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Race Half-Elf
Culture Half-Sylvan
Class empath
Profession mayor
Religion Zelian
Affiliation(s) White Haven, Order of Voln, The Witching Hour
Greatest Weakness food
Hobbies eating, naps, snow, bones, divination, brawling, stowing food for winter
Likes tea, snacks, cake, more snacks


You see Mayor Tawariell Driresh the Luminary of Icemule Trace.
She appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
She is of a middling height. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has expressive, feathery-lashed pale spring-green eyes and youthful, apricot-kissed creamy skin. She has copper-streaked, carnelian-hued hair tumbling carefree past her hips in frizzing waves. She has a pair of tucked sylvan ears offsetting her subtly rounded face, a liberal smattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose and a discolored birthmark under her collarbone resembling a mottled oak leaf, just under a barbed scar crossing the length of the collarbone. She boasts a thick, curvy frame enhanced by mild muscle that belies her otherwise elven appearance.
She has a trio of rainbow moonstone hoops fringed by thin silver chains in the ridges of both her ears, a tattoo of a whimsical spiral of pastel crescent moons on her ear, a colorful bird tattoo on her neck, a silvery fog-swirled thunderstone ring in her left nostril, a hand-carved antler pipe clenched between her teeth, a heart shaped cupcake tattoo on her bicep, an extremely rotund panda tattoo on her wrist, a length of honeysuckle tattoo on her leg, and a frozen heart tattoo on her ankle.
A ring of icy orbs encircles her hands.
She is wearing a silver crescent moon pendant, a pale silvery spidersilk duster, a white-veined pale purple moonflower, a scorched sheepskin rucksack cinched by frayed pastel ribbon ties, some niveous bloodspattered leathers, a glaes charm bracelet, and some pale silver spidersilk high-heeled boots buckled with balenite.