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Use Arrow, Shield, Runestaff
Bonus +10
ST/DU 10/25
Rarity Uncommon
Weight Modifier Unknown
Primary Color deep reddish-brown

The kakore tree resembles the birch, in that it commonly has multiple boles instead of one. Its leaves are a silvery green shade with scalloped edges, and feature a tint of scarlet on the leaves' undersides which has earned it the nickname of "bloodleaf" trees. It is commonly found in marshy areas, and does not tolerate arid climates. Its wood is dense, with little give, and is of a beautiful deep reddish-brown hue. Thus, it is not usually a good choice for uses that require a supple snap such as the production of bows. Its magical inherency is subtle, but its widespread populations, as well as the beauty of its finish, promote the kakore's popularity for use in medium-grade magical items.