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Pirate bandanas offer the wearer an opportunity to customize up to four separate hair alters when worn and are flexible with the noun to be nearly any head-worn item.


The creator has also provided the following information:

The bandana has two custom feature settings.  It can have two more.

When adding custom feature settings, it will be just like altering your hair quirk (or unique line if you're bald).  An example would be:

  tucked under a fraying black leather bandana, which is tightly knotted in the back.
  She has a fraying black leather bandana covering her bald head.
  with a fraying black leather bandana placed at the crown of her head.
  She has a fraying black leather bandana placed at the crown of her bald head.

Please note, that if you have the custom settings made for someone bald, it won't look right for someone with hair, and vice versa.  You also can't wear this with another hair quirk/unique field altering item to change your features.  This item isn't limited to just bandana-type items, it can also be a crown, tiara, visored helm, or something similar.

  Custom feature 1: haphazardly caught beneath a fraying black leather bandana with a few scattered wisps throughout
  Custom feature 2: tucked beneath a fraying black leather bandana with a thick fringe hanging free to cover one of her eyes
  Custom feature 3: None.
  Custom feature 4: None.


Style First Third
NOTE: Messaging dependant on final item type.
WEAR You reach up and wrap the black leather bandana around your head and tie it securely in place. XXX reaches up and wraps the black leather bandana around her head and ties it securely in place.
You reach up and place the linen bandage on your head. XXX reaches up and places the linen bandage on her head.
REMOVE You untie the black leather bandana and remove it. XXX unties a fraying black leather bandana and removes it.
You take the linen bandage off your head. XXX takes a layered linen bandage off her head.
RUB You tuck a stray piece of hair back under your black leather bandana. XXX tucks a stray piece of hair back under her black leather bandana.
You reach up and readjust your linen bandage. XXX reaches up and readjusts her linen bandage.
PULL Grabbing the loose ends of your black leather bandana, you tighten the knot. Grabbing the loose ends of her black leather bandana, XXX tightens the knot.
Tilting your linen bandage, you adjust the bandage to be more comfortable on your head. Tilting the linen bandage, XXX adjusts the bandage on her head.
No custom settings
You tug on your bandage for a moment. XXX tugs on her bandage for a moment.
Custom Settings
You adjust the bandana to your second stylish look. XXX adjusts how her bandana can be worn.
Cycles through different styles.

Additional Information

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Pirate bandana Information
Type Fluff
Feature altering
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Headworn
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Feature(s) Altered Hair quirk
Unique line (bald only)
Customizable Yes
Custom Hair settings