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Ring chains allow one to slip rings and keys onto a chain for storage purposes. Unlike gold ring holders or Lock Mastery keyrings, the items cannot be used while on the chain. Items worn on the wrist, arms, ankle, or hung from the belt can hold up to 14 rings and keys. Items worn around the waist or around the neck can hold up to 19 keys and rings.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This necklace may be altered with a long description or a showy description.  It must remain a chain or string of some kind, small enough that you could slide rings and keys onto it.

You can add rings or keys by PUTting or DROPping them onto the necklace, and retrieve them again by GETting them or PULLing the necklace.

It cannot be deepened.


This is only a sampling of the messaging. The messaging varies depending on where the chain is worn, whether there are any keys or rings strung from it, and how many keys and rings there are.

Verb First Third
WEAR You slip a vultite necklace over your head and settle the necklace around your neck. XXX slips a vultite necklace over her head and settles the necklace around her neck.
REMOVE As you unfasten a vultite necklace and remove the necklace from your neck, the single ring dangling from the necklace sways gently. As XXX unfastens a vultite necklace and removes the necklace from her neck, the single ring dangling from the necklace sways gently.
PUT You unfasten a vultite necklace briefly to slide a gold ring onto it. XXX slides a gold ring onto her vultite necklace.
GET You remove a gold ring from on your vultite necklace. XXX removes a gold ring from on her vultite necklace.
PULL You unfasten your vultite necklace long enough to slide off a gold ring. XXX unfastens her vultite necklace long enough to remove a gold ring.
Ring chain Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Neckworn
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Restrictions Must remain a small chain or string.
Long OR show.