Needle of Pentas

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The Needle of Pentas is a spire maintained by the Order of Lumnasi Viragos. It is made of travertine, which is a limestone, so it is white against the night sky. The colors red, black, blue, and green symbolically reflect off it. Quintuple overlapping rings are inlaid on the glass-like walls on either side of the entrance doorways. The interior foyer in contrast is made of granite, with five archways leading to separate gardens:

The Garden of Elements
The Garden of Chaos
The Garden of Order
The Garden of the Spirit
The Garden of the Planes
The central staircase has a view of a single corresponding garden at each level. The apex of the Needle of Pentas has balconies corresponding to each ring of Lumnis. These contain teleportation disks that provide magical transport to domes on the surface of Liabo where visitors are tested with puzzles and questions. The monks are dedicated to knowledge for all, not associated with the Library of Biblia.