Sea-horned goat

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The sea-horned goat is a type of rolton which is raised for its hide, wool, and milk.

Considered endangered and possibly extinct for over a hundred years, the sea-horned goat has recently made a reappearance in the last decade, quickly becoming one of the most populated creatures within the Gattrof Mountains. It acquired its name by herders because of its gnarled, knobby horns that resemble both the configuration and color of seashells, making them almost out of place in the land-locked, hot hills of Aldora. They are aggressive and have been known to attack travelers who move about alone. Their coat ranges from light to dark browns and has become popular throughout the Turamzzyrian Empire for producing a light, airy wool that holds dye well. In addition, their skin, often shortened to seagoat hide (or seagoat leather/suede), is used frequently in the southern regions for creating all manner of gloves, boots, and rugs.

The sea-horned goat's pelt called seagoat hide.

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