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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race sylvankind
Status Alive
Alias/Title a gaunt sylvan artist


You see Keilipso the Artist.
She appears to be a Sylvankind.
She is very tall and has a gaunt figure.  She appears to be very young.  She has kohl-smudged, haunted ice blue eyes and bronze skin.  She has very long, platinum hair pulled back from the face by a thin vivid amethyst headband adorned with decorative starling pennae, though the hair is frayed and appears to not have been washed in a good long while.  She has a pair of elegantly pointed ears that frame her narrow, haggard face, a freckle-splattered pert nose and a single, deep dimple on her left cheek.  A light dusting of colorful chalk darkens her slender fingertips, and a single, wayward smudge of indigo chalk touches upon her chin but appears streaked.
She is in ghastly shape.
She is holding a chunky piece of chalk in her left hand.
She is wearing a twine-strung seaglass bauble, an off-shoulder baggy white open-weave sweater that is frayed and sagging from her frame, a series of wide ebonwood bangles, a faded soft leather hip-satchel, a pair of high-waisted burgundy linen serwals with broken strings and a smattering of white jades that still cling to the ankle-cuffs, and a delicate jade and copper footflower that is missing several jewels.


  • Keilipso stares at the frigatebird for a long moment, her lip curled in a maligned grin that twists her features into a grotesque mask. "Eat his little pets, eat them all," she whispers to the frigatebird before she tries to scrabble away.
  • Crouching low, Keilipso silently scrabbles up to the woman and tries to bite the woman's hand. She misses, causing the other woman to turn to her in shock. The woman lashes out at her with her foot, but Keilipso dodges away from it with ease, only to scrabble out of reach.
  • Growling like a savage animal, a gaunt sylvan artist stares at Percy for a long moment. Her expression suddenly softens, the fierceness and feral aspects of it turning towards a gentler, almost smiling continence. "Keep up the good fight," she whispers to the wind and tries to scamper from sight.
  • Keilipso issues a feral hiss as mist passes through the area and draws herself into a tight ball as she attempts to avoid being touched by it.