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  |/  \ X /  \                                 <-- Meet Helga on Page 6  |
  ||/\_\ /_/\|__________________________________________________________/
  |(  _\V/_  )                                                         |
  >\\(o>)<o)//<                                                        |
  \=(  .O.  )=/               GemStone III'S            October 1991   |
  ||/\ /v\ /\|                                           Vol.2, No.5   |
  | _| HHH |_          _   _           _    ___                        |
  |/ \ \_/ / \        / ) / )         / )  / __)                       |
  /   \___/   \      / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____    |
 /  /  \_/  \  \    /   __/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)   |
/  /.       .\  \  / /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /       |
\  \__//^\\__/  / (_/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(        |
 \  \)      (  /       _____      _    _    _    _                     |
  |\/=/\M/\==\/       / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                     |
  |(  ^^v^^   )      / (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____         |
  / \        / \    / ____) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )        |
 |  : \.  ./: : |  / (__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /         |
 |  :  .  . : : | (_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(          |
 |  :  .  . : : |                                                      |
 |  :  .  . : : |          The Kronicles of Kulthea                    |
 |  :  .  . : : |______________________________________________________|
 |  :  .  . : : |______________________________________________________|
 |  :  .  . : : |                                                      |
 |  :  .  . : : | Local News ............. 1       Hall of Fame   28   |
 |\/:\/.\/.\:/:\| Song for Yuri ............. Amelda Heronheart    1   |
 |\//\/ \/ \/\/\/ Cold Shoulders ..... Lady Wisraith Winterwind    2   |
|\_/   |  _/' \_  Overview of Professions ....... Isei Ikazuchi    3   |
\___/\_/  \____/  Warrior Art .................. Inyigo Montoya    4   |
 |                A Bottle of Rumors ...... Michaelos Durandero    5   |
 |   The Big Picture ........................... Twyndle Majeer    7   |
 |   Riders on the Storm, Book Review ........ Artemis Al~Anhir    8   |
 |   A Day to Forget .................... Lady Taarna Wayfinder   10   |
 |   Steel Golem map ............................. Phaedra Bleu   12   |
 |   CSS Unraveled: Spell & Reverse Spell Law ..... |<enner Boh   13   |
 |   On Entering Kulthea .................. Lord Rhys Corwinson   15   |
 |   Lands of the Rich and Famous ............. Elzbeth Collins   18   |
 |   I'm (Almost) Second Level ............... Cartek Dammacles   21   |
 |   Otter Lore .................................. Siobann Nimm   23   |
 |   Kalagay in Mur Fosityr ................... Kalagay Halatil   24   |
 |   Of Mice and Half-Elves, Part 2 ........ Gallenod Varynesti   26   |
 |   Chest and Unsigned Poem Found ............... Lian Winslow   28   |
 |   The Eyes Have It .................. Miss Louvella Parsnips   29   |
 |                                                                     |
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Local News                            /\
~~~~~~~~~~                           /TO\
                                    / ALL\
 GemStone III Bulletin Board       / THOSE\          Strange Encounters
      Goes GEnie*Basic            /   WHO  \         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           /  FOUGHT  \   Strange goings on around the
On Oct.  1, 1991, the Bulletin  |  AND WON!  |  Landing  have  been reported
Board   for   all  of  Kulthea  |     *      |  lately.   None  less  than a
became effectively free!  Yes,  | Sept 29/91 |  fairy,  cat,  owl  and mouse
the   Multi-Player  RoundTable  | Gladitorial|  were  reputedly seen cavort-
Bulletin Board is now included  |   Games!   |  ing  upstairs in the Wayside
in GEnie*Basic services.  Even  |     *      |  Inn,  and  Alexis,  Dec  and
if all you do is lurk, reading  |Free-For-All|  Rune   were  wandering   the
postings there by top players,  | (No Magic) |  graveyard   one  night  when
GameMasters   and  Simutronics  |  Gallenod  |  they  were  confronted  by a
management  is  guaranteed  to  |   Foskat   |  large white cat.
increase   your  enjoyment  in  |   Darkhan  |
GemStone  III  because it will  |    Artaq   |  Knowing  there to be no cats
immediately    increase   your  |     *      |  willing to brave the Unlife,
knowledge of the game.          | One-On-One |  they  examined this creature
                                |  (Magic)   |  thinking  it a familiar, the
Hundreds     of     questions,  |  Gallenod  |  favored pet of a witch, mage
answers,  opinions and playing  |   Griffon  |  or warlock.
tips  are  available  there on  |    Isei    |
menu  option  #1 at GEnie page  |   Airioch  |  They  were puzzled, however,
1045.   If  you don't know how  |   Dagmar   |  as  they knew of none in all
to  navigate a Bulletin Board,  |     *      |  Kulthea  who  owned  a fami-
look  in  the May 1991 Kelfour  |Free-For-All|  liar.  As  they  stood there
Edition  (KEDITION.12)  for  a  |  (Magic)   |  pondering    this    strange
tutorial  with  examples using  |  Gallenod  |  occurrence, the cat spoke.
the GemStone topics themselves. |   Griffon  |
(Topics 17 through 20).         |    Isei    |  In  a  decidedly  unfriendly
                                |    Kodos   |  manner  it  said, "Dec, your
   Welcome New GameMasters!     |    Fxg     |  days  are numbered." As they
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     |     *      |  gasped  in  horror,  the cat
Look closely the next time you  |Team Combat |  surveyed   them   from  evil
see Draxiel or Samiel.          |  (Magic)   |  green eyes.  As Rune reached
                                | Sioban &   |  for  her  falchion,  the cat
It's  not often we get TWO new  |   Gallenod |  faded into the shadows.
GameMasters  in  Kulthea,  and  | Griffon &  |
this  duo  in  particular pro-  |Rory &Foskat|  Other   monsters  have  sup-
mises  new fun and improvement  | Elminester&|  posedly  been  heard jeering
to  game  mechanics  as  well.  |Griffon&Isei|  at  hunters.   One reputedly
Both are programmers of repute  | Michealoos&|  called   Dec   and  Wisraith
as  well  as nice guys in that  |Griffon&Isei|  bullies. Further occurrences
elusive land known as Earth.    | Wisraith & |  should be reported to KE.
                      __________|Fxg& Airioch|__________
                     //              ....               \
   Song for Yuri     \\__________            ___________/
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                 \          /
 By Amelda Heronheart             | Hosted |     But the radiant glow
                                  |   by   |     On his youthful face
  Behold Lord Yuri                |  Vlad  |     Shines most brightly before
  The fighting fury               |   &    |       he hurries
  What will it take to tame him?  |  Dec!  |     From the temple door
  A centaur hide                 /          \    To hunt Manticore
  He may offer with pride       (            )   After Dagmar has made him
  To a damsel on a whim...       \__________/      blurry.
Editorial:                    Cold Shoulders
 ____________             by Wisraith Winterwind
/ \ ________ \
\@| ~|~|~~|| |
  |  |~|_ ~~ |riends are easily made   Kelfour's  Landing attracts a rather
 _|  |~|-|   | in Kelfour's Landing.   strange breed, open and friendly but
/@|  |~|     | You  see it  all  the   fiercely  proud  and equally vulner-
\_/ ~~~~~    / time:   The  friendly   able.   The combination of pride and
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  smiles and  hugs, the   vulnerability  has  some distinctive
consoling  rubs on the shoulder.  We   alchemical  properties.  It makes us
give  these to those we hardly know,   afraid  to  be  hurt,  especially by
to  the newest additions to our com-   those  who  know  us  well,  and  we
munity.   Sometimes this casual fam-   convince  ourselves  that rapproach-
iliarity  generates  a  real friend-   ment  is not OUR responsibility.  We
ship,  a  genuine  affinity  between   are  so  afraid of rejection that we
people.   We  share  our  hopes, am-   don't  make the first step to recon-
bitions, foibles and failures.  Such   ciliation.  We may even be afraid to
friendships can develop with startl-   accept   someone   else's   attempt.
ing speed, perhaps faster than else-   Coupled  with that, we don't want to
where. I have experienced the joy of   appear  "weak"  by  capitulating  or
developing  such  relationships  and   being the first to say, "I'm sorry,"
spent   much   time   laughing   and   so  our  pride  also interferes with
savoring the company of those I care   reconciliation.   We  may think, "If
about  and trust.  Therein is a sin-   he  doesn't  want  to  be  my friend
gular and healthy magic.               anymore,  that's  HIS  loss." Repeat
                                       this  often  enough and you may find
Unfortunately, I  have also  experi-   yourself a lonely person in a sea of
enced good  friendships  slip  away,   former  friends.   Whose  loss is it
the  magic  gradually  or  instantly   then?
gone. Though  you have  to look  for
it, almost as frequently as a hug is   I  can  think of few things more sad
exchanged there is a stony, stubborn   than losing a friendship to a misun-
silence between  people who  used to   derstanding  because  neither  party
be friends.  So why do solid friend-   was  brave  or humble enough to step
ships  dissolve  into  these  uncom-   forward.   The  longer  we wait, the
fortable silences?                     less  likely  are  we  to  ever  say
                                       something  and  the farther away the
Sometimes  we  drift  apart  without   friendship  goes.   Regrets  turn to
knowing  why.   Maybe  we  see  each   bitterness,  and  rather  than blame
other  less  as we each discover new   ourselves  for  being  stubborn  and
things.  Sometimes we never find out   cowardly  we  blame  the  other  for
why a person is distant because they   hurting  us.   We  may even actively
aren't  brave  enough  to tell us or   work  against  one  we  used to call
they   mistakenly   think  we  know.   friend  in  petty  crusades designed
Sometimes  we  only  give people one   hurt  back  as  much  as we think we
chance;  they  blow  it and we never   have been hurt.
give  them  the  opportunity  to  do
better  the next time.  Sometimes we   It occurs  to me that I would rather
cut  friendships  short  because  we   acknowledge that  I might  have been
find  new friends and forget to con-   wrong and  renew a broken friendship
tinue nurturing the older friendship   than believe  I  am  infallible  and
for  the  novelty of the new.  Some-   lose a thing of value. I have waited
times   we   misunderstand   other's   too long, perhaps, but I say to some
actions or intentions.  These things   of you,  "our friendship  was impor-
may  account  for  why  a friendship   tant to  me and  I miss it. Can't we
fails,   but   what   prevents  such   try to get it back?"
divisions from being patched up?
                             Starting Right:
                        An Overview of Professions
                             By Isei Ikazuchi
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|elcome to Gemstone!   most at low levels.  Famous fighters
  |  |~|/~~\|~| | If you are reading   are Ise, Kirc, Benar and Gilthor.
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| | this, you are most
/@| _|__/  \__|_| likely  interested   Clerics are  the only  ones that can
\_/_____________/ in starting off on   fight the Unlife without the need of
the right foot. This article focuses   blessing weapons.  There is  a  shop
on how  to begin  your life  in Gem-   that is  just for Clerics that sells
Stone with  the right  character for   holy weapons  for them near the town
YOU. The  first thing you have to do   Temple.  The   nicest  thing   about
is choose  the  profession  you  are   Clerics is  their ability  to resur-
most likely  to stick  with  and  be   rect  other   characters  at  higher
known  as  in  GemStone.  There  are   levels.   Ressurection   becomes   a
eight professions:  Bards, Fighters,   Cleric's main  avenue of advancement
Clerics, Mages,  Thieves, Sorcerers,   as they  are given  a lot  of exper-
Healers   and   Rangers.   Different   ience when  they sucessfully perform
strengths and  weaknesses give  each   lifegiving. Clerics are much needed,
profession  a   unique  aspect   and   loved  and   respected   for   their
outlook;  you  may  want  to  try  a   ability  to   restore  life.  Famous
variety before you settle on one.      Clerics are Sindar and Taarna.

Bards augment their fighting ability   High  level   Mages   are   powerful
with  magical   songs.  At  present,   people;   they   are   well   liked,
however, neither  of the spell lists   respected and  feared, but to get up
available to  them is  completed. If   there takes  a lot  of time, effort,
you would  like to  become one,  you   persistence   and    patience.   The
should   know    that   Bards    are   rewards are  worth it.  They have  a
fascinating   and   generally   well   variety of  spells,  both  offensive
received.  Right  now,  however,  it   and defensive.  They also  have mis-
takes more  than songs and poetry to   cellaneous  spells   that  are  most
be a successful Bard in GemStone and   useful in quests and such. Mages are
due to  the lack  of completed spell   fun and  very interesting and if you
lists, relatively  few people choose   already like  casting all  sorts  of
to be  Bards at this time. Enegue is   spells, you  should  try  this  pro-
the most famous Bard in GemStone.      fession. Famous  Mages  are  Dagmar,
                                       Karel, Lythe and Wisraith.
Fighters are  particularly good  for
beginners because they are simple to   If  you   like  to  be  independent,
play  and  loads  of  fun  at  lower   versatile and  rich, the  Thief pro-
levels. What  sets them  apart  from   fession is  the best  choice.  Their
other professions  in the arms realm   low  skill   costs  allow   them  to
is the ability to specialize cheaply   develop a  variety of  abilities and
in  two-handed   weapons.  The   two   offsets  their   lack   of   magical
handed  sword   is  incomparable  in   prowess.   Pickpockets    are    not
damage it  inflicts, making  up  for   appreciated but  "honorable" thieves
the  magic   deviod  nature  of  the   are respected  for their  ability to
profession.  The   disadvantage   to   disarm and  open chests  for  others
using    two-handed    weapons    is   (usually  for   a  service  charge).
increased  vulnerability  since  you   Stealthy   by  nature,  high   level
cannot carry a shield. Fighters tend   thieves are deadly ambushers and can
to have  the most  concussion points   stalk  and  hide with  ease.  Famous
and therefore  can last  longer than   thieves  are  Valeria  and  Moonpie.
                                    -3-                             More...
Sorcerers are  powerful magic users.   Rangers make  great  combatants  and
Trading flexibility  for power, they   companions. Their  ability  to  cast
are not  as versatile  as most other   spells of  protection is a big bonus
professions. Taking  power from  two   to them  and to  their friends. They
realms of  magic means being able to   are not  as versatile as thieves but
have a  wide variety  of  spells  to   this lack  is offset  by their grasp
choose from  and that  power  points   of magic.  Being both arms and magic
are  derived  based  on  two  stats,   using, they are similar to Bards. As
rather  than   just  one  for  other   of now,  the Ranger  base spell list
professions. The  sorcerer base list   is unfinished.  Despite  this  there
has been completed up to the level 6   are many  famous Rangers  out there,
spell. A  challenging profession  to   including   Fxg,    Yuri,   Nastorm,
develop,  sorcery   concentrates  on   Corwin, Talon, Maruko and Rune.
offense. Be warned, sorcerers do not
have  any   defensive  spells.  Nice   Which profession  is right  for you?
spells at  lower levels  may  be  an   If you aren't sure or are tempted by
incentive to  try one  out. Xura  is   more than  one,  talk  to  the  suc-
GemStone's most famous sorcerer.       cessful members  of the  professions
                                       that interest  you; they can go into
If you would like to get to know the   detail about  the  strengths,  weak-
game, chat,  feel the atmosphere and   nesses,  triumphs  and  pitfalls  of
be respected,  the Healer profession   their professions.  Also,  don't  be
is  the  one  for  you.  There  will   afraid to  try  a  variety  of  pro-
always be  adventurers  in  need  of   fessions yourself  or to  switch  to
your care.  In addition  to  combat,   another if you find one doesn't suit
you gain  experience by  healing and   you. GemStone  is a world of options
your ability  to  heal  more  severe   and  the   variety  of   professions
damage increases  as you  go  up  in   provides many unique opportunities.
level.   Famous healers  are  Kayla,
Rhys and Strom.
|                                                                          |
|                 ****                                                     |
|                **/|**                *****                               |
|               **/ /**               **()()**                             |
|              **/ /**              **()()()()**                           |
|             **/ /**              **()(`_` _)**                           |
|            **/ /**               **()(   , |**                           |
|           **/ /**                ***(\ /""\/***                          |
|          **/ /**       *************/ \_)(/\************                 |
|     **&***/ /**    *************/   -_/   \__   \_*_*************        |
|      **&*/ /**    *****/      \_--_    \ /    _--_/  \/     I \***       |
|    *****& /**    ****/       _-    -_  -V-  _-    -_ (      I   \***     |
|   *[\\\\ &**    ***/       _- _-_    -_/|\_-    _-_ (\      I    /\***   |
|   *[ / -/\&**  ***/      .- _-   -_    -.-    _-   ( \\     I   /  |**   |
|   ***\./  /\** **/       :_-       -_  / \  _-     (   \\   I  /   |**   |
|    *****\/  \***/       /(      .    \( o )/    .  (     \\/ \/    |**   |
|       ****\   \(       /**( \_________/\_/ \_______(======| O |----|**   |
|         ***\  (      /** **(           / \         (     //\_/\    |**   |
|          ***\      /**   ***\        //   \\       (    //  I  \   |**   |
|           ***\__ /***     **\      / / .;. \ \     (   //   I   \  |**   |
|            ********       **\    /  / ..;.. \  \    ( //    I    \/**    |
|                            **\ /___/ ...;... \___\ /*(/     I    /       |
|    Art by                   **\((((_____;_____))))/** \_____I___/        |
|     Inyigo Montoya           **|o o o o o o o o o |**                    |
|                              **|o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_|**                    |
     Painting Thirteen purchased by Vlad Drakulya at the Art Auction
                             A Bottle of Rumors
 _________                 by Michealos Durandero
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ |
  |  |~|  |t was  a  fine  afternoon   ing he  continued telling  me of his
 _|  |~|  | that  found  me  resting   reasons to move to the north.
/@| _|~|_ | after  some  hunting  in
\_/ ~~~~~ / the hollow tree south of   "My name  is Foloc and I have fallen
  ~~~~~~~~  the Dragonsfang  Forest.   on misfortune.  I used to be a weap-
I  sat and, taking my bottle from my   ons trader for the chieftains of the
sack,  poured some wine in a cup and   greater orc  tribes  but  they  have
drank.   As  I  finished, my reverie   witnessed their  chests being raided
was interrupted by a kobold that had   by the  people of  Kelfour's Landing
the  misfortune  to stroll in.  With   and have stopped buying as before.
three swings of my broadsword it was
dead.  I returned to my wine.          "My livelihood  could  survive  this
                                       but not  on top  of  the  hobgoblins
I was  just settling  in again  when   moving  from   twohanded  to   short
the lesser orc arrived.  He was old-   swords and chain hauberks only being
looking and  wore leather armor, un-   used by the odd wealthy orc."
usual for his breed. I hastily stood
and  was   reaching   for   my   eog   I nodded  to him. I had noticed this
broadsword  when  he  spoke.  I  was   change in  armament myself,  partic-
amazed, and  stayed my  hand; I  had   ularly  since   chain  hauberks  are
heard of  orcs that  could speak the   worth a  considerable amount  at the
common tongue  but had never met one   pawn shop.  He continued  telling me
myself. His  accent  was  thick  and   about how he had to sell most of his
guttural, but  I managed  to  under-   inventory at  next to  no profit, or
stand him.                             sell nothing at all. At this point I
                                       interrupted  his   narrative,   "All
"Please don't  kill me," he said, "I   right, I  can see  why you  wish  to
am only a poor orc emigrating to the   leave this  area, but  where then is
north. I mean you no harm."            the information  to help  my  people
                                       with which you will buy your life?"
I thought  about killing him despite
his words  but lesser  orcs are  not   "The orcs have bought some new traps
famous for  carrying a lot of silver   and installed  them in their chests.
and I  would learn  nothing from his   The new  suppliers have sold them to
death. He spoke again, "If you spare   many creatures," he said.
me I  will give you information that
will benefit you and your people."     "What manner of traps are these?"
I gestured  for him  to  sit  and  I   Grinning to  show one of his missing
rested back  on my heels, keeping my   teeth he  replied, "Oh, some sort of
broadsword in  hand. I  asked why he   magical vial  that releases  a  stun
was moving  to the  north, since  it   cloud when  broken. The new supplier
was more  common to see his brethren   is a grey orc who has found a way to
from the  mine area traveling south.   create a potion with the spell."
He told me that he wanted to end his
years in  peace and  where he  might   His information confirmed the rumors
have a chance of survival.             I had  been hearing  about  such  an
                                       advance in trap technology. Thinking
Clearing his  throat as  a signal of   there was  no more he could tell me,
its dryness,  he glanced  toward  my   I was  rising to leave when he said,
bottle of  wine. I  poured some in a   "There is  more. Would  you like  to
dirty cup  that I use for odd things   hear  something   about   the   hill
and offered  it to him. After drink-   trolls?"
                                    -5-                             More...
I looked  at him  and wondered  what   the  powers  they  had  granted  the
he could tell me about the dangerous   trolls many years ago."
creatures which  rival their cousins
the  cave   trolls  in  cunning  and   When I asked which powers, he smiled
swordsmanship.  I   knew  that  most   and this time he did not wait for me
adventurers  avoided   them  as  too   to pour  for him but took the bottle
difficult. I asked him what he could   himself. He  drank again and winking
tell me  of them and he extended his   said, "The power to withstand stuns.
cup.  As  I  poured  more  wine,  he   Without  this   ability  they   have
continued talking.  It was  becoming   become less aggressive and no longer
increasingly difficult to understand   attack with  the strength  or defend
what he  was saying  as  his  orcish   with the  quickness they  once  did.
accent got  thicker as  he drank. He   They are  still powerful  but can no
began a  tale of how the hill trolls   longer  challenge  the  Unlife  they
had angered agents of the Unlife.      dispute with.
"The Unlife  have begun  new  opera-   Hill trolls  could be stunned now? I
tions near the territory of the hill   could hardly believe it. The orc had
trolls and they objected. In retali-   more than  paid for his life so when
ation, the  Unlife masters took away   I rose  I left  the remaining  wine.
                                                        Continued on page 7
  @                                                                      @
  |           ^^'''^^                                                    |
  |         (((\\|//)))                                                  |
  |           .=====.                                                    |
  |          / )   ( \          ___________________________________      |
  |         /  \ X /  \        /                                   \     |
  |         |/\_\ /_/\|       /  A HU-MAN I shant vonder...         \    |
  |         (  _\V/_  )      /_                                      \   |
  |        >\\(o>)<o)//<       | Right here in this elwen willage?   |   |
  |        \=(  .O.  )=/  __   |                                     |   |
  |         |/\ /v\ /\|  /  \  |   Madame Helga *lo-o-ves* Humans!   |   |
  |          _| HHH |_  /_/\ \  \                                    |   |
  |         / \ \_/ / \    (  ^  \...& vhat Helga vants Helga gets :)|   |
  |        /   \___/   \    ^^/   \                                  /   |
  |        | /  \_/  \  \  / /     \ Now,now,dahling: Come to Mama! /    |
  |        |/.       .\\ \/ /       \______ _______________________/     |
  |        |\__//^\\__/ \  /                                             |
  |        | |)      (                                                   |
  |        |-/=/\M/\==\                                                  |
  |        |(  ^^v^^   )                                                 |
  |      - / \        / \                                                |
  |      \|  : \.  ./: : |<<-tattoo on rump reads:                       |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |      'PROPERTY of SIMUTRONICS'-<<<            |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |                                               |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |                                               |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |                                               |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |                                               |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |            ********************************   |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |            *                              *   |
  |       |  :  .  . : : |            *  'Kelfour Komic Karicatures' *   |
  |       |\/:\/.\/.\:/:\|            *                              *   |
  |        \//\/ \/ \/\/\/            ********************************   |
  |      |\_/    |  /' \                                                 |
  |      \___/\_/  \____/                                                |
   Drawing Twentyfour purchased at the Art Auction by Airioch Ramthanodox
                              The Big Picture
 ____________                By Twyndle Majeer
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "| |s I traveled the roads   Perhaps they  are newcomers  to  the
  |    //|"| | back toward  my home-   land  who   have  never  been  in  a
 _|   //=|"| | land  from  Kelfour's   society quite  like this one; people
/@|  //  |"| | Landing  I  began  to   who  took  for  granted  members  of
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / think  about those  I   their own  communities. I,  for one,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ was  leaving  behind.   thought that I could pick my friends
It occurred  to me  that I had never   and loved  ones and  sculpt  my  own
really thought  of  them  as  people   life from  others'.  That was wrong.
before. I  think part  of the reason   We all  need to remember that behind
was  that  in  my  family,  we  were   the eyes of every hunting partner or
taught that  all  races  apart  from   companion at  the temple, there is a
elves were  inferior. When I arrived   real and caring person who feels and
at Kelfour's  Landing, I immediately   reacts.  We must be cautious that we
started to take the people there for   do not treat them like props. Others
granted. I felt they were just there   don't want  to be  treated with less
to play a role in my life.             respect than you expect from others.
All this  began to  change one day a   I know  that when  I return  from my
while ago.  I had a talk with a cer-   kingdom deep  in the  wild woods  of
tain female who showed me the light,   yonder, that I will be a new person,
even if I didn't see it until later.   a person who treats others as people
She told  me I  was pushing  on her.   and learns  to act  around them like
What she meant was that I was asking   they were  my equals and not dummies
her to  do things  for me too often.   set up  for  me  to  do  with  as  I
At the  time I  was angry  but as  I   please.   We must all remember to be
rode towards  my far away home, what   calm, gracious,  and  respectful  to
she had  said started to make sense.   all  around  us,  whether  they  are
I then  realized that no matter what   Lord, Lady,  or  newcomer  in  these
you think  of the others in Kelfour,   fine lands,  for they too have feel-
you have to treat them as equals and   ings   worthy  of  consideration.  I
as people.                             want to  thank that  lovely lady for
                                       having the  courage to  stand up for
I think  that there  are others  who   herself and  teach me so important a
make the  same  mistake  as  I  did.   lesson. You  know who you are.
   A Bottle of Rumors: Concluded       It  fell to the ground with a crash.
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       When it did not try to rise I looked
Wanting to  investigate  immediately   more  closely  and  the  glazed eyes
if his  information was the truth, I   confirmed  the  orc's words.  It was
headed for the abandoned inn where I   stunned. I took advantage and struck
knew  they  could  often  be  found.   again,   quickly  finishing  it.  It
After waiting a while, an unsuspect-   carried  some  silver  and a crystal
ing hill troll ambled in.  It struck   amulet,  plus  I  took its augmented
at me, and its  attack WAS less pow-   breasplate and the  two-handed sword
erful!   When I responded in kind it   and, putting them in my sack, headed
was  clear that its defense was down   back  to town and the pawnshop where
as  well.   Still,  the  fight was a   I  received 66 silvers for the sword
difficult  one  so  reaching into my   and 188 for the breastplate.
sack  for  a  magical  statue I kept
there,  I  rubbed  it vigorously and   Later  I  sat  in  the  temple,  re-
felt  its  mystical  power making me   flecting  on  the  day's excitement.
quicker and harder to hit.  The next   "No  doubt many adventurers will now
time  it  swung it became afraid and   visit  the  hill trolls," I thought.
ran.  Following, I swung with all my   "Perhaps, fighters  like me will now
might,  and  connected with its leg.   be able to prosper in our lands."
                            Riders on the Storm
 ____________               by Artemis Al~Anhir
/ \____  ____\
\@|~|~~\ |~|~|ow that the Hot Summer   with Unlife,  that  Lythe  would  be
  | |~\~\|~| | Nights  are  over and   able to  sniff him  out from  a mile
 _| |~|\~\~| | the  days are  dwind-   away.   This guy  is more determined
/@|_|~| \~~|_| ling down, I  suppose   to dominate Shadow World than Dec is
\_/~~~~  ~~~~/ you've resigned your-   to roll  the perfect  character. His
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  self to  yet  another   schemes  include   the  theft  of  a
winter plopped  down by the fizzling   Navigator's compass  with  which  he
fireplace, whittling yet another set   plans to  gate in Demons from beyond
of  Windak  Wood  toothpicks.  Well,   the Pale,  the fomentation  of civil
despair not  brave adventurers! This   war through  the murder  of  one  of
winter, as  those cold winds blow in   Jaiman's most  beloved princes,  the
from Claedesbrim Bay you can curl up   recovery of  dark necromantic  power
inside that  werebear rug  and  read   from  the  ruined  walls  of  Quell-
Stormriders, the  first Shadow World   bourne, and  the seduction of Kella,
novel, by  Roxanne Longstreet.  This   whose nascent power and affinity for
is a dynamite book set in and around   the Unlife  make her his ideal tool.
our  own  kooky  Kelfour's  Landing.   This is one bad dude!
This  book  is  more  exciting  than
making a level, more gripping than a   Then there's  Iarsang the Navigator.
+20  grappling  net,  more  electric   This poor  guy is ambushed by Jadel,
than a shockbolt blast, more...well,   has  his  Compass  ripped  from  his
you get the idea.                      body, and is left for dead.  He must
                                       find Jadel  and retrieve his Compass
All the  ingredients for  a sizzling   before it  can be used to summon the
story  are  present,  not  least  of   Demons from  Beyond  the  Pale,  and
which is  a well  developed and exe-   before the  separation kills  him. I
cuted plot.  Distilled to  its  ess-   felt so  sorry for this guy I almost
ence, Stormriders  might  well  have   forgave  all   the  times  that  his
been titled,  'Unlive and  Let Die',   colleagues made  off  with  my  gold
or 'An Extraordinary Unlife' or even   rings and my silver.
'One  Unlife  To  Live'.  Yes,  once
again  the  Unlife  has  reared  its   There's  also  Tiernan  and  Laurel.
diabolical head  in  an  attempt  at   He's a  prince so  charming, so dar-
Shadow World  domination.   But this   ing, so  reckless, he  might as well
is not  just another  one  of  those   be a Hobbit.  Unfortunately for him,
Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark stories,   his death  is  Jadel's  trigger  for
for Stormriders  is  chock  full  of   civil  war.   This  fellow  is  more
characters better fleshed out than a   endangered than a torkaan roast on a
troop of Hobbits after All-U-Can-Eat   Hobbit's supper  table. His "friend"
night at Helga's.                      Laurel, the  Half-elven  Illusionist
                                       daughter  of   a  Loremaster  is  no
There's  Brion,   Kella,  and  Evan,   better  off.   Unfortunately,  she's
father,  mother,  and  son,  plucked   head-over-heels in  love with  Tier-
from their  "ordinary world"  by  an   nan. Sheesh!  She stares at this guy
Essence-generated rift in time/space   the way I look at a glazed donut!
and dumped like used wands smack dab
in the  middle of a  Good vs Unlife-   We can't  forget about  Andraax  the
free-for-all. The fact that they pos-  Mad Loremaster. He's an Essence user
sess mystical talents making  Dagmar   of unparalleled power.  Too bad he's
look like a cheap  carnival magician   as befuddled  as a  Hobbit is pudgy.
only adds fuel to the flames.          Too bad  for Evan,  Andraax takes  a
                                       liking to  him. This  mad Mage, con-
There's  Jadel, the  Elvan Sorcerer.   tinually pops  up and  spirits  poor
Here's a  guy so evil, so  saturated   Evan away.
Finally,  we  have  Tyes  the  Lore-   Travel deep within the Spider Temple
master. This  guy's  got  more  work   and  view  Hrassk's  ghastly  sacri-
than  a  janitor  after  the  Argent   ficial ceremonies. Sail with the Sea
Aspis party.  He's got to help Brion   Kral to their island fortress, Trel-
find Evan  and Kella;  he's  got  to   kinaark'est.  Spend  an  evening  at
help Iarsang  find Jadel and recover   Cheldar's   Bathhouse.   Gain   some
the  compass;   he's  got   to  find   insight into  the Navigators and the
Andraax; and  he's got  to find  his   Loremasters.  Even   Tyron  makes  a
daughter Laurel. Phew! His hands are   guest appearance.
fuller than  a Hobbit during a visit
to the pastry shop.                    I do  have a few minor quibbles with
                                       Stormriders. First  is the  complete
Complex characters,  and  a  complex   and total  absence of  Hobbits  from
plot, but Longstreet manages to pull   this book. There are Orcs, and Kral,
all these  subplots together tighter   and Humans,  and Dwarves, and plenty
than  my  purse-string  at  a  pick-   of Elves,  but  no  Halflings!  What
pockets'  convention.   But,  as  my   does  Longstreet   have  against  us
gravedigger  uncle  used  to  say,"A   little hairy  people?   Speaking  of
good plot  is nice,  but it's what's   Elves, I've  never read  a more Elf-
buried in it that's important." True   centric book in my life. Most of the
enough!   And there's  lots of other   truly   powerful   and   interesting
goodies to be found in Stormriders.    people are  Elves. The  "most  hand-
                                       some", "most  beautiful"  characters
For you  hack-em, slash-em, bash-em,   are Elves.   I  wouldn't be  at  all
fry-em   types,   there's   fighting   surprised if  this Longstreet person
galore.   Shudder as  you  read  the   was tall, with fair skin and pointed
grisly  descriptions   of  Iarsang's   ears.  My second quibble is the size
ambush by  the Unlife.  Shiver  with   of the  book. It  is 287  pages long
every word  of Tyes' battle with the   but it's a very short 287 pages. The
Major Spiders.  Ooooh and  aaaah  as   people  at   ICE  really   tried  to
Tyes attempts  to banish  the Demons   stretch things.  There's 15 pages of
from beyond  the Pale.  Gasp at  the   ICE product  summaries; the  top and
account of  Brion's  duel  with  the   bottom margins could make a High-Man
Gerdar the Duelist.                    fall short,  and  a  blank  line  is
                                       inserted after each paragraph.
Speaking of  gasping, there's  heaps
of  romance  too.  More  hanky-panky   As I  said my quarrels with the book
goes on  in this  book than  at Buy-   are  minor.   I  thoroughly  enjoyed
One-Get-One-Free night  at Cheldar's   Stormriders   and    recommend    it
Bathhouse!  Jadel and Kella, Tiernan   wholeheartedly to  all  of  you  out
and Laurel, Iarsang and Daphine;  my   there in GSIII.  This is ICE'S first
little ears  are turning  red at the   offering in  the  Roleplaying  novel
thought of it.                         genre.   They    assured   me   that
                                       Stormriders could  be found in major
Of course there's humor too. Grin as   book  and   tome  stores,   such  as
Andraax turns  himself  into  a  Sea   Waldenbooks or  Tomes-R-Us.  If  you
Dragon, swallows Tiernan whole, only   can't  locate  Stormriders  in  your
to  spit  him  up  a  moment  later.   area, you can order it directly from
Giggle  as   Tiernan   becomes   the   ICE.   I was  able to get through to
unwitting recipient  of a spell that   ICE on my amulet during one of those
makes  him  irresistible  to  women.   freaky Essence  storms, but  the ICE
Guffaw as  mad Andraax discusses the   representative    suggested    using
meaning of life with a rock!           device called  a  telephone  (?)  to
                                       contact   them.    The   device   is
Best of all though, is the fact that   activated by  the following  magical
Stormriders  takes   place  in   the   incantation:    804-295-4280.    The
beloved   territory   of   Kelfour's   future release  of other fine novels
Landing.  Numerous elements of GSIII   from ICE  depends on  the success of
are vividly  described in  the book.   Stormriders, so happy reading!
                             A Day to Forget
 _________              by Lady Taarna Wayfinder
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ |
  |  |~|  | sighed  again,  but this   tavern,  Taarna." She and Enegue had
 _|  |~|  | time I  started choking.   been  tired  by  the battle, and had
/@| _|~|_ | The  warm  glow  of  the   sought the comforts of town to relax
\_/ ~~~~~ / fading  afternoon  light   a bit.  Glancing at my companions, I
  ~~~~~~~~  was  becoming dull brown   knew I was useless here, so I bid my
as  a huge dust cloud was once again   farewells and headed back to town.
created by my friends.                    As  I  entered Helga's, sounds of
   I  tried  to  quiet my cough, not   merriment   filled  my  ears  and  I
wishing  to  be noticed.  It was bad   almost   left  my  dampened  spirits
enough that all I could do was stand   behind.   Though  I  felt  uncomfor-
there, leaning on my mace, unable to   table  here,  not  wanting  to  dis-
help in the battle. Dagmar and Moon-   appoint Rune, I wandered through the
pie  were  hardly recognizable.  The   tavern  until I found her and Enegue
glistening sheen which had previous-   at a small table at the back.
ly  coated  their bodies, acted as a      I  declined  the offer of a drink
magnet  for the tiny particles which   and  asked  Rune what she needed.  A
now filled the air.                    falchion!?   My  mood brightened for
   I  had  been invited, as had sev-   this  I  could do.  I had fought the
eral   others,  to  join  a  hunting   wight   lords   many  times  before,
expedition  to the spider temple.  I   knowing  well  how treacherous  they
hoped to at least inflict some small   can be. Rune wanted to accompany me,
wounds  on  our  prey.   I wanted to   and I tried to dissuade her, fearing
share   the  feelings  of  fear  and   for  her safety and noticing the arm
excitement which caused my comrades'   Enegue   had  around  her  shoulder.
eyes  to  shine  with abandon but it   "Stay  here,  and relax with Enegue.
was not to be.  I had swung with all   I  shan't  be long," I said, but she
my might at a snarling hound only to   insisted.   As I was still feeling a
feel  my  mace  bounce off its tough   useless  and  dejected,  I  couldn't
hide.  The beast didn't even flinch.   deny  that  I'd welcome the company,
   Though disappointed, I remembered   so we quickly prepared to leave.
the wand tucked away in my backpack.      Upon  arriving in the lower level
Quickly  shouldering  my  shield,  I   of  the dungeon, I felt its dampness
withdrew   it.   As  the  hound  was   immediately  begin  to  seep into my
blind,  due  to a successful spell I   bones.   It was cool and dangerously
had  previously  cast, perhaps I now   quiet and we snuck about, trying not
had a chance to strike it.             to let our presence be known.
   Suddenly  there  was a tremendous      Turning  a  corner,  we ran smack
gust  of  wind  and our prey fell to   into  a  wight lord!  I hastily mur-
the  ground,  helpless.   I  quickly   mured  my  spell, hoping to calm it,
waved my wand, watching as a bolt of   but  it  spied Rune and realized she
light struck it.  Nothing happened.    was defenseless against its magic.
   Luckily the others were oblivious      Before  I  could  cast,  Rune was
to  my meager attempt to help, their   enveloped in the boiling earth.  Her
battle  screams  filling  the air as   screams   echoed  through  the  dank
they quickly finished off the hound.   halls, then fell suddenly quiet as I
It  was times like these that I won-   flung  my  spell  to  calm the wight
dered about my choice of profession.   lord.   I  was  shocked as I saw her
   I  quietly  replaced  my wand and   lifeless body before me.  Shaking, I
readied  my  shield again as I foll-   cast  this time at Rune, binding her
owed the group through the forest as   soul  to  her  body  for  a few more
they hunted their next victim.         moments  as I frantically raced thr-
   Then  I  heard Rune's voice echo-   ough  the area, calming a golem as I
ing  through  my mind.  "Come to the   passed,  returning quickly to Rune's
                                   -10-                             More...
crumpled form.                            Dagmar  yelled out to me to leave
   Thanking the gods that I could do   this  spot  at  once, and to wait in
so,  I restored her life to her once   the  heavens above while he searched
again,  watching   as  she  suddenly   for  another  cleric  to  rejoin  my
blinked  out of sight to safety.  As   spirit with my body.
I  stood  frozen,  waiting  for  the      As  I  floated  over  my  earthly
effects  of  the  spell to wear off,   form, I worried for Bashir's safety.
feelings of ineptness washed over me   This   was  an  extremely  dangerous
for  I  hadn't  even  been  able  to   place  to have to resurrect someone,
procure  the  falchion.   I  thought   but  he had already strengthened the
about  staying and trying to get one   bond  between my soul and body, so I
for her, but weakness overwhelmed me   could  not  depart and ask Eissa for
and I knew I also had to leave.        another chance.
   Removing  my ring, I welcomed the      As a bright light enveloped me, I
thought  of  the  hard floors of the   heard  my  heart pounding in my ears
temple.  This was just not my night.   and  the  blood  coursed  through my
But  as  I  slid the ring back on my   veins once again.  Gratefully I hug-
finger  I blinked in surprise.  This   ged Bashir, thanking him with all my
wasn't the temple!                     heart for giving me life once again.
   I  recognized  the  tree that the   He  ordered me to leave immediately,
hound  had  earlier  lain before and   and  there  was a ring on the ground
quickly  used  my ring again, hoping   for  me  to use.  Obeying, I grabbed
the  wight  lord  would  not awaken.   the  ring,  this  time  being trans-
Desperately, I called for help, as I   ported safely back to the temple.  I
knew  I  could  not walk through the   was embarrassed that I had forgotten
dungeon in my weakened state.          to  set  my  own  ring for this safe
   Relief  poured over me as Moonpie   haven,  for  I  had  so  often  told
offered  to  lend  me his ring, if I   others to make sure they did so.
would  but  ring  back  to that tree      My head ached, I was battered and
again.   I  reacted quickly, and was   bruised,  but  alive.  As I lay down
suddenly   breathing   in  the  cool   to  rest,  I felt Rune's arms around
forest  air once again.  Graciously,   me,  blaming  herself  for my death.
Moonpie   handed  me  his  ring  and   Knowing full well that it was my own
thanking him, I slipped it on.         carelessness that had caused this, I
   A  sudden  jolt  of  pain  ripped   returned  her  hug, trying to reass-
through  me,  as  I  stood  facing a   ure her that she was not to blame.
spider servant.  As it knocked me to      The peace I was beginning to feel
the  ground,  I tried in vain to use   was  shattered  by  an  overwhelming
the ring to take me from this place.   sense  of  despair.  Bashir had just
I  felt a searing pain shoot through   died.   Without  thinking,  I stood,
my head and then I felt nothing.       feeling my knees crumple beneath me.
   Wanting  to  cry but unable to, I   I was not strong enough yet to go to
looked  down  at  the  blood pouring   his aid.  The despair deepened, as I
from  my forehead, the servant prod-   heard  the  cry  for  help  from his
ding  my  lifeless body.  My shield!   companion.   I answered that I could
It was on the ground.  I prayed hard   not yet venture from the temple, but
to  Oriana,  that Dagmar and Moonpie   would do so as soon as I was able.
would  notice my demise, and find my      Bashir  went  to  wait  among the
shield.   I waited, hovering over my   gods,  as I prayed to Oriana to help
place of death, feeling helpless.      me   quickly   regain  my  strength.
   When  they burst into the room, I   Strom   suddenly   appeared  in  the
cried  out  with  joy.  "Please ret-   temple,  healing  my wounds, as well
rieve  my  shield and weapon!  Thank   as  those  of my injured friends who
you so much!" I almost forgot that I   graced  this  holy spot.  After what
was  no longer occupying my body, so   seemed  like  an  eternity,  with my
relieved  was  I  that my things had   shield   and   weapon  again  in  my
been  saved, as I knew I didn't have   possession,  I asked Strom to accom-
the funds to replace them.             pany  me  back to the vile forest to
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                        All About Steel Golems
                           by Phaedra Bleu
Steel  Golems  are rated as ______________  Take the  TRAIL from  the well-
Level  20  monsters.  They /      :       \  known  weatherbeaten  sign  at
are tough and it is said  /  _Arch__Arch_  \  the entrance to Danjirland to
that a Defensive Bonus   /  /            \  \  reach them.  Then go through
of around 180 is nec-   /  /Statue   Steel\  \  Mountain Ogre territory (N,
essary to hunt them    /  /& Niche     Door\  \    NE,E,SE,E,NE,N,NE,N,N,N)
although many brave   /  /            (safe)\  \  to the fallen tree trunk.
adventurers do so    /  /_____/   /\   \_____\  \  Move across it carefully
with  much less.    /            /::\            \  (GO TRUNK) then NW, NE.
They do not use    /  __________/::::\__________  \
weapons, employ-  |  |::::::::::::::::::::::::::|  | At this point you will
ing only natural  |  |:::::: Steel Golem's :::::|  | be in TITAN territory.
attacks, and are  |   ~~~~|:::: House :::::|~~~~   | It is  very  important
slow moving, mean-|   ____|::::::::::::::::|____   | NOT  to carry valuable
ing you can parry |  |::::: Blototh Mountain :::|  | weapons here as Titans
tag them easily.  |  |::::::::::::::::::::::::::|  | have weapon fire which
                  |   ~~~~~~~~~~/::::\~~~~~~~~~~   | can instantly demolish
Golems are parti-  \   _____   /::::::\   _____   /  a weapon  even  if you
cularly vulnerable  \  \:::/  /::::::::\  \:::/  /  dash past at top speed.
to  Mage's  spells.  \  \:/  /::::::::::\  \:/  /  Use an expendable weapon
They stomp, knocking  \  ~  /::::::::::::\  ~  / and go UP, N, then through
you off your feet and  \    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    /  5 UPS in a row.  Enter the
lowering your defense,  \________    ________/  steel door at the bottom of
and their most fiercesome        |  |    N     this map and ready your real
attack is with their fist        |..|   W+E    weapon at  this  point. Many
at an Offensive Bonus of 130.    |  |    S    wooden doors  in the  Golem's
Steel golems carry a valuable    |..|         House are  not  shown here as
assortment of treasure, inclu-   |  |Steel    experience has indicated that
ding  Level II chests with an     ^^  Door    Golems are rarely,  if  ever,
excess of 1000  silver coins!   Entrance      found behind them.
    A Day to Forget: Concluded
help  with  Bashir.  He needed a bit      Bashir's  spirit  floated towards
of  coaxing, as I had to walk, since   us  from  the  clouds, and I quickly
this  time  I  had  not forgotten to   made it and his body one.  I watched
turn  my  ring.  Strom mumbled some-   as  he vanished from sight, relieved
thing about his disdain for spiders,   that  at least a small portion of my
but  finally agreed to the task.  As   error had been corrected.
I  heard  him  remind  all  who were      Upon arriving back at the temple,
going  to  remember THIS time to set   I  asked if he needed a ring, for he
their  rings,  I  felt my face again   too  had used a borrowed one.  As I.
flush   with  embarrassment.   In  a   relaxed  against  the altar, I heard
matter  of  moments,  we were on our   him  murmuring  something about for-
way  to rescue Bashir, and hopefully   getting  to  set  his ring.  A small
ease some of my guilt.                 smile  flickered  over  my lips, not
   We  found the scene of his death,   that  I was happy at his misfortune,
blood  staining  the  dirt path, the   but  in  the  realization that I was
brush trampled against the earth.  A   not  the  only one to sometimes make
ring  was dropped at my feet for his   that particular error.
use  as  we  all  calmed the roaming      As  I  rested, I reflected on the
beasts   in   preparation   for  his   day's events, hoping never to repeat
return.  I glanced about, not recog-   the likes of it, vowing  to be  more
nizing the spot, but decided that in   careful,  and  deciding  to remain a
the  throes of death, I had not been   a cleric  for  one  more  day  or at
aware of my surroundings.              least until after my bubble bath.
                CCS Unraveled: Spell Law & Reverse Spell Law
  __________                   by |<enner Boh
 //  _____  \
||  /~/~~\\. |
|| |~|    ~~ | onfused by the Condensed Combat System?  Too lays to use the
|| |~|    __ | Condensed Combat System? Never heard of the Condensed Combat
||  \~\__//  | Combat System?  If your answer  to any of these questions is
 \\  ~~~~~  /  yes, then you are in luck.  Below are  the tables  for Spell
  ~~~~~~~~~~   Law and Reverse Spell Law Attacks.  No computation required!
               Just sit back and let your eyes do the work!
  | Armor Type              4       5       6       9      13      17   |
  | QU Penalty              0       0       0       0      -5     -10   |
  | 1/2 Maneuver Mod        0       0       0      -2.5    -5      -7.5 |
  | Water Bolt BHF          3.7     4.9     4.9     7.6     7.6    10.5 |
  | THT                    71      68      73      64.5    18     -19   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        81      88      93      84.5    67      51.5 |
  | 'B'   Criticals        86     100     105      95.5    81      65.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        92     115     120     111      92      73.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals       103     128     133     127     102      80.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals       121     147     152     139     111      85.5 |
  | Fire Bolt BHF           3.3     4.2     4.2     6.2     5.8     7.7 |
  | THT                    39      53      58      46.5    -2     -42   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        49      73      78      66.5    47      28.5 |
  | 'B'   Criticals        54      85      90      77.5    61      42.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        60     100     105      92.5    72      50.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals        71     113     118     109      82      57.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals        89     132     137     121      91      62.5 |
  | Cold Ball BHF           7       8.4     8.4     9.8     9.1    10.9 |
  | THT                    15      24      29      13.    -30     -67   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        25      44      49      33.5    19       3.5 |
  | 'B'   Criticals        30      56      61      44.5    33      17.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        36      71      76      59.5    44      25.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals        47      84      89      75.5    54      32.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals        65     103     108      87.5    63      37.5 |
  | Fire Ball BHF           5.6     6       6       7.4     8.2     9.5 |
  | THT                     9      10      15       0.5   -38     -75   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        19      30      35      20.5    11      -5   |
  | 'B'   Criticals        24      42      47      31.5    25       9.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        30      57      62      46.5    36      17.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals        41      70      75      62.5    46      24.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals        59      89      94      74.5    55      29.5 |
  | Shock Bolt BHF          7       8.6     8.6     10.2    8.6    10.2 |
  | THT                    77      81      80      72.5    13     -32   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        87     101     100      92.5    62      38.5 |
  | 'B'   Criticals        92     113     112     104      76      52.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        98     128     127     119      87      60.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals       109     141     140     135      97      67.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals       127     160     159     147     106      72.5 |
  | Armor Type              4       5       6       9      13      17   |
  | QU Penalty              0       0       0       0      -5     -10   |
  | 1/2 Maneuver Mod        0       0       0      -2.5    -5      -7.5 |
  | Ice Bolt BHF            2.6     3.5     3.5     6       6.1     8.5 |
  | THT                    65      55      54      53.5     7     -39   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        75      75      74      73.5    56      31.5 |
  | 'B'   Criticals        80      87      86      84.5    70      45.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        86      102     101     99.5    81      53.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals        97      115     114     116     91      60.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals       115      134     133     128     100     65.5 |
  | Lightning Bolt BHF      3       4       4       5.2     4.8     5.6 |
  | THT                    56      49      48      53.5    -9     -52   |
  | 'A'   Criticals        66      69      68      73.5    40      18.5 |
  | 'B'   Criticals        71      81      80      84.5    54      32.5 |
  | 'C'   Criticals        77      96      95      99.5    65      40.5 |
  | 'D'   Criticals        88      109     108     116     75      47.5 |
  | 'E'   Criticals       106      128     127     128     84      52.5 |
                               Ye Olde Notes:
  1) The chart does not include all of the armor types; doing so would
     have quadrupled the size of this article. Instead, I have included
     only the best armor type(s) from each armor category.
  2) I lied about not having to do any computation. For obvious reasons,
     I could not figure QU bonuses into the tables. To do so, simply add
     your QU bonus and the QU penalty. If the result is positive, then
     add the sum to the desired values. If negative, don't do anything.
  3) OB and DB are not figured in for the same obvious reasons; however,
     the relative protection each armor provides compared to all others
     remains basically the same.
  4) Some armors, because of their bulk, carry a Maneuver Modification
     Penalty. Half of this penalty is applied to your DB and is already
     taken into account by the tables; the other half is applied to your
     OB. The effect the OB penalty has on the figures will depend on the
     amount of OB used to parry.
  5) The Maneuver Mod penalties given above are the minimum penalties.
     If you haven't trained enough in the armor, then the penalties will
     be higher (ATs 1 through 5 do not require any training).
  6) The Basic Hit Factor (BHF) determines how much non-critical damage
     is done. The formula for determining the amount of damage is (Attack
     roll-Final THT)/BHF. In other words, the lower the BHF the better.

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glorious  hues.  Special  sharpening   penters, bricklayers,  stone-masons,
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                            On Entering Kulthea
                           by Lord Rhys Corwinson
/ \____    ____\
\@|+|~| __ |~|+|elcome  to  Kulthea!   is  the  Temple, gathering place for
  | |~|/~~\|~| | Staying  alive  can   Kelfour's  Landing.   Why  is  this?
 _| |~/~/\~\~| | be  far  from  easy   There   are  a  number  of  reasons.
/@|_|__/  \__|_| there, particularly   First and foremost, it is the safest
\_/____________/  when    everything   place  in Kulthea, since the Goddess
is  new.  At minimum, you should get   Eissa  permits  no  violence  there.
maps  of the areas you'll run across   Second, you need someplace to absorb
first,  the  manual  and a couple of   experience  after  you  hunt and the
articles from Kelfour Edition -- and   temple  allows you to do so at twice
READ  THEM.  Much of what goes on in   the  rate  of  most anywhere else in
GemStone is easier to interpret with   Kulthea  because  it's an EARTHNODE.
them  as  reference.   Here are some   (Read  the  Manual  for more.) There
suggestions on what you should to do   are  other  Earthnodes,  but none so
start.                                 popular  as the Temple.  There's one
                                       other  key  to its popularity:  it's
Download   some   background  mater-   where  all the Healers congregate to
ials.   First,  I  suggest  the off-   fix  you  up!  Type DIR to find your
icial  GemStone manual.  It provides   way there.
background  and reasoning behind the
game.   It's  at Page 931, type M931   Once  inside  the  Temple, introduce
at  a  prompt  to  get there.  Next,   yourself,   and  ask if someone will
download  RJWOODHEAD'S  (aka Trebor,   give you a tour.  Going out into the
the   Ranger)   maps   to  the  area   wilderness  naked  is  not wise, and
surrounding the town.  This is where   one  of the stops you'll undoubtedly
you'll   be   hunting   for  several   make  on  the tour is the armory and
levels.  It's ASCII.  Finally, down-   the weaponsmith to get the tools you
load  KEdition 2-2, which contains a   need  to  survive.  Everyone needs a
map  to  the Coastal Cliffs, another   weapon and armor. Although different
safe  area  to  hunt  in  for  young   weapons  have  different  uses as do
players.   These  last two files can   different armors, for your first few
be found in the MPGRT Libraries.       levels,  you should get a broadsword
                                       at   the   weaponsmith,  heavy  hide
When  you enter Kulthea, you'll find   armor,  a  helm, arm and leg greaves
yourself  at  the town gates with no   and an aventail at the Armory, and a
equipment and a little pocket change   backpack or sack (for carrying loot)
someone  gave  you  as a loan to get   at the General Store.
started.   (Type  WEALTH  to see how
much you have and how much you owe.)   When  outside  of  town,  or  in the
Three commands which prove immensely   catacombs,  your  sword should go in
useful  for  beginners  are:   HELP,   your right hand, your shield in your
ADVICE,  and  DIRECTION.  HELP gives   left.   If  they  are  reversed, you
you  a  list of general information,   will  not  be  able  to  fight  eff-
like  how  to move between rooms and   ectively.  Use the INVentory command
how   to  talk.   ADVICE  gives  you   to  see  which hand they are in, and
information  like keeping your parry   SWAP if they are in the wrong hands.
up and your shield in hand.            With  a  weapon  in your right hand,
                                       you are ready to fight.
DIRECTION  is  the  way to find your
way  around  town.  Don't repay your   There  are  four  key terms you must
loan  until you've equipped yourself   familiarize   yourself   with  while
and have earned some extra cash.       learning  the  mechanics of fighting
                                       and the wilderness.  They are:
The  first  stop you'll want to make                                More...
1. Offensive Bonus (OB): This is how   It's easy to get to:  Go through the
   hard you can hit something.         town  gates, GO  PATH,  and  then W.
2. Defensive Bonus  (DB):  This  re-   You'll then be in the forest.  (It's
   flects  how  easily you can avoid   that  stretch  of rooms running down
   an attack.                          the  Western  side of Map 4A).  Once
3. Concussion Points:  How many hits   in  the  forest,  you  will  find  4
   you can take before you die.        varieties  of  creatures:   kobolds,
4. Parry:  How  much  of your weapon   torkaans, karnelins, and wolverines.
   skill  is  allocated, by percent-
   age to your Defensive Bonus.        Kobolds  are  very easy to kill, and
                                       torkaans  aren't  all  that bad, but
The  way to kill something is to get   they   carry   a  disease  that  can
a  large  difference between your OB   rapidly   deplete   your  concussion
and  the  critter's  DB.  The way to   points.    Should   you  encounter a
survive  is  by  having  a larger DB   karnelin  or  wolverine  and  do not
than your opponent's OB.               have  a maximum DB of over 60, leave
                                       them  alone  or  face  an  immediate
Parrying   (the  use  of  the  parry   threat  to  your  life.  Kobolds are
command) is the way you can allocate   the  only  creatures  in  the forest
your  weapon  skill and thus the way   that  carry  treasure.   Kobolds and
you  can  determine  the  difference   torakaans are level 1, Karnelins are
between    your    OB/DB   and   the   level  3 and wolverines are level 5,
critter's.  PARRY 0 allocates all of   so  watch  out!   By  the way, don't
your  weapons  skill  to your OB and   take the path at the southern end of
gives  none  to  your DB.  PARRY 100   the forest (leading SW).  It goes to
allocates  all of your weapons skill   a  room  that  often has kobolds but
to  your  DB.  Parry 30 gives 30% to   more  often  has level 10 werebears,
your  DB and the rest to your OB and   which  have  killed  many a level 10
so  on.   Keep  your  Parry  at  100   player and love to devour delectible
unless  you are in a fight, when you   level 1 characters.
may  use  a variety of techniques to
kill  monsters.  Read Kirc's article   The Coastal Cliffs are new, designed
on parrying, or watch others.          to challenge new players.  There are
                                       level  1 sea nymphs along the coast,
Needless  to  say,  you  can't  hunt   which   I  recommend  fighting,  and
everywhere  as  a new player.  There   level   1  carrion  worms  as  well.
are  7  areas  in  which  a  level 1   Ghosts are level 2, and the bounders
through   5   player   can  hunt  in   and  dark wisplings level 3.  I sug-
reasonable  safety.   They are:  The   gest  avoiding  bounders  and  wisp-
Catacombs,  Forest,  Graveyard, Mine   lings, as they are tough and danger-
Trail,  Coastal  Cliffs, Hobgoblins,   ous  for  new  players.  If you stay
and the Mines.                         along  the  far  north  rooms on the
                                       map,  you  will  generally encounter
The  Catacombs  under  the  city are   only  nymphs and worms, which can be
populated  by  Giant  Rats with VERY   fought  fairly  well, if a bit tough
sharp  teeth.   (The  area is on Map   if  you're  alone.   Ghosts  provide
2.) I do not recommend hunting there   good hunting for clerics, though the
unless  you  have the armor skill to   Graveyard  may  offer better hunting
wear leather breastplate.  If you're   if you can get in.
wearing   Heavy   Hide   armor,   be
extremely careful because their main   Speaking  of the Graveyard, you will
weapons,   claws   and   teeth,  are   need  a  guide to enter there; it is
especially  effective  against  that   not  shown  on  Trebor's  maps.  You
type of armor.                         will generally also need a cleric to
                                       accompany  you,  or  at  least bless
Generally,  the  preferred  area for   your  weapon,  since Unlife monsters
your  first  hunt  will  be  in  the   (phantoms,  revenants,  ghouls,  and
Dragonsfang   Forest   for  kobolds.   skeletons)  can  only  be  harmed by
blessed  weapons or magical attacks.   of  the highest level players in the
You  do not need a blessed weapon to   game die there routinely, maiking it
hunt  goblins, hobgoblins and cobras   an area to avoid for a long time.
that  also inhabit the Graveyard.  I
recommend this area for anyone bored   The Mine is interesting.  There have
with  hunting  elsewhere, since most   been  a  number  of  nasty creatures
of  monsters here are fairly easy to   added  since  Trebor  made  his maps
kill and are  not   too   dangerous.   long  ago.  Troglodytes, kobolds and
Beginners  should  avoid  the crypt;   cave  gnomes  are level 1 and fairly
level  8  mummies  and level 11 bone   tame.   Greater  spiders are level 8
golems  will  quickly  put an end to   and  require  group  effort  to van-
your  adventuring.   I also strongly   quish.    Cave  trolls  (level  12),
advise  you not take any paths with-   crystal golems (level 12), gemstings
out  an  experienced  guide.  If you   (level  4),  and  cave  worms (level
take  the  wrong turn, a death dirge   10),  are  viscious  and  meant  for
or  greater  ghoul may suck the life   higher  level  adventurers.   It has
out of you.                            been  recently rumored that the cave
                                       worms   have  disappeared  from  the
Hobgoblins  is  the  area  on Map 4B   Mines, making it a little safer.
that  occupies the right part of the
page.   Level  4  hobgoblins wearing   The  farther  north  you  go  in the
metal   and   leather   breastplates   Mine,  the  more  likely  you are to
(selling  for  166  and  66  silver,   find  a cave troll with a 150 OB and
respectively)  give  this  area  its   a  claw attack.  The first series of
name.  Also inhabiting this area are   E-W  rooms  off  of  the  N-S  route
level  3  lesser  orcs  and  level 6   (which  have  rooms marked M-M) seem
forest  trolls.  Probably the single   comparatively  safe.  Get a guide to
most hunted area in Kulthea, you can   show  you  around.   I wouldn't rec-
join  a  party  going there.  It may   ommend it to anyone under level 3.
not  be  appropriate  until  you hit
level 3, however, since the orcs and   These  are the areas you can concern
trolls  are  a  bit  hard to hit for   yourself with as a young player.  As
beginning magic users.                 far  as  technical stuff, ask around
                                       on  what  will  help you out or read
Unless you want to be paralyzed by a   further articles in Kelfour Edition.
cockatrice's gaze, avoid the SW exit   Good luck!
from   the   NE-SW-SE  room  at  the
"entrance"  to  Hobgoblins.  For the    _________________________________
same  reason,  avoid going down from   /                                \\
the  room  that's  at the end of the  |   GemStone Conferences on the    ||
string of N-S rooms on the east side  |   MPGRT at Page 1045 on GEnie    ||
of  the  map.  Do not go SE from the  |----------------------------------||
entrance  room,  for  level  11 hill  |   Tuesdays at 10PM Eastern Time  ||
trolls  tend to wander in that area,  |     Hosted by Fnordo Rivera!     ||
and  their  OB  is  90  with  a very  |----------------------------------||
deadly Two-Handed sword!              |  Oct.  8: Ranger Spell Lists     ||
                                      |            Discuss them live!    ||
The  Mine  Trail  is  an interesting  |  Oct. 15: Conflict in Kulthea!   ||
place  to  hunt.   On  Map 5, lesser  |            Roleplaying or Real?  ||
orcs  and  goblins  are  predominate  |  Oct. 22: Evil or Good?          ||
there.   They  are armed with lesser  |            Unlife or Life?       ||
weapons   and   armor   than   their  |            Discuss YOUR choices. ||
brethren  in  Hobland  or the Grave-  |  Oct. 29: Sorcerer Spell Lists   ||
yard.   Be  aware  that  there  is a  |            Discuss them live!    ||
trail  leading  to the Spider Temple   \________________________________//
(a  Lord  level area) that is marked                |    \ ||
off  with a black rock.  Taking that                |    \ ||
trail is tantamount to suicide.  All        ~~~~''``~~~~~~~~~~''~~
                        Lands of the Rich and Famous
          A level oriented exploration of the Island of Quellbourne
                            by Elzbeth Collins
/ \  ______  \
\@| /~/~~\~\ |
  ||~|    |~|| utside   the  binding   timber and the ores that lie dormant
 _||~|    |~|| limits  of  objective   in  "The Land of  the Silver Mists."
/@| \~\__/~/ | human experience, far   To  Quellbourne  they came, north to
\_/  ~~~~~~  / beyond that which the   the  Kaldsfang Mountains, and there,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ eye  can  see, further   on the  shores  of Claedesbrim  Bay,
than the faintest ghostly twinkle in   at the site of a lone trappers first
the night sky, deeper than the murky   camp,  sprang  the  village  of Kel-
depths  of  the  ocean floor, lies a   four's  Landing.   Thus came men and
realm of wonder.                       the  companions  of  men, mortal and
                                       immortal, side by side, each seeking
Silent,  ineffable, it is a place of   their  own  niche, and each coveting
dreams,  of  magic,  and of fantasy.   that which they sought.
Even  distant and unreachable, it is    ___________
as  much a part of our own beings as   / \  ______ \
our   narrow  and  strictured  minds   \@| /~/~~\_\ |
allow,  and  all  living  things lie     | \~\____~ |
inescapably within its subtle power.    _| _~~~~\~\ | ince that  time, many
                                       /@| \~\__/~/ | hardy     adventurers
Its  presence  can sometimes be felt   \_/  ~~~~~~ /  have risked  life and
when  the gull cries, when the light     ~~~~~~~~~~  limb in the wilds that
springs  suddenly through the forest   surround   Kelfour's  Landing.   Not
leaves,  or  when  our own mortality   some  few  have  brought  us word of
creeps  too near, for it is our only   those  lands, and the foul creatures
link  with carefree immortality, and   that  abound.  Many brave souls have
we know it as Kulthea.                 sought  to  tell  us of the shape of
                                       our  island  home,  and  these great
Cruel  waves pound relentlessly upon   cartographers   have   done  a  fine
the   rocky  cliffs  of  a  northern   service indeed.
shore.   A  narrow  strip  of  sandy
beach  under blue and greying skies.   However,  as  explorations  of these
Tall  pines,  hardy  oak and windak,   lands    continue,    and   settlers
make  homes among the rolling hills.   continue to make their way among us,
Rich in game; Karnelin, Torkaan, and   many  changes  must  be noted to the
Wolverine. An ancient place, a place   old  maps.  Many of these fine works
of  power  and mystery.  Once great,   have  become  so outdated as to be a
but  now fallen into ruin and decay.   danger  to  the young adventurer.  A
Tall  castles,  beaten  down by wind   few  steps  down  a  curious unnoted
and weather.  Ancient cities, choked   path  may lead one from the relative
and  strangled  by  the  wild run of   safety  of  familiar  grounds to the
nature.   Vistas,  proud and harshly   severe  danger  of the lairs of fell
beautiful.  Harsh, for in the beauty   and awesome creatures.  Newcomers to
lies the danger of a land gone wild.   our  community  need  be  warned  of
                                       these  areas  of extreme danger that
So it was some five and twenty years   lie but an easy stroll from the town
ago  that  Rame  Kelfour,  a trapper   gates.  Our young comrades should be
seeking  game  that had grown scarce   advised  of the areas where they can
in  the lands to the south and west,   find  fortune and adventure suitable
found  this  rich  and untamed land.   for  their limited abilities.  These
His  tales  spread far and wide, and   maps are designed with this in mind.
many  came  to know of the riches in   The  young  adventurer  should  feel
game  and  fur,  of the abundance of   safe in the areas shown.
                                   -18-                             More...
 / \                               \    This area should comprise the
|   \                               \   primary hunting grounds of the new
 \_/ |          MAP ONE:             |  adventurer.  The areas mapped are
     |                               |  populated by the weakest of the
     |   The Forest and Plains that  |  creatures that abound in the wilds.
     |    immediately surround the   |  Kobolds, and Torkaans should be the
   _ |     village of Kelfour's      |  sought-after game for the less
  / \|            Landing.           |  experienced, but be warned of the
 |  /                               /   dangerous Karnelin and the fell
  \/_______________________________/    Wolverine that also live here.
   The Gladitorial      <1>                   <1> Go Road to get to the
         Arena             \                      Coastal Cliffs area.
        +-+ +-+             +-+               <2> Go Gate to enter town.
        | | | |-------------| |               <3> Climb Bank to get to the
        +-+ +-+             +-+                   Old Mine Road area.
       / | /...Go Arch         \              <4> The Obscure Trail leads
    +-+ +-+                     +-+               to the Graveyard.
    | |-| |                     | |           <5> To Hobland, and higher
    +-+ +-+                     +-+               level areas
         ^ \                   /   \          <6> Up to the castle area.
 One     |  +-+           Go  /     +-+
 Way.....+<-| |         Path /      | |
            +-+         ____/       +-+
                       /             | \
                      /   +-+       +-+ \                   +-+
                     /    | |       | |  \    Wayside       | |
            *A*...../...  +-+       +-+   \     Inn         +-+
             |     /   :   Go\     /Go     \  Located        |.....Go Dinghy
             |  +-+    :  Arch\   /Path     \   Here    +-+ +-+ +-+
          O W|  | |    :       +-+           \   :      | |-| |-| |
          n a|  +-+    :       | |            \  :      +-+ +-+ +-+
          e y|   |     :       +-+             \ :     /
            +-+ +-+    :......                  +-+ +-+           +-+ +-+
            | |-| |------+   :                  | |-| |           | |-| |
            +-+ +-+  Go  |   :                  +-+ +-+           +-+ +-+
             | /     Path|   :      Go Path..../   \                   |
            +-+          |   :   *          +-+     \                  |
            | |          |   :...A--<---<---| |     <2>                |
            +-+          |       * One Way  +-+  *****************     |
           /             |                   |   *               *     |
<6>     +-+              |  One Way         +-+  * Here lies the *    +-+
 |      | |              +--->--->----------| |  *  village  of  *    | |
 |      +-+                                 +-+  *   Kelfour's   *    +-+
 |       |  <<< Here there be Kobolds        |   *    Landing    *     |
+-+ +-+ +-+     and Torkaans. But be        +-+  *               *     |
| |-| |-| | <<< cautious of the odd         | |  *****************     |
+-+ +-+ +-+     Wolverine or Karnelin       +-+                        |
       \ |  <<< that wanders through.        |                         |
        +-+                                 +-+ <<< Here ye will find +-+
        | |                                 | |     herds of roaming  | |<4>
        +-+                                 +-+ <<< Torkaan. But be   +-+
         |                                   |      careful of the     |
        +-+                                 +-+ <<< Wolverines also.   |
        | |                                 | |                        |
        +-+                                 +-+                        |
         |                         -19-      |                         |
        +-+                                 +-+                       +-+
        | |                                 | |            Go         | |
        +-+                                 +-+          Bridge       +-+
       / |                                 /   \            :        /
    +-+  |                              +-+     +-+ +-+ +-+ : +-+ +-+
    | |  |                              | |     | |-| |-| |---| |-| |
    +-+  |                              +-+     +-+ +-+ +-+   +-+ +-+
     |   |                               |                     | \
    +-+ +-+                             +-+                   +-+ \
    | |-| |                             | |                   | | <3>
    +-+ +-+                             +-+                   +-+  :
     T| |P        A shortcut will          \                       :
     r| |a        oftimes cut short         +-+   .................:.......
     a| |t      : more than the path.       | |   :    Climbing the Bank  :
     i| |h      : Watch for Werebears!      +-+   : leads to the area of  :
     l| |       :                            |    : the Old Mine Road.    :
      +-+.......:                           +-+   : This will be the area :
      | |----------------+                  | |   : featured by Map Two.  :
      +-+                |                  +-+   :.......................:
                         |                     \
                         |                      +-+
                         |                      | |
                         |                      +-+
                         |                       |
                         |                      +-+
                         |                      | |
                         |                      +-+
                         |                       |           Iorak's Reach
                         |                      +-+     +-+
                         |                      | |     | |   The legend of
                         |                      +-+     +-+   this mountain
                         |                       |     /      tells us that
                         |                      +-+ +-+    great majiks are
                         |                      | |-| |     accomplished at
                         |                      +-+ +-+     its peak.  Many
                         |                     /          skills are needed
                         |                  +-+       to scale to the lofty
                         |                  | |      heights. You will need
                         |                  +-+        much training before
                         |                   |          making the attempt.
                         |                  +-+
                         +------------------| |
                                                 \ <5>
Newcomers  are well advised to limit   all means, stay away from the Castle
their  explorations  to  those areas   Area  <6>  until  you  are much more
presented  here.   Do not be anxious   experienced and powerful.
to  go  farther  afield.   Wandering
away  from these areas can bring you   Should   more   experienced  hunters
face  to  face  with  creatures best   offer  to  escort  you into Hobland,
avoided  until  a much higher degree   take  them up on the offer.  It will
of expertise is gained.                be a good experience for you.
Specifically,   you   should   avoid   Next  time,  Map  Two:  The Old Mine
venturing  into  Hobland <5> and the   Road,   continuing   the  quest  for
areas farther  south of that, and by   experience.  Until then, Good Luck!
                         I'm (Almost) Second Level
 ___________                by Cartek Dammacles
/ \  ______ \
\@| /~/~~\_\ |
  | \~\____~ | urviving can  be hard   less likely to happen.
 _| _~~~~\~\ | when  all is  new and
/@| \~\__/~/ | advanced   characters   Now  you  and your companion(s) have
\_/  ~~~~~~ /  forget  the  mistakes   all  put  away  your weapons and are
  ~~~~~~~~~~   they made when young.   ready  to get the treasure.  You all
They  try  to  give  good advice but   reach for the coins and the guy with
sometimes  we  just aren't ready for   the  "get  coin"  macro  wins  every
it  yet.   We need tips on things so   time.   The  rest  of you just smile
basic that even a level two or three   and say "OK" right?  Tell Mr.  Macro
doesn't think about them anymore.      that   since   he's  so  fast,  he's
                                       welcome  to  pick up the coins, just
Bearing  that in mind, inexperienced   so  long  as  he is willing to SHARE
players  gather round and  listen to   <amount   picked   up>.    That  way
the  wisdom  of  one  who knows just   everyone  gets  an  even  take.  One
those basic tips you need.  When you   last  tip  about  getting coins, let
venture forth from Kulthea, you have   the guy who has no debts pick up the
a  weapon  and a shield.  A younger,   coins.   Remember   that   debt  you
now  deceased  sibling  of mine went   have  to  Moot Hall?  You can't give
haphazardly  through  the gates, his   coins to another character while you
shield  in his right hand, his sword   owe that debt.
in  his  left.   He was not long for
this  world.   Don't be gauche.  You   Dividing   up  treasure  like  drake
attack with the weapon in your right   falchions,  wands,  crystal amulets,
hand;  you leave it in your left and   and gold rings can be a lot tougher.
it won't do a thing for you.           There  are  a  couple  of strategies
                                       which  make  this  process  go  more
Now you're  going through  the Drag-   smoothly.   You  can  hold on to all
onsfang Forest  and you  surprise  a   the items until you are done hunting
kobold.  Quickly you dispatch it and   and  split  them  all somewhere safe
even manage to skin the sucker.  You   like  the  Temple.  You can also ask
search  it  and he's got a couple of   for    certain    treasures    early
coins,   his   armor  and  a  sword.   ("anybody  mind  if  I  get the next
Immediately  you  "wear" your shield   amulet?"),  and  use  coin awards to
and pick up the treasure, right?       offset the other treasures ("OK, Wiz
                                       got  the  oak  wand, I got the drake
That works great for those with more   falchion,  so  Lou gets the amethyst
weapons  training  than  you have at   and an extra 400 coins.").
level  one.   Remember that your de-
fense  is  made up of your quickness   If  you  come to an arrangement like
bonus,  your  weapon skill (at parry   "I'll  take  the  gems, you take the
100)  and  your  shield.  The shield   coins,"  get the gems appraised, and
adds  20  points  to  your  defense.   count   the   coins!   Once,  a  new
Until  your weapon skill surpasses 4   aquaintance  and  I  were  exploring
ranks,  a  shield  will  do  more to   the Coastal Cliffs and encountered a
protect  you  than your weapon will.   herd  of  nymphs.   One  by one they
A  young  ranger  of my acquaintance   fell or ran off.  Often my friend or
showed me why you never wear or drop   I would chase them, always returning
your  shield  to  pick  up treasure.   after the kill.  Finally, he ran off
There  are  few  things  more embar-   after one and I stayed to finish one
assing  than  getting  killed  by  a   off.   When  mine died she dropped a
relative of the recently slain while   chest which my companion saw me pick
looting  dead  bodies.   At least if   up  as  he returned.  When we got it
you're  holding your shield, this is   open, I looked in and saw some coins
and a few gems.  I snagged  the gems   Speaking  of  dead  people, when you
and  offered him the  chest with the   run across somebody's body, or their
coins.   No big deal, right? I later   possessions, what do you do?  See if
found  out   there  were   over  800   they have any good treasure?  Ignore
silvers in  there.   The  gems  were   it?   No,  bring their stuff back to
worth a  grand total of 75. Know the   the Temple and, if you can, use your
value of  the merchandise  you offer   crystal amulet to THINK ahead to the
to trade for coins.                    Temple   so  someone  can  tell  the
                                       victim not to buy all new gear.
Inevitably, my friend, you are going
to get  wounded, and bleed. When you   I hope these reminders and tips will
sit or  lie down  to  have  somebody   help you rank beginners. If it seems
TEND your  injury, stand  up as soon   like a  lot to  remember, just keep
as possible.  There's a  severe pen-   in mind  that everyone  you meet had
alty  assessed  to  both your attack   to go  through the  same experiences
and  defense when you are not stand-   and make  the same  mistakes. Here's
ing.  Just ask Cas who was killed by   your chance to make a few less.
a  wandering  orc when she lied down
to allow a friend to treat her leg.    Here's a scroll for your backpack:
  / \                                                                   \
  |                                                                    |
  |                          TIPS TEAR SHEET                           |
  |                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #1  Always check (INVENTORY) and make sure your  shield is  in |
  | ~~~~~~  your  left hand  and your weapon is in your right. If they |
  |         are reversed, SWAP them.                                   |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #2  When picking up  treasure use  your sword  hand instead of |
  | ~~~~~~  your  shield hand  until you  have at  least four ranks of |
  |         weapon training.                                           |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #3  When  in a group, decide  how to split the treasure before |
  | ~~~~~~  you go adventuring.                                        |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #4  Ask for certain treasures in advance to save hard feelings |
  | ~~~~~~  (I want the first gold  ring!  I  want  the  next amulet!) |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #5  When in a group, let the person who has no  debts pick  up |
  | ~~~~~~  the  coins. If  you have  a debt  you can't give the coins |
  |         away or drop them.                                         |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #6  Pay your debt so you can carry the coins.                  |
  | ~~~~~~                                                             |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #7  If you are wounded and have  to sit or lie down  so some-  |
  | ~~~~~~  one can TEND your wound, stand up as soon as possible!     |
  |                                                                    |
  | Tip #8  If you run across  somebody's dead body, bring their stuff |
  | ~~~~~~  to the Temple and THINK ahead that you have their things.  |
/@|                                                                    |
                               Otter Lore
 _________                   By Siobann Nimm
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ |
  |  |~|  |nyigo and I strolled down   save waves crashing on the shore.  I
 _|  |~|  | the  beach, looking  for   wrenched  my  arm  free  of Inyigo's
/@| _|~|_ | shells and  other  trin-   grasp  and  ran  back.  The view was
\_/ ~~~~~ / kets  from the  sea.  We   gruesome.   The  otters' dismembered
  ~~~~~~~~  paused   along  a  rocky   remains lay on the sand.  Their mar-
stretch   of   sand  to  watch  some   velous  pelts  were gone and I real-
creatures  I  had  not  seen before.   ized the purpose of the carnage.
They  were  cute and cuddly, covered      Helpless,  I  bellowed  a  cry of
with  a  sleek black fur and paid us   rage  and  pain  to  the  empty sky.
little mind as they frolicked in the   Inyigo's face filled with concern as
shallow pools about the rocks.         he  ran across the shore in response
   "Playful,  aren't  they," I said.   to  my  outburst.  His look of worry
"What  manner of creature are they?"   was  soon replaced by disgust as saw
"Otters," Inyigo responded.            the grisly scene for himself.
   Tempted to pet one, I had no more      "Why   in  all  of  Eissa's  land
than  reached  out  my hand when the   should  there  be  such a mockery of
animal reared up, ivory teeth bared.   life," I asked the winds.
Shocked  and frightened, I pulled my      Leaning   back,   Inyigo  sighed.
hand away. At the same time, I heard   "There   are   those  who  would  do
a  commotion behind me and turned to   anything for money.  There are those
see  the real reason for their fear;   who   must   do  what  they  can  to
a  band  of  cudgel-wielding  adven-   survive.   Who are we to judge them?
turers raced toward us.                They  may have had families of their
   Not sure who the cudgels were in-   own,  starving  in the streets.  The
tended  for,  Inyigo  and I drew our   otter pelts do bring a hefty price.
swords.   My  sense of relief as the      "Blame  not the hunters for their
attackers passed us by became a cold   prey.   Blame the powers that be for
shiver as I heard the blood-curdling   their   insensitivity.   Society  in
scream.   Spinning around, I saw the   Quellbourne  puts so little value on
carcass  of  an otter hit the ground   life.   The  gods know and encourage
with a thud.  Blood spattered across   this.   It was they who misled these
the rocks from where cudgel met with   creatures,  luring  them to our land
bone,  spreading  the otter's brains   and toward their sure demise."
across  the  beach.   Before I could      Inyigo  and I still frequent that
absorb  the horror of the scene, the   beach,  stopping to pray to the gods
hunters  moved  to the next, quickly   to  keep  the  otters  away from our
dispatching it in much the same way.   dangerous  shore.  Perhaps they have
   Some  otters  tried  to flee, but   heard us for we have not seen otters
the  younger  ones  were  trapped on   now  for  some time.  Maybe those we
shore.   Older  otters  returned  to   saw  murdered were the last of their
fight.   One  old grey-whisker infl-   kind.   We  may  never know, but the
icted  a  deep  slash  on  a  hunter   memory  of  that  day's horror shall
before  his head met with the crush-   visit me for the rest of my life.
ing  force  of a cudgel.  Gasping in       ____________________________
horror,  I  watched the killers pull      //                           \
the  overmatched  otters  into shore     ||   You otter get MORE for    |
and  beat  them to death one by one.     ||        your skins!          |
I  am ashamed to admit it, but I hid     ||                             |
my eyes, and ran from the scene.         ||      JARLIK THE FURRIER     |
   Struggling   silently   with  our     ||      """"""""""""""""""     |
feelings,  we  dared not glance back     ||  From tanning to taxedermy, |
down  the  beach  until we heard the     || trust US with your trophies |
hunters leave and no sounds remained      \\___________________________/
                            Kalagay in Mur Fosityr
 _______________              by Kalagay Halatil
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~~\  /~~|+|
  |  |~\~\/~/~| | idsummer     stars   family,   all  together  once  more,
 _|  |~|\~~/|~| | pierced  the  mild   chattered  and  laughed  over  their
/@| _|~| ~~ |~|_| evening, yet Kala-   evening  meal.   Yet,  for  all  her
\_/ ~~~~    ~~~~/ gay huddled in her   merriment,  Kalagay  was not easy in
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  dark fur  cloak to   her  mind.   Her much loved and per-
combat  an  inner chill.  Waiting on   sistent  father  had  plans; she did
the  dock,  she  re-read the message   not doubt for one moment that he had
she had received from Mur Fosityr.     plans,   and  these  plans  did  not
                                       include  her  returning  to  Jaiman.
"My child," it began.  "Thy  mother,   She   foresaw  a  painful  interview
my treasured Alais, fades in thy ab-   during  which  she would attempt, as
sence and we fear for her unless you   kindly  as possible, to disabuse him
return.  A  navigator  comes for you   of  the  idea  that she had returned
apace. I beg  you fail  us not. Your   for  good  and would marry a wealthy
worried  father,  Elantoin Halatil."   neighbor  and  have many grandbabies
                                       for  him to make plans for.  Indeed,
The  same stars that evening saw her   a long talk about her own wishes for
ghosting over glittering snow in her   her  life  was about a year overdue.
family's  calash, drawn by a pair of   Just as soon as she was rested...
ponies,  minutes  from the lodge she
had  known summer after summer.  The   After  days  of  gatherings and teas
horses   paced   easily,  plumes  of   and renewing  acquaintances  in  the
breath  in  the  night  air the only   neighborhood,  Kalagay  was ready to
sign of their exertion.  It had been   go  back  to Kelfour's if she had to
a year, almost to the day, since she   walk on water to do it.  Gil rescued
had  fled this home and journeyed to   her by insisting she try out his new
Jaiman,  to  be  cast ashore outside   mare  on a ride to the mountains, to
the walls of Kelfour's Landing.        hunt and camp overnight.
Her  welcome was all that any prodi-   Orhan struck silver where  the  snow
gal  could  wish. Her mother dressed   piled up  against windak trunks  and
again in colorful  silks  and  began   branches.  The night air was so cold
planning  dinners and get-togethers.   and  still,  it   seemed  to hang in
Her  brother Gil and her little sis-   glittering layers. In the vast moun-
ter, sturdy Brittomart, pestered her   tain silence, Kalagay  and Gil stal-
for tales from The Wild Lands.         ked like white clad  ghosts, covered
                                       to their eyes and breathing quietly.
Gil,  as  a  budding  naturalist and   Below them, their mounts stamped and
husbandman,  was particularly inter-   whuffled in a  lee  shelter. A brisk
ested  to  know that torkaans, which   wind in their faces took the  sounds
on Mur Fosityr were considered to be   and  smells away  downslope.   Their
merely  dinner  and  a warm cloak on   quarry was the elusive snow panther,
four feet, were liable to flee their   denning in the highest ramparts, big
herders in the Jaimani grassland and   footed and thickly furred.
become rabid and a menace to travel.
                                       A  visit  with Elvanion Darkholt the
Brittomart wanted to know what women   previous  month  acquainted  Kalagay
in  Kelfour's  wore under their hide   with  his  warpanther and the litter
armor  and  whether  there were many   of  kits  cavorting  in  the  grassy
parties.   Her  blue  eyes  sparkled   glade   near   the  fighter's  home.
over  the  creamy  soft doeskin gown   There  was  pride  and  affection in
Kalagay  brought  out  to  show her.   Elvanion's  voice  as  he  recounted
Elantoin  looked  fondly  on  as his   tales  of  their battles against Un-
                                   -24-                             More...
life's minions in vanished Elanthia.   Kalagay  had  no  sooner  taken pos-
Kalagay's dreams were overtaken by a   session  of  the kit when its parent
furred beast, taloned and fanged and   caught   their  scent,  screeching.
greatvoiced,  eyes  like  deep green
ice and feet like furry platters.      Wide    shoulders   shoved   through
                                       scrubby  alder, claws like scimitars
The snow panther, for so she finally   flashed  closer and  closer, quicker
identified  her  dream creature, was   than  seemed possible.   Kalagay and
not  regarded  as amenable to domes-   Gil  were downslope and mounted just
tication   or  co-operative  venture   as  the  panther  leaped, and only a
with  man.  It was all but unassail-   tricky  swiveling  maneuver  by  her
able  and  willed  its  own death if   mount  kept Kalagay from being snag-
captured.   The  pelts,  acquired at   ged  by  the  enormous talons of the
enormous cost, were prized for their   enraged  feline.   Not even the bulk
beauty  and  elegant warmth.  No one   of  her cloak protected her from the
had managed to take kits to raise.     needle   teeth   and  claws  of  her
                                       captive.   Blind  and frightened, it
Yet  this  was Kalagay's aspiration.   fought furiously against constraint,
Though she had and comrades aplenty,   yelling piteously for its mother.
she  missed  the  warmth  of another
living  being as she slept under the   Realizing  she  had lost her chance,
stars in The Wild Land where, by its   the mother panther raced back to the
size  and strength, the snow panther   den.   They  could  hear her pacing.
should be able to thrive.              crying   for   her   lost  kit,  and
                                       shattering the air with growls.
The cavern they stealthily approach-
ed  seemed  to  be just the place to   Kalagay   felt   her  eyes  well  in
begin looking. Kits, were there any,   empathy.  In seconds she was turning
would  not have their eyes open yet.   her mount around to ride back to the
Gil  explained  that it was possible   den.   Gil, who thought she had lost
to  imprint  a  baby  animal  if one   control  of  her  horse, grabbed its
cared  for  it  and  kept  it  near,   headstall  and hauled it around.  He
though in the case of snow panthers,   knew  the  mother panther would kill
there   was  no  evidence  that  the   at  once  if  riders  or horses came
technique had ever worked.             within her reach.  They rode a head-
                                       long  scramble down the mountainside
Making  the final yards on hands and   until  they could no longer hear the
knees,  Kalagay  risked a peek to be   distant  grief-stricken cries.  Kal-
sure  the  mother panther was really   agay  cuddled  the  shivering bundle
gone.  The opening to the den looked   inside  her  shirt  and  wrapped her
too  small  to  admit  the bulk of a   cloak securely around herself.  Tiny
grown  snow  panther,  however,  she   claws  caught  in  the skin over her
could  hear  noises  inside, squeak-   ribs, but she ignored the discomfort
ings  and  rustlings.   A  carnivore   in the pleasure of its living warmth
smell, heavy and fetid, clung to the   against  her.   She  felt connected,
ground.   While Gil kept his eye out   mind  and  body, with another living
for  the  mother's  return,  Kalagay   being.  As nature intended, her att-
reached  a  gauntleted hand into the   achment  was immediate and profound.
opening  and  hoped  there were kits   The  kit  would  be  cared  for  and
and  not  snakes.   One  by  one she   taught.  Its own love should follow,
fetched  out tiny bundles, gave each   just as though she were its mother.
a   quick  look,  and  selected  the
largest  female  of the litter.  The   "I  shall name thee for the mountain
rest of the now-squealing babies she   which  was  thy  home,  little one,"
rapidly  put  back  into their nest.   Kalagay  crooned  to the kit.  "Thou
They  actually  hoped,  rather  than   shall   be   called   Gwailin  Cloud
expected,  to  get  away  before the   Shredder,  and  may you come to love
mother   came  back.   Sure  enough,   me as I love thee."
                     Of Mice and Half-Elves, Part II
 ______________      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \ ____  ____ \         by Gallenod Varynesti
\@| ~| |  | |~ |
  |  |~|--|~|  | ome,  what  a  con-   in  the  world.   The elves accepted
 _|  |~|--|~|  | cept. I had a home,   him   as  my  mother's  husband  and
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | once. I didn't app-   respected his skill as a ranger, but
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / reciate it for what   never  really accepted him as a true
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  it was  while I was   member   of  clan  and  family.   My
there,  but  I  miss it terribly now   father never seemed to mind this; my
that I'm without it. Kelfour's Land-   mother's love was all he needed.
ing  is  as much my home now as any-      I,  on the other hand, had a dif-
place since I left the elven village   ficult time as a child.  Admittedly,
of Glynvaryn, but it's not the same.   I didn't make it easier on myself by
It's  a  frontier town, populated by   being  rash  and  moody, but being a
those  who live with adventure every   half-breed  in an otherwise pure so-
day  of  their lives.  The relation-   ciety can be a difficult experience.
ships  here  are alliance and compe-   Perhaps  that  is  why  there are so
tition,  not  clan  and family.  The   many  half-elf  adventurers.  Not at
locals  don't really care what we do   home  with  either  human  or  elven
to  each  other  as  long as we keep   relatives,  we strike out on our own
spending our silver in their shops.    for  places  where  many races meet.
   Life  in the Landing is cheap; we   We   stand  out  less  here  because
think  of death as an inconvenience,   almost everyone is different.
because  it  is  rarely final.  This      Half-elves, as a race, can be de-
town  of  ours is little more than a   fined  as follows:  all grandparents
meeting place for adventurers. I see   were  human or elf, and at least one
no  children here, because there are   grandparent  was of a different race
no  families.   How  can a community   than the others.  In some societies,
grow  toward a future without child-   any  mixing  of  the  bloodlines, no
ren?   This is a  boom town, and the   matter  how far back, would make you
boom  is  in  slaughter.  As long as   a  half-elf.  (Or a half-human, from
there are monsters to kill and trea-   the   elve's   point  of  view.)  In
sure  to  be  won, Kelfour's Landing   practice,  however, if the mix isn't
will  survive.  Let me tell you of a   at  least 25 to 75, you're virtually
real  community,  a place where clan   indistinguishable  from a "full" elf
and  family  were devoted to raising   or human.
children and preparing for a future.      Why  is  this  a  problem?  Half-
Let  me  tell  you of the home of my   elves  seem  to  have all the advan-
youth, and the first Mouse Tale.       tages  of both races.  But being the
   Yes,  the  Mouse  is  one  of the   strongest and fastest doesn't do you
reasons for the title of this set of   much good when 21 other children are
stories.  He was my only true friend   teasing  you.   Every  child  in the
when  I  was  a child, and that only   village  had  a  nickname.  Mine was
because   no   one  else  understood   Mordleg,  which  is  elven for "iron
either  of  us.   Thrown together by   club."  Most  elven children's nick-
the  circumstance  of being "differ-   names   translate  as  Bright  Eyes,
ent,"  we  drew  support  from  each   Moondancer, and Gladerunner, and are
other  during our youth, forging the   based  on some personal quirk or be-
strongest of friendships.              havior.   I  got mine by flattening,
   You  may  ask  what was different   with  a wild punch, an elven boy who
about us.  Consider that this was an   was  foolish  enough to stop teasing
elven village, not a mixing pot like   me  and  start  making rude comments
Kelfour's  Landing.  There were only   about  my parents' disfigured faces.
two people in the entire village who   When  the  healer finished resetting
were  not elven:  me, and my father.   the boy's jaw, she looked accusingly
He  was an adult, however, and had a   at  me  and  said, "What did you hit
clear sense of his place and purpose   him with, an iron club?" My fate was
                                   -26-                             More...
sealed at that moment as I heard all   not,  of  course,  but  we no longer
the other children murmur, "mordleg,   cared  about  the  petty concerns of
mordleg,  mordleg..." It was the ul-   children. We had purpose.
timate  insult to an elf.  They con-      Mouse  surprised me by his choice
sidered iron a base metal fit for no   of professions, though.  He became a
good  purpose,  and the club was the   cleric.   I asked him once, in jest,
lowliest of weapons.                   why  he'd  chosen a profession where
   The  Mouse  got  his nickname be-   he  would  have  to  come in contact
cause  he  was afraid of everything.   with  not  only people, but the very
As  a toddler, he'd seen his parents   gods as well?  He gave me one of his
killed  in  a  horrible  and  grisly   best long, serious, looks.  "Because
manner.   He  was found in a thicket   I  know what it feels like to have a
near  their  bodies  which  had been   broken  soul," he said.  "And thanks
shredded  and  sucked  dry  by  some   to you, perhaps I can now mend a few
terrible,  unknown  thing.   He  was   others."  I  have  never  been  more
afraid  of  everyone  and everything   deeply  moved  by  a compliment, and
until the day I got my nickname.       blushed  in embarrassment that I had
   As  the  other  children  skipped   made  light  of his choice.  Then he
home,  happy that I now had a proper   smiled in that quiet way of his, and
nickname,  I  stood  there  fighting   said,  "Besides,  it's  easier  than
back tears. I was just about to bolt   working  for  a  living."  My mother
and run when I felt a light touch on   discovered  the  two of us, about 15
my  shoulder.  I whirled around, in-   seconds later, rolling around on the
tending  to  vent my frustrations on   floor   laughing   like   hiccupping
whatever  hapless  person  had  dis-   hyenas.   Deciding  that our convul-
turbed  me.   It was Mouse, standing   sions were a personal problem, not a
there reaching towards me.  The same   medical one, she turned and left the
boy who had been teasing me had also   room, shaking her head and mumbling,
been   mercilessly  tormenting  him.   "I have tried, Lords, I have tried."
For the first time I could remember,      My  own  profession?   I  did not
Mouse  didn't  look afraid, just sad   start life as a ranger.  I developed
and lonely.  We stared at each other   some  basic ranger skills, but after
for a long time: half breed and bas-   my  experience  with Mouse I decided
ket  case.   Then he spoke the first   to  follow  my mother's path and be-
words we had heard from him since he   come a teacher.  My father was a bit
was  three  years  old.   "Good," he   disappointed  as  he had expected me
said.   When he saw my puzzled look,   to  join  him and the other warriors
he  followed it with, "Hit." Then he   in hunting the denizens of evil that
smiled,  another  first,  and  moved   seemed  to  grow more numerous every
closer  until  his  chest was nearly   day,  but he accepted my choice with
touching mine.  "Friend," he stated,   the grace and nobility that were his
hugging me. I was thunderstruck.  No   trademarks.  I still hunted with him
one, but no one, had gotten Mouse to   occasionally,  but devoted myself to
say a word for the last seven years,   preparing  the  youth of our village
either  through kindness or torture.   to take their place in the world.
Lord  Azreal,  our village's leading      Thus  ends  the first Mouse Tale.
cleric, declared it a miracle.         And look at me now:  A vagabond with
   That  was a turning point for me.   little  more  than the clothes on my
Helping  Mouse come out of his shell   back, the equipment I can carry, and
became  my  mission in life; we were   just enough money in the bank to pay
inseparable.  The village elders ev-   this  month's  rent.  A teacher, who
entually allowed my parents to adopt   instead  of  teaching  reading, num-
him,  as  my  mother was a cousin of   bers,  and  philosophy,  teaches the
his  parents.   Mouse  and  I  spent   arts  of death and plunder.  Perhaps
twelve glorious years as the best of   next time I will tell you how I came
friends.  He remained quiet and shy,   to  this state; how a young half-elf
but  the  look  of  fear in his eyes   lost  home,  family,  and everything
eventually died.  Our  nicknames did   else in this world he held dear.
                        Chest and Unsigned Poem Found
Lian Winslow was rummaging around in   Although  that  was  hardly  what he
an  old village he discovered out by   expected,  Lian  had the presence of
Claedesbrim,  and ran across a chest   mind  to  bring the parchment to the
half buried in the dirt.  Upon drag-   Kelfour Edition offices. When trans-
ging it out and opening it, he found   lated  from the Old Common Runic, it
a  parchment sheet and an old, faded   was  found  to contain the following
wedding  dress  that fell apart when   poem,  which  is sadly indicative of
he touched it.                         the  turbulent history of our lands.
                              Unsigned Poem
                     I went upon a summers' day
                      to where my bonnie lover lay
                       cold beneath the sod and clay
                        of eastern claesdesbrim.
I put some flowers on his grave          For the evil ones had lain in wait
 too little was the strength I gave       in Bree, out by the farmers' gate
  his death from him I could not stave     and there my lover met his fate
   in eastern claedesbrim.                  in eastern claedesbrim.
I well remember, yes, I do               So, if your lover makes to leave
 the night when he and motley crew        an Orcish wife to sore bereave
  rode forth all dressed in green & blue    keep him, if you will not grieve
   in eastern claedesbrim.                  in eastern claedesbrim.
They went to find an Orcish band         And as I turned away from there
 that ravaged free upon the land          I felt a wind that touched my hair
  yes brave they were, but weak of hand    I thought I heard him whisper fair
   in eastern claedesbrim.                  in eastern claedesbrim.
  / \                           HALL OF FAME                               \
  |     Congratulations to Lord Xura Viirkort and Lord Benar Stormarm    |
  |_                      for achieving Noble Rank!                      |
  |  Bard     Enegue LionHeart    20 | High Human Benar Stormarm      20 |
  |  Ranger   Fxg Lyon            25 | Common Man Beolost Lamontt     19 |
  |  Mage     Dagmar Istarii      25 | Dwarf      Vshaal hiJneksha'a  16 |
  |  Fighter  Ise Ikiryo          21 | Halfling   Xura Viirkort       20 |
  |  Thief    Valeria Deering     22 | Wood Elf   Joqain Denark       16 |
  |  Cleric   Taarna Wayfinder    25 | High Elf   Strom O'BERIN       24 |
  |  Sorceror Xura Viirkort       20 | Half Elf   Dagmar Istarii      25 |
  |  Healer   Kayla Kyndhart      27 | Fair Elf   Valeria Deering     22 |
/@| Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race: October 10, 1991 |
                            The Eyes Have It
  ________              by Miss Louvella Parsnips
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ | ndecency and Immorality    Frick mentioned that this mage  then
  |  |~|  | (along with other nasty    refused to pay his bill and has been
 _|  |~|  | things)  have    reared    banished from the inn. We  expect to
/@| _|~|_ | their ugly  heads  once    hear the same from Threk any time.
\_/ ~~~~~ / again this month.
  ~~~~~~~~                             A nasty little spat occured  between
We were shocked  to  discover one of   Kulthea's  favorite  mad  mage and a
Kelfour's well-known, maiden clerics   certain  red-haired lady ranger.  It
has broken  her  vows  of purity and   seems   that  our troublesome ranger
has,  for  some time,  been dallying   had   the   audacity   to insult the
around,  resulting in  her expecting   mage's wife, a coyote-faced   thief,
a wee one some time late next year.    at which time  he called for a  duel
                                       to  the death. However,  the  ranger
We, of course,  were  horrified that   refused to rise to   the  challenge,
something  like  this   could  occur   choosing  to flee rather than fight.
behind the backs of the KMS (Kelfour
Morality Society)  of  which  we are   We have also learned that during the
the chairperson,  but  we  were even   gladitorial  games,   the   ranger's
more shocked to learn that the assu-   opponent,  a  wraithlike  lady  mage
med father of the child is a flinty-   attempted, for some  reason  that we
eyed fellow  who  has since  refused   cannot  quite  fathom,  to  fling  a
to wed our ruined cleric. For shame.   glass of  water   on   her, at which
Or perhaps  for  the best, as she is   point the ranger  fled  the arena in
rather homely, to say the least.       fear. She has since refused to speak
                                       to anyone, more  from  shame, we are
One of Kelfour's muchly married lady   sure, than the  throat  disorder she
mages  has  been  carrying  on  once   claims to have contracted.
again  behind  her   long  suffering
husband's back. This time,  our blue   The most shocking discovery  we made
robed trollop was spotted  in one of   this month  was   learning  that yet
the abandoned  bedrooms  in  Blototh   another   of   Kelfour's   debutante
ruins  with a young  (and  handsome)   clerics  has  thrown   caution  (and
bardly type. We wonder if her ranger   clothes) to the  wind,  and has been
husband has caught the  ever present   noticed,   on   several   occasions,
disease  that  seems  to  affect the   displaying her treasures for all and
senses,  rendering him,  along  with   sundry. We  have  also  learned that
many others,  deaf, dumb and  blind.   this cleric  has   been entertaining
                                       members of  Kelfour's  youngest sect
Speaking of which,  we  have noticed   in her rooms  at  one of the houses.
the   distinct  absence of our kind-
hearted  lady healer lately, follow-   She  claims,  of  course,  that  the
ing our announcement of her betroth-   clandestine meetings are for educat-
ed   lordly mage's true orientation.   ional  purposes only,  and that  the
We wonder if he has  spurned her for   youngsters needed a hand in learning
another (perhaps one of the muscular   our Kulthean ways. In fact,  one  of
and  swaggering fighters that const-   the blustering fellows, upon leaving
antly hug him) and she has fled Kul-   the rooms, remarked,  "I never  knew
thea in shame.                         school could be this good."

Strains of  Mozart  were  playing in   Until next month, faithful   reader,
the background as we noticed a young   remember to send gossip, rumors  and
damsel  thiefly  type  cavorting  in   tid-bits to MISS.SNOOP (via GEMAIL).
Frick's inn with a dark haired mage,
who is old enough to be her father.    Happy snooping, and tra-la for now!

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