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Tidbits discovered and / or GM confirmed:

From Discord - a brief exchange on enchanting difficulties for armor with both crit and dmg padding

Estild 8/31/2019 at 11:12 PM (on #mechanics)
It's the former, Kragdruk.  diffculty(dmg CER) + difficulty(crit CER)

Gem-eating runestaff

The gem-eating runestaff doesn't give any indication that it's not enchantable under the new system. It does appear to be a high level of difficulty; in a workshop, with enhancives, and a wizard that has 127 wizard ranks post-cap, the best possible outcome was: You sense that the lor runestaff bears a natural enchantment and that you are more likely than not to succeed on your enchantment, but you will need some luck.

Comparatively, veil iron - a metal known not to be enchantable - gives the message "seems to resist your magic!".

Does anyone have any data that would contradict with removing this item from the "Not enchantable" table?

Equation for enchanting bonus

Wizard Level + Wizard spell ranks up to level*2 + Wizard spell ranks above level*1 + LOG bonus + INT Bonus + Arcane Symbols Ranks/10 + Magic Item Use Ranks/10 + Elemental Manna Control Ranks/2 + 25 having a familiar with you + 50 being in private house workshop

Sovyn's public workshop provide less bonus, unsure how much.

quote from Whirlin during Mentor mashup:

Whirlin says, "While level is considered 100, 1x spells is considered 101."
Whirlin says, "So 101 ranks of Wiz [at level 100] for example gives 202 bonus."

ARCHYVER (talk) 19:28, 14 December 2021 (CST)