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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender male
Race human
Status Alive
Alias/Title a slender human playwright


The playwright is clearly past his prime, with a high forehead exposed by a receding hairline, creases around his eyes, and more white hair than brown covering his chin and cheeks.  His attire is light and airy, his slender form garbed in a silken tunic and pants.  A satchel hangs from his shoulder, and old ink stains mar his fingertips.


  • A slender human playwright chews on his bottom lip, pondering aloud, "The Caligos Catalog! No no, that's too bland. The Caligos Compendium! No no, too boring. The Chronicles of Caligos! Yes, that is epic and fitting!" He begins to feverishly write in his journal.
  • A slender human playwright looks up from a small journal in his hands, "...was it an emerald necklace or emerald ring they discovered on the beach recently? That likely belonged to an elf from millennia ago? I can't recall, but I must get the details right!"
  • A slender human playwright scribbles furiously in his journal, pausing for a moment to reflect on his writings, then tears a page from his book, sighing in frustration. "Every good play needs the perfect setting! It's a shame about that old lighthouse off the eastern shore. Far as I can tell, that light hasn't worked in years. But, oh my, that would certainly be a grand stage for a great tale!"