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Portrait of Nightpixie created by Nightpixie's player using ChatGPT
Portrait of Nightpixie created by Nightpixie's player using ChatGPT


You see Nightpixie the Bloodletter.

She appears to be a very young Ardenai Elf.

She is shorter than average with almond-shaped orchid eyes and ivory skin.  She has very long, ringleted seashell pink hair in a wild miasma of tangles.  She has a youthful countenance graced by a delicate face, a pale dusting of freckles scattered across her nose and soft, rosy cheekbones equally touched by a cascade of dusky freckles.  She has thin, lithely muscled arms and dainty wrists.

She has a scrollwork faceted crystal stud in her left nostril and a mix of faenor and rolaren rings of various sizes set along the slender tips of her pointed ears. She has an ornery pixie tattoo on her one wrist, with a mourning pixie tattoo on the other, along with a one-eared rabbit tattoo on her finger.

She is wearing some glowing opalescent pink leathers, some slim white spidersilk pants, a white silk shirt with tiny rose-gold cufflinks, a distressed leather bag clasped with a miniature branding iron, a bloodstained satchel embroidered with a one-eyed kitten, a supple rucksack edged with stitched piercing needles, a brushed silver case etched with a grinning rabbit, an antique leather first aid kit, and a pair of rose-tinted spike-heeled shoes beaded with dreamstones.


Nightpixie (Pixie)
Healer Extraordinaire
Race Elf
Culture Ardenai
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Healer | Bloodletter
Profession Piercing and Scarification
Affiliation(s) Trying to become a member of the Warrior Guild
Disposition Quirky
Demeanor Friendly
Greatest Strength Her unique warcry
Greatest Weakness Her lack of empathy
Habits Coffee and Sweets
Hobbies Knitting, Flying Kites, Chasing Dragonflies
Soft Spots Those who ask her for heals
Likes Things that smell nice
Dislikes Demons
Fears Leaving the gates of town
Loyalties To her friends and family
Best Friend Her rabbit, Butterscotch

Nightpixie was abandoned as a baby in the wilds. Wrapped only in an ancient, tattered kilt, she was found by a Faendryl Sorcerer who decided to take her home to his wife and family. While he wasn't the warmest of Faendryl, he knew his wife would not be happy with him, had he left the baby to succumb to the elements.

Since she was found at night and reminded him of a sprite, he decided to give her the name of Nightpixie. As this name reflected the general disregard her father had for her, she prefers to be called Pixie to help her forget that she has always been unwanted.

Growing up in a family of dark elves, wasn't easy. While one sister took care of her and protected her when she could, her other sister took great pleasure in torturing the little elf. This sibling would often break Pixie's bones when she was left in charge of her. She would starve her, scar her, and even went so far as to brand her on one occasion. She looked at the addition of Pixie to her family as a disgrace to her Faendryl heritage. Pixie now avoids her at all costs but does occasionally sneak into her workshop to steal magical items.

It was through this hardship that Pixie learned to heal. She would mend her broken bones, remove her own scars, and eventually learned how piercings and scars could be given with the least amount of pain. With so much mental and physical damage, she can be a little eccentric, unpredictable, quirky, loud, and brash. She simply has no filter, yet wants everyone to be her friend.


Nowadays, you can find Pixie healing in the Town Square in the Landing. She only hunts when she has to as she is very afraid of the wilds and prefers to stay within the town gates. She will travel far only for extreme emergencies. She is a bloodletter and believes a good bloodletting is good for you, or perhaps she's just convinced herself of this due to her background.

She relies on the goodwill of others to tip her with silvers, food, and drink. She supplements her silvers with providing services such as healing house calls and providing piercing and scarification services. She hopes to someday take up locksmithing services as well. She prides herself on a fast heal and being able to tend her patients from afar.

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