Shimmarglin Inn

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Shimmarglin Inn is a food shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located on Shimmarglin Court in the eastern part of the city. Visitors can CHECK IN at the front desk. Private tables are found in the tavern. The upper floor has bedrooms and a small non-denominational chapel.

[Shimmarglin Inn, Lobby]
Imbued with a sense of great age, the interior of the Shimmarglin Inn is both dim and chill. A thick crimson rug flows across the stone floor, its bright rectangular expanse contrasting against the dark marble flagstones. A pair of lancet-shaped windows frame the silver-inlaid oak doors leading to the outside, their segmented panes casting a pale, filtered light across the scarlet floor. The entire room feels calm and serene, sensations more akin to a library than a public inn.


  1. a glass of water                    9. a seasoned breast of turkey
  2. a glass of iced lemonade            10. a platter of thin-sliced venison
  3. a mug of fragrant green tea         11. a layered pastry bar
  4. a wedge of Double Gyldemar cheese   12. a honey-glazed wheat pastry
  5. some walnut bread                   13. a flagon of honey mead
  6. a lightly buttered yam              14. a tankard of honey amber ale
  7. a bowl of vegetable bisque          15. a glass of sweet berry wine
  8. a seasoned breast of quail

NOTE: Dark elves are not allowed in the Shimmarglin Inn. A dark elf's attempt to enter will only result in the doorkeeper expressing his loathing for their race. Conversely, he will be extraordinarily polite if a member of one of the five remaining elven Houses wants to enter.