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Lasimor is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.


Ranging in height from twenty to eighty feet, the lasimor tree has smooth, slate grey bark with barely discernible darker swirls. Thick, sanguine sap seeps from sporadic areas of the trunk and has a faint scent of tar. The deep red leaves are long and narrow, reminiscent of sword blades. The trunk is an amalgamation of a minimum of three trees grown together, the largest documented being seven. The heartwood is fine grained with narrow striations in varying shades, ranging from grey to yellow to reddish brown. The lasimor can only grow in the temperate, freshwater boggy areas outside of Ta'Vaalor. Due to its rarity and required growing conditions, only elven woodworkers have mastered its use.

Material rarity and restrictions:

This material should be considered rare, with only elven merchants being able to work with it.