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Lich:Script Ewaggle is a third party script and is not maintained by Simutronics. Simutronics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on this page, nor is it liable for issues stemming from the use of the application on players' personal devices.

What does it do?

How do I get it?

Eloot can be downloaded via ;repo download ewaggle

As a script in active development and with the constant state of changes in the game, it is recommended to set eloot and all Elanthia-Online scripts to auto-update via ;repo set-updatable ewaggle

How does it work?

ewaggle well automatically handle spellups for you. Running a ';ewaggle setup' command opens the GUI setup utility, allowing you to pick what spells you want to cast and those that you do not. Further, you can allow ewaggle to use various Society abilities to increase your mana pool for spelling up. *Note* ewaggle operates on the information that lich knows about your character. If you recently leveled or changed your spells, users will need to skills full in game to pick up newly learned spells. Ewaggle will first check the in game spell privacy verb before checking the Lnet skill sharing code when casting on others.

For stackable spells, you can set the threshold to begin casting: 'start casting below'. You can also set the maximum duration with 'stop casting at', letting you stop at any number of minutes up to the maximum allowed. Finally, you can force ewaggle to stop casting spells once they reach a certain ceiling - the usual is 250 minutes. The Non-Stackable Spells box should be set to something UNDER the maximum duration of your spells, lest ewaggle continue to cast over and over, unable to reach the specified duration.

Ingame Help Output

   ;ewaggle help                        show this message
   ;ewaggle setup                       show setup window
   ;ewaggle list                        show current settings

   ;ewaggle add [spell#]                add one or more spells to the cast list
   ;ewaggle delete [spell#]             delete one or more spells from the cast list

   ;ewaggle start-at [minutes]          stackable spells will be cast if they have less than (start_at) minutes remaining
   ;ewaggle stop-at [minutes]             when the script starts, and will be cast while the time left is less than
   ;ewaggle stop-before [minutes]         (stop_at) and the time left after another cast would be less than (stop before)

   ;ewaggle unstackable-min [minutes]   minimum time for non-stacking spells

   ;ewaggle wracking [on/off]           use sign of wracking when out of mana
   ;ewaggle wander [on/off]             wander up to 20 rooms to find an empty room to wrack in and return
   ;ewaggle power [on/off]              use sigil of power when out of mana
   ;ewaggle concentration [on/off]      use sigil of power when out of mana
   ;ewaggle skip-jerks [on/off]         skip targets that don't share their current spell durations
   ;ewaggle retribution-spell [#|none]  spell number for chant retribution after casting cloak of shadows

   ;ewaggle                             spell yourself up
   ;ewaggle [name1] [name2] ...         spell up the given people (may include your own name)
   ;ewaggle info                        show what will be cast and how much it will cost
   ;ewaggle info [name1] [name2]        ''

   Any or all saved options can be overridden on the command line without being saved using the following syntax:

   ;ewaggle --spell-list=401,406,503 --start-at=60 --stop-at=120 --stop-before=250 --unstackable-min=10 --use-wracking=on --wander-to-wrack=on --use-power=off --use-concentration=off --skip-jerks=on --retribution-spell=717 Jim Joe Bob

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