)  140000  an opal-inset amethyst glaes window
6.)  140000  an opal-inset rainbow glaes window
7.)  140000  an opal-inset clear glaes window
8.)  100000  an invar-framed golden glaes window
9.)  140000  a sphene-inset azure glaes window
10.) 100000  an invar-framed silvery glaes window
11.) 140000  a sphene-inset smoky glaes window
12.) 100000  an invar-framed stained glass window
13.)  80000  an invar-framed blue glaes window
14.) 140000  a sphene-inset crimson glaes window