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2017 & 2018 Inventory

a triangular gap in some low-hanging foliage, Room #14, Lich #23890, go gap

Fretting Entry

[The Fretting Frond]
The wooden platform supporting this space juts straight out of the trunk of the nearby colossal teak tree. Soft golden wavering light from the sun pokes down through the leaves above, casting shadows that dance playfully around this secluded area. A long twisting branch crosses the center of the room with some sanded-down twigs in a neat row sticking out of it. A triangular gap in the thick twisting foliage heads out to the main platform, while a narrow plank leads east.
Obvious exits: east
Feeling the need to fret?
Anxious or in angst?
Take a gander at my fidget rings and worry stone wristlets.
They're full of zests to help you express your mood!
I'm also selling some defensive magic on scroll-like items to help you stress less.

On the sanded-down twigs you see:

a delicately crafted hexagonal mithglin ring Fidget rings scripted
a diamond-set infinity band encircling a smaller ora ring
a polished metal ring with small glaesine protrusions
a shiny gold ring tied with a diaphanous white ribbon in a bow
a dainty silver pinky ring
a thin copper band with a bright red string tied tautly to it
a substantial platinum ring inset with tiny stone-carved hearts
a sullied sigil-chased bronze band
a rusted wide iron ring
a nondescript gold engagement band
an emerald-set engagement ring

On the pile of fallen leaves you see:

a crumbling dry orange leaf
(101) Spirit Warding I
(103) Spirit Defense
(108) Stun Relief
Scrolls 20000
a large pressed faded blue petal
(406) Elemental Defense II
(503) Thurfel's Ward
(509) Strength
a large pressed pale pink petal
(604) Skinning
(905) Prismatic Guard
(911) Mass Blur
(1107) Adrenal Surge
a crinkled dry silver-veined leaf
(703) Corrupt Essence
(704) Phase
(708) Limb Disruption
(709) Grasp of the Grave
a creased brown leaf
(1208) Mindward
(1215) Blink
(1604) Consecrate
(1608) Beacon of Courage

Fretting East

[The Fretting Frond]
The platform is uneven here, with segments of it covered in patches of greyish-white moss sluggishly eating away at the surface of the wood. Countless leafy branches run like viridian veins above, beside, and beneath you, their sturdy foms serving as eager hosts to tendrils of curling vines. Some large pegs holding colorful items protrude at odd angles from a low-hanging bough. A faint scent of decaying organic matter reaches your nose.
Obvious exits: southeast, west

On the large pegs you see:

a short strand of rainbow-colored beads Worry stone bracelets wrist-worn 25000
a thick vaalorn wristlet inset with numerous minuscule gemstones
a mithril wristband hung with miniature rune-scribed beads
a quintet of smooth stones secured with leather laces
a shiny silver wristband dangling a chain of tiny grey stones
gleaming silver-linked bracelet
a bead-strung leather wristcuff
a set of polished beaded white bangles
a long strand of black and white beads
a single iron manacle with obsidian-set links
a wooden bracelet set with tiny rune-carved stones

In the abandoned bird's nest you see:

a flattened yellow petal
(202) Spirit Shield
(211) Bravery
(304) Bless Item
(305) Preservation
Scrolls 39500
a large dried out dull black petal
(107) Spirit Warding II
(204) Unpresence
(304) Bless Item
(603) Foraging
a dried out moss-covered leaf
(502) Chromatic Circle
(602) Resist Elements
(611) Mass Colors
a large flattened green petal
(1701) Arcane Decoy
(1708) Mystic Impedance
(1711) Mystic Focus


Fretting Niche (no items)

[The Fretting Frond, Niche]
The dense leaf-shrouded and vine-entangled branches surrounding this side of the platform create a near-spherical space of respite within the tree. A sturdy frond-woven hammock tied between two thick boughs swings lazily to and fro with each passing breeze. In one corner, a small glass jar hanging from a nearly invisible wire swirls with tiny yellow motes of light.
Obvious exits: northwest
Thank you for visiting my shop!
I'll stop by to alter the appearance of the fidget rings and worry stone bracelets for sale in here!
If you have a moment, kindly feed the birds.