Nehor (prime)

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Lord Nehor, Star of Song and Stage
Race Human
Culture Refined
Profession Actor. Playwright. Artist.
Affiliation(s) Sponsored by Mayor Cruxophim and the Landing Town Council, as well as Baron Dunrin Malwind of Vornavis
Disposition Loud and Commanding
Demeanor Haughty and Arrogant
Habits Cutting Repartee, Self Grooming
Hobbies Writing, Scholarship, Philosphy
Likes Adoration of the Masses
Dislikes Criticism from others
Fears Being forgotten
Lord Nehor

What can be said about someone for whom words come as naturally as breathing? Who paints on the canvas of the heart with naught but his skill at Oration alone? Ever since his arrival at the provincial and backwards town of Wehnimer's Landing, it's citizens and travelers who have passed through there have ALL been graced (Frowning, Nehor raps his cane against the knuckles of the scribe and snarls "No! Graced? That is a word for LESSER men. I am akin to an acting GOD. BLESS. Use that). Excuse me, it's citzens and travelers who have passed through there have ALL been BLESSED by his presence. Yes, just the mere hint of a chance to catch sight of this most noble of men has been enough to turn the town on its proverbial head.

Lord Nehor is, perhaps, the perfect specimen of both talent and beauty. Women want him. Men want to be him. For years he, (Nehor backhands the scribe across the jaw. "Fool! You mentioned women and men, but what about halflings?!") ...Women want him. Men want to be him. Halflings...look up to him? (Nehor narrows his eyes and nods slowly. "Better...") For years, he has worked tirelessly to bring both culture and refinement to all. At his first ever performance at Bardfest, despite the judges having been bribed against him and the auditions rigged, he was able through sheer talent and majesty win the BEST NEW VOICE award, including a sizable sum. Recognizing his singular talent, he has since received many requests to perform and write. At the time of this writing, the current Mayor of the Landing, Cruxophim, and the Town Council have gathered together a stipend to buy the honor of becoming one of his Patrons. At the Court of Vornavis, Nehor (Nehor stomps his feet and screeches "LORD Nehor") ...At the Court of Vornavis, LORD Nehor was recognized by Baron Malwind himself and given Patronage by that noble personage.

What is next for Elanthia's most kind hearted, talented, and hands (Nehor interjects "No no no, what am I even paying you for? You clearly forgot my best quality, HUMILITY")

What is next for Elanthia's most kind hearted, talented, handsome and HUMBLE performer? Well, to reveal that would spoil the show. Come, gaze upon him, and witness...