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A DB Item is an apparently non-armor/shield item that adds DS. Technically, DB items must be built as a piece of armor to provide their bonus, but this will usually not be readily apparent; for example, a pair of foot-worn socks might actually be based on a metal aventail. DB items are not enchantable through the Premium Points system nor through player enchanting. You cannot gain more than 50 DS by using DB Items, although at one point there used to be no limit:

+5 DB Items

  • a pair of faded hunting boots - foot worn
  • a soft pink bowtie - pin worn
  • a burnished platinum wristchain - wrist worn
  • a luxurious lion fur cape lined with blue velvet - cloak worn
  • a snowcat fur-lined jacket - cloak worn
  • a wide belt of chain-linked golden plates - waist worn (may have been altered)
  • an amethyst studded urnon circlet - head worn
  • some wildflower bracers - Show: Intertwined in an elaborate mesh, dusty millers, boxwood and lavender are entangled with daisies frozen in their full bloom. - arm worn
  • a filigreed zorchar circlet studded with square-cut dragonfire - head worn
  • woven golden mithril wire sash tied with lengths of blue silk
  • blue-spotted pink bowtie
  • engraved rolaren bracelet
  • bronze-framed yellow sunstone amulet
  • some mismatched black and grey socks sporting a large hole in one toe - foot worn
  • some spiked veil iron vambraces - Show: Carved into the polished, naturally dark veil iron is a bas-relief of a blooming rose, each petal and thorn intricately detailed. A tuft of white pokes out near one elbow, perhaps a token of some Lady's affection? - arm worn
    • You rub the veil iron vambraces and release a fragrance of flowers which envelops you.
    • You have a heady scent of fragrant honeysuckle flowers about your skin.

+7 DB Items

  • an ancient rune - pin worn

+8 DB Items

  • a scratched razern fetter - foot worn (can be worn with shoes)
  • an embossed dark leather mantle - cloak worn
  • braided eahnor and faenor band

+10 DB Items

  • an elven style faenor-veined cloak - cloak worn
  • some enruned ora bracers
  • a dusk-hued sunstone stud (Platinum) - ear worn
  • a braided copper wire and gear necklace - neck worn
  • a blackened iron collar - neck worn
  • a single iron and razern shackle - ankle worn
  • a slender eahnor bracer etched with an interlocking rose motif - wrist worn
  • a weatherbeaten grey leather cloak - Show: Though this cloak has certainly seen better days, the beauty of the butter-soft leather cannot be denied. Streaked with age and perhaps a hundred storms, the garment is a testament to the leatherworker's craft. - cloak worn
  • some elegant leather boots - foot worn
  • a leather potpourri pouch - Show: The leather potpourri pouch is suspended from a delicate chain of mithril and gold. The faint scent of flowers emanating from the pouch is reminiscent of a flourishing garden. - neck worn
  • a shimmering black veil iron cloak - cloak worn
  • a pair of golden ora gauntlets inlaid with white opal shields

+18 DB Items

  • a polished white gold band encrusted with sparkling diamonds surrounded by ruby flakes - ring worn

+25 DB Items

+30 DB Items

  • a rough-spun military cloak - cloak worn

+40 DB Items

  • a demure white-frosted bodice - pin worn
  • some mithril alloy studded boots - foot worn
  • a rakshasa fur cloak - cloak worn

+50 DB Items

  • a dark elven cloak - cloak worn
  • some padded black boots - foot worn
  • some padded mithril alloy boots - foot worn
  • some deep purple tracker boots - Show: Beneath the shadowy surface of these boots is the faint image of a dark figure who appears to be watching over an ancient battlefield. Etched on the heel in extremely small black diamonds you can make out the word "Traveller." You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. - foot worn
  • an ancient kilt pin - pin worn
  • a black cape edged with venium and embroidered with the image of a silver dragon - cloak worn
  • a blood red shaalk cloak clasp - pin worn
  • a frost giant skin cloak - cloak worn (these were the first mass released DB items initally at +15, and are enchantable so they come in various enchants)
  • a sable-lined midnight black cloak embroidered in red with a leering, fanged face - cloak worn
  • a shadowy black robe tied with a thin invar chain
  • an enruned silver belt - pin worn
  • an enruned golvern pin - pin worn
  • a shimmering hooded cloak - cloak worn
  • some padded camouflaged boots - foot worn
  • an arcane pin - pin worn
  • a flowing hooded white cloak with a star iron clasp - cloak worn
  • some deeply hooded flowing black robes inscribed with wards and sigils around the wrists - cloak worn (Blades' cloak)
  • some fuzzy brown slippers crafted to resemble a flying squirrel in mid-flight - foot worn
  • a sable-lined midnight black cloak embroidered in red with a leering, fanged face - cloak worn
  • a black cape edged with venium and embroidered with the image of a silver dragon - cloak worn
  • a Helm of Might - head worn (Waldo2's)
  • an ancient elven defender cloak - Show: Constructed from the hide of a pyrothag and inlaid with Kiramon chitin, this cloak shifts and moves in an unnatural way. Embossed on the collar and over the breast are small symbols of the ancient House Illistim wrought in pure veil iron. - cloak worn
  • A shadowy hooded cloak - cloak worn