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Updates and Suggestions to the Arianiss Map

I created this map in a way that should make it easy to update. Please contact me for adding/removing rooms. Also, if anyone has suggestions, please let me know those too. Thank you! WINTERDAWN (talk) 21:36, 9 June 2022 (CDT)

OSA Ocean Issues

(this is also being used for a bug report and so some issues will be relatively minor)

  • There "appears to be" a discrepancy between the official Elanith map and the OSA map. The OSA map has Caligos Isle in a position that "appears to be" where the ruins of Ta'Ashrim are per the Elanith map. I quote "appears to be" because, while the OSA map lines up with the curves of Elanith, this is all player speculation until we get EN ports and see how the OSA map interacts with the Elanith map.
  • The travel captain OCEAN conversation has inaccurate information.

OSA Ocean Issues Explanation

So in July of 2020 an initial map was uploaded. In September of 2020 changes were made and in November of 2020 a new map was released. However, some of the old information remains with the ship map and dock handler. Further, I don't believe the travel captain was revisited to update the OCEAN conversation as many points in that no longer make sense (although they do under the July 2020 map).

Timeline of Changes

  • September of 2023: Ta'Nalfein port added
  • January of 2023: Brisker's Cove port added
  • December of 2022: Icemule port (and overland trail) added
  • September of 2022: Ta'Vaalor port (and overland trail) added