Kittai (prime)

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Race Elf
Culture Nalfein
Class ranger
Affiliation(s) White Haven, Order of Voln, The Witching Hour
Greatest Weakness cats
Hobbies fletching, garroting, gem-cutting, vanishing into the very essence of the wind, air and shadow and calling it ranger skill
Likes felines, gem cutting


You see Advisor of the North Kittai.
She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.
She is average height. She appears to be youthful. She has thick-lashed cobalt-violet eyes and alabaster skin. She has very long, thick ebon-hazed purple hair worn in a dozen thin lace braids interlaced with midnight ebon crystal flowers. She has an oval face and sharp pointed ears.
She has a pair of dark starstone studs set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a blood-red rose tattoo on her wrist, a black rose tattoo on her wrist, a vine-covered arrow tattoo fletched with vibrant feathers on her neck, a veniom-swept soulstone hoop in her lip, a detailed tattoo of a plump purple-bearded shirtless dwarf riding a half-centaur half-Nalfein woman while licking beads of grape jam off of her red sunstone crown on her ear, and an amber-eyed panther tattoo on her waist.
A ring of icy orbs encircles her hands.
She is holding an ebony yew composite bow in her left hand.
She is wearing a yew-braced ebon spidersilk pack caught in diaphanous crimson webbing, a mottled wintry wild silk cloak, an arrow-etched violet tanzanite choker, a weathered leather bandolier worn over a black silk corset with delicate icy blue boning, an onyx leather three-fingered glove with argent stitching, a loosely woven wrist-cuff of frostflowers and glossy dark green magnolia leaves, some blackened feystone claws, a pitted moonstone band, an ebon frost-burned leather kit stitched with argent thread, a crimson velvet-lined carryall cinched with black silk cords, a dark velvet gem pouch fitted with ruby-inset silver plates, some dark leather pants, a silver-banded black cordovan thigh-quiver stitched with metallic-threaded icy blue tendrils, some black silk knee-high socks under some dark frost-burned leather climbing boots laced with dirge-vaon vine.

Noted Treasures

an iridescent jade shrike charm
Colorful cut gems and brightly glazed enamel, limned and joined with a precious tracery of gold, form the gentle curving shape of the turtle dove charm. From the short sleek feathers lining the dove's head to the longer graceful pinion feathers on its wings, each miniscule feather on the charm appears to be meticulously crafted and individually attached at tiny articulating joints, although why such painstaking attention to realism is needed in a piece of jewelry is not immediately apparent.
a ruby-eyed cat's head symbol crafted from black moonstone
a blood red stone emblem depicting a hissing cat
a spool of tightly wound hemp
a tiny ebon crystalline flower
a brilliant purple winter rose

Companion & The Kittens of Kittai

a massive midnight black panther - "Jynx"
It is difficult to tell if the panther is all muscle or all fluff. While most felines are lithe and sleek, this one in particular has longer fur than most, which gives him a fluffy appearance. In common with his kin, he is pure, midnight black from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, and the only color anywhere to be found is in his eyes. He stares out at the world with a pair of dark amber eyes, tinged at the edges in crimson, which lends itself to his vaguely neurotic expression.
a pudgy ginger-hued kitten - "Hex"
Large, wide-set crystal green eyes peer out from over the kitten's unusually flat pink nose, which is bordered on either side by a peppering of black whiskers. Despite her narrow head, the rest of her body is pudgy, to the point that she looks as if she might topple over during any overly ambitious feline acrobatics. The kitten's soft, tufted fur is bathed in a rich ginger hue. Startling in its contrast with the rest of her coloring, a wide strip of black fur twists up her tail in a tight spiral.
a fluffy midnight black kitten - "Voodoo"