Stonebiter's Gemporium

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Stonebiter's Gemporium is the jewelry shop in Northern Caravansary. It is located up the steps west of the Caravansary entry gate. The room north of the entrance serves as the gemshop, and the jewelry store is to the east of that. The dwarf-cut rubies are commonly used for deed gems.

[Stonebiter's Gemporium]
A steel-framed display case with clear glaes panes takes up most of this small room. Within it, pieces of jewelry and unmounted gems lie strikingly displayed on a bed of black velvet. You also see the gem seller Krimstahl and a wooden sign.


Welcome to Stonebiter's Gemporium!

Gem seller Krimstahl offers his catalog to browse.
Krimstahl exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a sapphire ring             8. a red gold wedding band
  2. an emerald ring             9. a single gold earring
  3. an opal ring                10. a leopard cowry necklace
  4. a ruby ring                 11. some leopard cowry earrings
  5. a gold engagement ring      12. a strand of pink pearls
  6. a diamond engagement ring   13. a pair of pink pearl earrings
  7. a white gold wedding band   14. a dwarf-cut ruby

  Backroom Catalog
  The backroom of this shop has no merchandise.