Kruj Three-Sails

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Kruj Three-Sails
Storyline Flight of the Manticore
Gender male
Race Krolvin
Status Alive

Kruj arrived on Leyan, Ivastaen 12, 5121 in Wehnimer's Landing to discuss the Ravager.


You look at Kruj, cautious not to let your gaze linger for too long.

You see Kruj Three-Sails, the Krolvin Raider.
He is a hulking brute.  He appears to be of full age.  He has deep-set stormy green eyes and sea blue fur.  He has braided, pale silver hair that spills heavily down his back.  He has a scarred face, a crooked nose and pronounced fangs.
He is wearing a golden hoop earring inlaid with a mother-of-pearl strip, a scrimshaw narwhal bone pendant traced with spirals of blue and green ink, a coarse black wool jacket with a golden braid epaulette on one shoulder, an unbuttoned bleached cotton shirt, an ebon sea thrak leather belt with a wide golden buckle, and some black wool pantaloons.