Juspera (prime)

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Portrait by by Rinika Tsui, referencing Charna's nickname for Juspera: "Angry Dagger."

Juspera Spintari was a young, dark elven thief who frequented River's Rest and Wehnimer's Landing and who was perhaps best known for her role in the second Griffin Sword War. She was of ambiguous appearance racially, with red hair and rounded features for a dark elf, and appeared perpetually undernourished. She had spent most of her youth on the streets of the Landing, in the company of thieves and rascals; later she found a home at House Aspis, in the company of thieves and rascals.

She never accomplished anything of value in her short life, but her efforts were frequent and occasionally amusing. She worked as a scout during the war with Breganda, dying only eleven times in the service of information-gathering. She also formed the River's Rest Blue Guard for the defense of the town and recruited at least two members. During the awakening of the feithidmor, Juspera was chosen as back-up to the back-up rogue of the River's Rest contingent and, when Postino disappeared and Widlebeest fell, she entered the chasm to be immediately slain by a banaltra. In 5102, she ran for mayor of Wehnimer's Landing and was subsequently assassinated.

During the second Griffin Sword War, Juspera--nominally an adherent of Koar--fell in with the Liabo-aligned Resistance. She and companion Mnar became known for their heavy-handed attempts to bring members of the Dark Alliance to justice, which led to many conflicts with both the Dark Alliance and the Resistance. She was tried by the Freeholders for her actions, but was eventually accepted into the Dreamwalker's fold.

Less disastrously, she did place twice in the Aspis Bardfest, winning once, and was a great lover of games; she authored a book, "Sixes: The Second-Best Party Game since Terasian Craps," that was published by Gloumerrick. Some have suggested that she just stick to writing and not go anywhere near (1) wars, (2) politics, (3) religion, or (4) men.

Her close associates over time have included Esserae, Nevrek, Ysharra, and of course her very good friend Mnar. She had conflicts with more persons than can be believed or even remembered, but special targets of her antagonism included Setzier and Alisaire.

Juspera is rumored to have been married to the bard Caer, but she certainly didn't act like it.


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