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This template was created for use with creatures that are summoned by other creatures only. It works similar to the creature start2 template, with the addition of which creature is the one performing the summons.

Summoned creature
Level {{{level}}}
Family [[{{{family}}} family creatures]]
Body Type [[{{{type}}}]]
Area(s) Found
BCS {{{bcs}}}
HP {{{hitpoints}}}
Speed {{{roundtime}}}
Summoned by [[{{{master}}}]]


Please utilize the code below via copy and paste for use on summoned creatures pages. Text within will not appear on the page; these notes are hidden instructions and should be left in the pages to inform future editors.

{{Summoned creature
| picture =  
| level =  <!-- This will also be used at the end of the page in the Near level creature template -->
| family =  <!-- Add creature to family page subcategory/list, which will be linked on preview/save -->
| type =  <!-- Creature body type -->
| otherclass = <!-- Other classification limited to corporeal undead, non-corporeal undead, elemental, extra planar, magical; insert otherclass2= for 2nd classification (up to 3) -->
| area =  <!-- For multiple areas, add area2, area3, area4 (through 8) fields if needed -->
| bcs = Yes <!-- All new creatures are BCS -->
| hitpoints = 
| roundtime = <!-- Creature speed -->
| master - <!-- Which creature summoned this one -->