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From the Desk of Talliver Dabbings

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2402
Date: 08/17/2020 02:58 AM EDT
Subject: From the Desk of Talliver Dabbings

People of Icemule Trace,

This previous week has been a difficult one. Like many of you, I was rocked by the revelation that Ellerel Barrowfoot, whose advice I had come to treasure, was revealed to be a lich of the Council of Ten. Master Barrowfoot, who insists on using his current name, was taken peacefully into custody this evening and has been brought to a secure location. Barrowfoot continues to insist that he holds Icemule Trace no ill will, and appears to be in full cooperation with our inquiry.

I hereby request that the Town Council convene this week to discuss his fate.

On a more positive note, I wish to convey my great thanks to the adventurers who aided Abbess Mellian, formerly of the Temple of Hope, and her recovered sisters. This evening, a small force of Town Guard members joined her on a foray into the ruins of the abbey. I'm pleased to report that their mission was successful, and that the abbey's perimeter has been secured. I have established a small fund to assist the abbess in the restoration of the property.

Please be advised that the unstable rift resulting from Mellian's initial attempt to breach into the abbey is still a danger. We will be working with Mellian and her sisters to seal it and better contain the evil there.

Talliver Dabbings Mayor of Icemule Trace


Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2405
Date: 08/21/2020 08:12 PM EDT
Subject: Re: From the Desk of Talliver Dabbings

Mayor Dabbings:

The Icemule Town Council is ready to convene at a time of your earliest convenience, and we await a missive with these details.

-Kobane Tiravellian

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2407
Date: 08/29/2020 12:43 AM EDT
Subject: Re: From the Desk of Talliver Dabbings


My apologies. This has been a difficult week, for reasons I would feel more comfortable discussing in person. Would the Council be amenable to a public meeting this coming Volnes? Let us say 8:30PM by the Elven Standard.

Respectfully Yours,

Mayor Talliver Dabbings

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2408
Date: 08/30/2020 03:31 PM EDT
Subject: Re: From the Desk of Talliver Dabbings

Mayor Talliver Dabbings:

I have run this by the Council, and we will meet this Volnes at 8:30pm as the Elves see time. Hope all is well in your world, you are missed.

-Kobane Tiravellian

OOC Summary Mule Monday 9/7

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2424
Author: ELPHIA13
Date: 09/07/2020 10:06 PM EDT
Subject: OOC Summary Mule Monday 9/7

This week we were treated to an invasion from zombies, bats, and I'm not sure if there was other stuff. It got a bit chaotic. They originally came from the west and attacked the west gate, but it seems there were some at the east gate eventually too. Arnabas/Zeban came to TC and sat on the statue to talk to us a bit after it was finally over. He said that names weren't important, just "The Great Work". He would not elaborate on what that work was. He said though that we have helped immensely by clearing the chaff. He also commented that the invasion gave him a good look at our abilities and strategies and that although his children were hungry, it was not time yet.

Several of us sat and spoke about what had happened. Roelon mentioned that with multiple threats, now it is even more important that we call on possible allies. Kittai and Kobane both said they didn't know if any followup had happened about the ice giants and krolvins. Elphie spoke to Dayzed and he said the council would meet and discuss it and then get back to us! It was also discussed that it might be time to speak to Barrowfoot.

And that is your quick and dirty summary of Mule Monday!

Icemule Abbey Caravans

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2431
Date: 09/16/2020 11:19 PM EDT
Subject: Icemule Abbey Caravans

Caravans are now available from the rebuilt Abbey outside of Icemule Trace!

For a small price, you can hitch a ride to Wehnimer's Landing or Pinefar if you'd like to save yourself a walk.

Rumor has it that the caravan master is avidly looking for new places to travel. Dun dun dunnn.


Barrowfoot, Visions, Giants, Tablets, and Refugees

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2441
Author: ELPHIA13
Date: 09/30/2020 11:32 PM EDT
Subject: Barrowfoot, Visions, Giants, Tablets, and Refugees

(OOC disclaimer: I have cut out a lot to try to keep this more manageable. Please don't be offended if some of your remarks weren't included)


Barrowfoot's Brief History


Ellerel says, "A very long time ago, as halflings reckon time, this land was visited by a stranger from afar. He, in his infinite hatred, rage, and zeal, left a pall over this land. Surely you've noticed. The dead don't stay dead, curses fall upon farms and abbeys and old holdfasts here. And this is His work. The work of Amasalen."

Kadya scowls and spits into her hand at the sound of the word.

Teaberry asks, "Why was he so mad at the town?" Speaking to Teaberry, Ellerel says, "None can rightly say. The town is but a mote of dust in the eye of an elf, much less one made immortal."

Ellerel thoughtfully says, "I suspect, though, that Amasalen's hatred for this place predates its current inhabitants."

Ellerel says, "Among my things...And I know you've been reading them. There is a tale that says that Amasalen faced his greatest defeat and humiliation here... at the hands of the Serpent."

Elphieya quietly asks, "Luukos?"

Ellerel says, "Just so. The Lords of Lornon do not ally with each other out of a spirit of kinship. Take it from someone who long worshipped the God of Blood. He serves, but not willingly. If he had the power or the chance to dethrone the Serpent, he would do so." Ellerel smirks faintly. The expression is lopsided, as if it is made for another man's face.

Teaberry asks, "I have to ask--why did you worship him? He sounds kind of spiteful."

Speaking to Teaberry, Ellerel says, "I was lured into it."

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane whispers aloud, "That body jes' don't fit yah right."

Ellerel says, "Gavrail, our leader, was a wise woman of the Paradis. She sought us out, singled us out. Those of us who were discontented with Icemule Trace in its early days. Young and foolish and full of anger." Talliver folds his arms over his chest. Ellerel says, "She dangled mysteries over us. Tricks and spells the village mages wouldn't teach us. And by the time that we knew the dark lord to whom we had sworn ourselves, we had walked--no, ran--down the path to damnation." Ellerel gives a self-deprecating chuckle.

Speaking to Ellerel, Nerric says, "Where some lead, others must follow. But you made your choice to go headlong."

Astari nonchalantly says, "If you are already headed that direction may as well enjoy the walk."

Nemt asks, "Is that attraction or pull towards power, one of the reasons you ran for Mayor?"

Speaking to Nemt, Ellerel says, "To the contrary, I wanted to do what was best for Icemule Trace. ...but also, I wanted the people behind me so that I could raid the Den of Rot and secure the Death Tablet."

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane asks, "Why did yah want th'Death Tablet?"

Speaking deeply to Kobane, Roelon says, "Ah been ponderin' that mahself."

Ellerel says, "I wanted power. Incredible power. The two work in concert."

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Elphieya asks, "It is said to offer a way to defeat death, yes? you would not be bound and limited by that body?"

Nemt says, "This might be an unpopular opinion but I did vote for you. I was quite intrigued by your call to back magic so strongly."

Ellerel gives a nod, then winces at how moving tugs at his shackles.

Roelon deeply says, "Seekin' great power is what got ye in that mess to start with. Foolish to try again."

Ellerel says, "Ideally, I could have found both tablets."

Jiarine asks, "Is the tablet within the Den of Rot?"

Speaking to Jiarine, Ellerel says, "No, you ninnies allowed it to be stolen."

Ellerel says, "I should let you know, the Blood God's shadow stretches far afield from this place. When we were in our imprisonment, and the dark woman came to show us the rites to make ourselves immortal..."

Teaberry asks, "What dark woman?"

Speaking to Teaberry, Ellerel says, "Her name was Yfa. She, at least, had the good grace to stay dead and burned."

Ellerel says, "For just a time, I saw the fabric of Amasalen's vile mind. I saw that Amasalen's designs stretched far from here. Far to the north, across long snows."

Speaking to Kadya, Ellerel asks, "Tell them what you read for me in your cards and smokes, why don't you?"

Kadya glances between Ellerel and Talliver. Kadya presses her lips into a thin line. Talliver gives an authoritative nod.


Kadya's Vision


Kadya distantly says, "I saw a land of giants, cold and grim. Forebears of all giantkind. A single word: gigas." Kadya's eyes grow even more distant. "I see an army that is a single man. Dark lands beneath a ribbon of light. They wake to the call of blood."

Kadya stares off into the distance, lost in thought, and several of the wards go out. Talliver snaps his fingers at Kadya. Kadya startles and begins chanting once more. The wards slowly begin glowing again. Talliver shivers. Kadya continues chanting, and the pall of antimagic in the area strengthens further.


The Vast North


Ellerel says, "At any rate, I believe that Zeban's eyes are turned northward. If he were truly interested in harming Icemule Trace alone, he would have done it by now. I was very young back then, but I seem to recall that Gavrail convinced some of the other settlers to continue on northward. Some of them stopped at Pinefar, of course. But others... who can say how far they made it, and what they found on the other side of the Long Snow?"

Speaking annoyedly to Ellerel, Talliver says, "There is nothing north of the Long Snow."

Ellerel shrugs, a surprisingly eloquent gesture given his restraints.

Speaking to Talliver, Joskin says, "We thought there was nothing at the top of the mountain for a long time."

Roelon deeply says, "Perhaps it deserves another exploration.."

Talliver says, "The Guard has sent scouts into the Long Snow before, but none recently."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane says, "Perhaps is time t'send some again."

Talliver says, "It's a vast wasteland. No food, no vegetation. The only living things are the great old ice elementals, some as large as cities."

Speaking deeply to Talliver, Dayzed says, "Maybe a small hamlet, but not a city."

Speaking firmly to Dayzed, Talliver says, "I've read the reports. Although... it does seem unlikely."

Roelon deeply says, "There may be other ways to transverse the long snow."

Escanor deeply says, "Perhaps there is something they've missed."

Talliver grumpily says, "It doesn't change the fact that there's nothing on the other side."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane says, "We don' know that, if no one ever comes back."

Speaking deeply to Talliver, Escanor asks, "How can you say for certain theres nothing on the other side?"

Speaking melodically to Talliver, Gespry says, "Nothing that you've been able to verify. Nothing by itself, has been often proven incorrect."

Talliver says, "We would have heard something if halflings had made the voyage."

Speaking to Talliver, Ellerel asks, "Have you forgotten our frozen friend with the strange armor?"

Speaking deeply to Talliver, Roelon says, "Perhaps any halfings that made it believe there is nothing left on this side."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Elphieya says, "It's possible they did and because it was such a rough journey, to send back word would have been foolish and a waste of life. So they just built and settled there."

Jiarine says, "He was not local with strange armor."

Talliver says, "That's very little to go on. The idea that there are some... ancient giants out there, that seems the work of fancy and fiction."

Speaking reasonably to Talliver, Elphieya says, "We live day in and day out and see things that are unexplainable. To dismiss things as fancy and fiction is short sighted."

Speaking deeply to Talliver, Escanor says, "Its time to explore the vast unkown agin."

Ellerel sagely says, "We've already one such creature. Not here, of course, but I've always had trouble confining my eye to dear old Icemule." Ellerel mildly says, "When Kadya did her reading for me, I took to the history books to find a creature that was as she described. I did find one such example, but far more recent than I expected for such an ancient race."

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane asks, "Could that one man be Zeban?"

Speaking to Kobane, Ellerel says, "Hardly. But we do love our Zs. They called him Zerroth the Berserker. He was defeated over a decade ago, but the mystery around him was what got me thinking. Where does a man that immense come from, and... where did he go?"

Speaking to Ellerel, Talliver says, "That's still poor proof of a hidden race of giants."

Ellerel petulantly says, "Well, you're the one who won't let me have my books."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Elphieya says, "Perhaps not enough to be proof. But it does seem that all the things taken together as a collection of evidence at least points to the possibility of it being true."

Roelon deeply says, "It deserves consideration at the least."

Teaberry asks, "Who was Zerroth, anyway?"

Speaking deeply to Teaberry, Dayzed says, "A V'tullian in the Dark Alliance."

Teaberry says, "I never heard of the Dark Alliance. I guess it was a long time ago."

Talliver says, "I feel like we have too few pieces of a puzzle."

Joskin says, "Puzzles are better when we work together."

Speaking quietly to Joskin, Kobane says, "An' when we search fer more pieces."

Speaking melodically to Talliver, Gespry says, "Might want to make sure your working on the correct puzzle. some pieces, might belong to something else altogether."

Astari suggests, "Perhaps Kadya could go over his books to make sure they are harmless and he could garner more for us?"

Kadya responds, with a gleam in her eye, "I'd be delighted."

Jiarine says, "Someone should stay with her too. Just in case. While doing more research."


The Tablet and False Security


Ellerel says, "The Tablet, then. The remaining one."

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane says, "Perhaps that Gate hasn't revealed itself yet."

Kobane nods once at Ellerel.

Speaking to Kobane, Ellerel says, "That's quite clever. It could be..." Ellerel trails off.

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane coaxes, "Go on..."

Azanoth says, "Go on..."

Speaking deeply to Ellerel, Roelon says, "Could be what, Barrowfoot..."

Ellerel says, "It seems to me that if the Tablet of Death brings death unending, the Tablet of Life might be recognized by the opposite--life that cannot be stopped. There is a shrine, not far from here, where an effigy bleeds an unending flow of blood. But I've searched the place from top to bottom. The Tablet is not there."

Escanor deeply says, "Often things hidden behind any religion require a offering or sacrafice to reveal what is to be hidden by those whom are not devout."

Jiarine asks, "Where?"

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane asks, "Past th'rolaren gate?"

Ellerel says, "Forgive me when I say I literally cannot tell you. There are some oaths that cannot be broken, at least not by me." Talliver frowns at Ellerel.

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane accuses, "Ah thought yer loyalties were t'Icemule Trace?"

Speaking to Kobane, Ellerel says, "My loyalties remain to Icemule Trace. But there old magics upon this soul. Indelible magics. I swore never to betray the secrets of the Father of Blood, and it is a commandment I have no power to break."

Teaberry says, "Maybe Amasalen picked it up." (speaking of the tablet)

Speaking to Teaberry, Ellerel says, "If He created them, then the fact that they are in mortal hands suggests one of three possibilities: The first is that they were stolen. The second, that he cast them aside for reasons unknown. And the third... perhaps they are precisely where he wants them to be."

Nemt asks, "Is there someone else that you could disclose to us, that might be able to reveal more about the Shrine?"

Ellerel says, "I fear that I cannot."

Speaking quickly to Talliver, Kadya asks, "The books?"

Speaking to Kadya, Talliver says, "Another time. My comfort with magicians is... low at this time."

Azanoth says, "Surely this man's good faith has earned him some small amount of comfort."

Ellerel leans back in his chair, looking remarkably comfortable. Ellerel asks, "These?" Ellerel tugs free of the restraints. They snap with a screech of metal. Ellerel folds his arms over his chest, looking docile as a newborn calf.

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Ellerel says, "I told you that I was cooperating in good faith."

Nemt says, "Yes not shocked he could so easily remove those."

Speaking amusedly to Kadya, Ellerel says, "And, my dear, please do not presume to think you're my equal." Ellerel snaps his fingers, and with a crackle of energy, the wards in the area go out, one and all.

Speaking calmly to Ellerel, Elphieya says, "You had a chance to not be "captured" but you chose to stay. That has been clear from the start."

Talliver lets his hand hover over his scabbard.

Nemt asks, "Why the smoke and mirrors about your true power?"

Elphieya quietly says, "I don't think there are many if any of us standing here who believed he was being held against his will."

Ellerel says, "Zeban is stronger than I am. Always has it been so. I wasn't falsifying how difficult it was to hold him back."


Barrowfoot's Goal


Speaking curiously to Ellerel, Elphieya says, "Are we your meat shield currently? Better to be here with us and work together and bide your time? I mean, you have never said your ultimate goal has changed. You have said you care about Icemule but you do still want the power and tablets I am sure."

Teaberry says, "What he thinks is best for Icemule and what we think is best may not coincide..."

Gespry melodically says, "Haven Zeban with the tablet or tablets is NOt in Icemules best intrest."

Ellerel says, "If the Tablets are safely recovered, I would appreciate the chance to build myself a new body. A younger, healthier body with more years left. And then, I will live out its natural span. But I do not trust myself to hold both. I do not trust anyone to hold both."

Speaking to Ellerel, Teaberry asks, "Why don't you just live out your natural span now?"

Speaking sincerely to Teaberry, Ellerel says, "Because, if you knew what awaited my soul on the other side of the'd want more time, too."

Speaking to Ellerel, Nerric asks, "And you expect you'll be able to avoid that fate once you've broken with your lord?"

Ellerel tensely says, "If you knew what was required of a man to become a lich, you would question me so."

Escanor deeply asks, "Exactly what kind of life span are we talking?"

Ellerel says, "Once, it was forced upon me."

Astari says, "It isn't avoidable. More about prolonging."

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane asks, "An' if yah got ah new body, would it be ah Truefolk body?"

Speaking to Kobane, Ellerel says, "Oh, for certain. Besides, given another life, perhaps I could find a way to redeem myself. Have one of those grand heroic sacrifices so many of the Dabbings family have had." Ellerel pointedly looks at Talliver. Talliver stares right back. Talliver's entire body tenses as he clenches his fist.

Speaking quietly to Ellerel, Kobane says, "Yah don' need another life t'find redemption, yah could be doin' that now."

Speaking deeply to Kobane, Escanor says, "Perhaps he wants to start a family to keep his line going."

Speaking to Kobane, Nerric asks, "Is there redemption from the horror of stealing a body, and i would assume the life that previously resided within?"

Speaking quietly to Kobane, Elphieya asks, "But if he were able to work with us to stop Zeban and all that is going on, would granting a halfling life and a chance to right some wrongs be the worst thing?"

Gespry melodically says, "Life, like decisions are not always black and white. Within the grey, there is always compromise. Do not be hasty in deciding what the greater good, should be without examining all options."

Ellerel says, "At any rate, this has been a pleasant talk." Speaking to Kadya, Ellerel says, "I'll be going to attend my books, now. If you need me, I'll be at the Barrowfoot manse." Ellerel snaps his fingers. Blackness swirls around him, collapsing in upon itself. When it clears, Ellerel is gone.

Talliver shudders.

Speaking to Talliver, Kadya asks, "I am still getting paid, yes?" Talliver blinks at Kadya. Speaking hastily to Talliver, Kadya says, "I'll bring the bill to your office."

Kadya just went out.

Talliver harshly says, "Sometimes, the illusion of control is worse than the real thing."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane asks, "So what's our next step, Mayor?"

Speaking to Kobane, Talliver says, "The giants, I think."


Krolvin Refugees


Kobane offers Jiarine an Icemule promissory note.

Speaking quietly to Jiarine, Kobane says, "Yah can give that t'Talliver yahself now."

Speaking to Talliver, Azanoth asks, "How are the refugees doing?"

Conrash heartily exclaims, "Oh yes, the refugees!"

Kobane offers Talliver an Icemule promissory note.

Speaking to Azanoth, Talliver says, "They have been... challenging to deal with."

Talliver accepts Kobane's promissory note. Talliver raises an eyebrow.

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane says, "From Jiarine."

Jiarine explains, "I made a minor donation."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane says, "Fer th'upkeep of our refugees."

Jiarine says, "They will need a flea bath first."

Speaking to Jiarine, Talliver says, "Very kind of you."

Talliver says, "There's significant sentiment against letting the half-krolvin shelter within the gates. I suspect some of it is being whipped up by the Wineberries."

Speaking to Talliver, Azanoth says, "Nonetheless... it is good to extend kindness to those in trouble."

Speaking quietly to Nerric, Elphieya says, "To be honest, I'm not sure the refugees would feel comfortable in the city either. It took a lot to convince them to take the tents."

Teaberry says, "Say I saw the encampment today. It looks small and miserable. I felt sorry for them."

Nerric sighs.

Speaking deeply to Elphieya, Roelon says, "They seem content enough in the tents outside fir now."

Elphieya quietly says, "But we can try to work to make things better for them."

Speaking to Elphieya, Nerric says, "I for one would appreciate that."

Conrash heartily asks, "Are these encampments somethin' we can afford? Perhaps somethin' we can raise a budget fer?"

Azanoth says, "If it is a matter of money... I can be of assistance."

Speaking quietly to Teaberry, Kobane says, "They're safer than they were out in th'frozen wastes."

Roelon deeply says, "Perhaps ah meetin' with that woman, to see if they need more aid."

Jiarine pointedly asks, "I made a donation and I am sure every one of you are able to do the same. For your town, yes?"

Teaberry says, "I don't doubt that, Kobane. But I still felt bad. So close to walls and heat, and so far."

Talliver nods at Jiarine.

Speaking to Jiarine, Azanoth says, "It is not my town - but the cause is just."

Speaking melodically to Nerric, Gespry says, "A lone person, can be seen as an individual, and judged by his or her merits. However as a group, the refugee's are put to a different standard. and Like Talliver has said, certain groups, have a..umm..different view of large groups of people taller then themselves."

Jiarine says, "Nor is this MY town. Far from it."

Talliver says, "The Dabbings family will contribute a million silvers toward feeding and treating the half-krolvin."

Talliver flatly says, "They eat a lot."

Nerric says, "Hunger comes to us all."

Kobane offers Talliver an Icemule promissory note.

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane says, "Ah'll donate ah million m'self, as well."

Talliver accepts Kobane's promissory note.

Roelon deeply says, "Perhaps we kin set somethin' up fir people to make donations..."

Teaberry offers Talliver an Icemule promissory note.

Speaking to Talliver, Nerric says, "If there things that can be done to help my kin aside from providing food, I would be interested to know. Life outside the walls can be.. .. a challenge."

Talliver accepts Teaberry's promissory note.

Azanoth offers Talliver a Mist Harbor promissory note.

Talliver accepts Azanoth's promissory note.

Talliver says, "I think it's only fair that we try to keep them in comfort."

Talliver put an Icemule promissory note in his pale blue doublet.

Elphieya offers her promissory note to Talliver

Roelon deeply says, "Ah will match the others as well."

Talliver put an Icemule promissory note in his pale blue doublet.

Speaking melodically to Talliver, Gespry says, "Sounds fair, and if you have need of more, either food, donations or even beds. White Haven can provide some relief."

Speaking to Talliver, Nerric says, "Should you need a go-between to assist with any .. language or societal barriers, please do let me know."

Talliver says, "Given the month of Ebon Gate is upon us...Keeping with Dabbings family tradition, I'll be spending much of the next month in observance of the dead. Every Dabbings is born and dies under a very long shadow. But I'll call for a redoubling of guard patrols. Hopefully it will be a quiet month."

Teaberry says, "I hope so, Mister Mayor."

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Kobane says, "Ah'll help coordinate th'patrols."

Talliver says, "Ladies. Gentlemen. This jail seems colder than usual, although perhaps that's just knowing that we're at the mercy of forces beyond our control." Talliver reaches up and touches one of the spent runes. Talliver gives a troubled look over his shoulder, a nod of respect, and then heads out.

Danger in Icemule Trace

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2456
Date: 11/19/2020 10:08 PM EST
Subject: Danger in Icemule Trace

The following is a copy of a missive sent by Gorga of the Swu'lin Klinast to Mayor Talliver Dabbings on Niiman, Day 19 of the Month Eoantos in the Year 5120. It is preserved as a note of public interest by determination of Clovertooth Councillor Reiphe O'Mallory.


Talliver Dabbings, Chieftain of Icemule Trace,

Peace upon you. I write seeking your ear in the wake of tonight's attack. Its perpetrator is clear: the blood-drinker who slaughtered my people at Black Shore Hold seeks to end you, and your town, and my people. For more than a moon's passing, we have sought to be your good neighbors. We have enjoyed the kindness of your charity, and for that I am grateful. My people, though, have bristled at beds of fur on the cold earth while you and yours sleep safe behind high walls. I have counseled them to be patient, for I know that we were an unexpected burden.

This evening's assault drives home a truth I have tried to conceal from myself, but cannot hide from my people. We are not safe here. My people are brave fighters with strong arms and fierce hearts, but those are as feeble as a guttering fire when the walking dead can flow over our shoddy palisade like a gnashing tide.

We can move on and wander in search of a home, as I am told your ancestors did. I think there is a better answer, and I think you know what it is.

I ask an audience of you, your circle of little chieftains, and your brave people.

Tonight, I burn our dead.

Boldly yours,

Gorga of the Swu'lin Klinast



Ancient Document Deciphered

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2459
Date: 11/30/2020 01:46 PM EST
Subject: Ancient Document Deciphered

One of the many documents recovered from the Magical Burrow cache has been translated, revealing an old tale about the origins of the spirit Amasalen.



Official Document: Origins of Amasalen

Mayor Dabbings Issues Slew of Emergency Orders

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2472
Date: 02/03/2021 03:04 AM EST
Subject: Mayor Dabbings Issues Slew of Emergency Orders

Before departing on Feastday, 30 Lormesta, on a northbound scouting mission, Mayor Talliver Dabbings signed a number of emergency orders meant to provide for Icemule Trace's welfare and defense. Among them are authorizations for improved upkeep and defensive emplacements for the town walls, two issues of growing urgency given recent attacks upon the town by the restless dead. Mayor Dabbings also authorized the reactivation of a defunct Town Guard post on Stout Street in hopes of providing a centralized hub for town defenders and triage. Contract masons and smiths are expected to begin work on the derelict post immediately. In his order, Mayor Dabbings stressed the importance of preparation for the worst in the coming days. Other orders expanded funding to the Town Guard and instituted new procedures meant to improve the militia's readiness in cases of emergency.

The Feastday Orders, announced by Councillor Reiphe O'Mallory early in the morning of 3 Fashanos by letter to the Courier, were not limited to defense. In them, the Mayor also approved a sweeping repair and reconstruction plan for Clovertooth Hall, as well as the furlough of a number of positions across city government. Explained O'Mallory, "These orders may seem sudden, but they are the culmination of months of work at Clovertooth Hall. Mayor Dabbings insisted on seeing them signed before his departure." Numerous clerks, pages, and unelected officials from across the town government will be out of work by the month's end, a measure meant to cut an extensive and costly bureaucracy that had flourished in the hall in recent years.

The Town Guard's rangers have been charged with scouring the lands to the north for an ancient artifact known only as the Tablet of Life. Mayor Dabbings, a popular figure in Icemule Trace even before his election, abruptly announced that he would join the Guard on one such ranging. Icemule Trace Town Councillors seemed shocked by the decision, but members of the Town Guard who served with Dabbings called the decision "unsurprising." Burrdock Brandybell, a guardsman who was Dabbings's subordinate for three years, said, "The Captain leads from the front; always has. I'm surprised it took him this long to join the lads and lasses in the field. Woe betide any evil that stands in his way, let me tell you."

Others were less charitable in their characterizations of Dabbings's decision. Walesca Wineberry, one of the mayor's opponents during last year's close election, released a statement saying, "Mayor Dabbings needs to learn that he is not a soldier any longer. His place is in Clovertooth Hall, not in some frozen wasteland chasing after magical trinkets."

Given the dangerous nature of the expeditions northward, which have thus far resulted in four casualties, some townsfolk remain concerned that Dabbings's haste in releasing these orders mean that he does not expect to return from his journey. When reached for comment, Councillor O'Mallory described the speculation as "preposterous" and called a temporary moratorium on Clovertooth Hall's discussions with the Courier.

Yonder Fitzbrink Coldwater Courier



Log Entry

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
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Date: 02/06/2021 04:19 AM EST
Subject: Log Entry

Within an office in Clovertooth Hall, the following official log entry is viewed:

I should have logged all this when it happened. I feel some remorse for this, things have just been so very hectic as of late. Instead of us searching for the Seer Kadya, she found us. This past Leyan, her carriage rolled into town center. I led a sizable group of people inside, and found that the interior of the carriage seemed much more spacious than outside. After explaining our needs, Kadya agreed to help put seals on the walls of the town defense... at a cost. Silvers from the town's coffers were offered, but this was not the payment she was seeking. A shrine to the Lady of Darkness, Domination, and Tyranny was her desire. Many among us balked at this idea, as a shrine to Eorgina already resides within the town temple. Desperate for any help that could be offered, the town councilors among us, myself and Dayzed, agreed to Kadya's demands. This spurred more dissent among the group gathered, but we need these seals in place or protect out beloved Icemule Trace. As an added gift, the Seer offered what she could currently view with her gift of far sight. A sigil made of wood, carved with a star inverted will lead us to our betrayer. Blood would be paid this eve. We did not know how soon that payment would be taken, and we were soon to learn. I asked Kadya if she could see how our Mayor was faring on the trail north, and she saw him huddled and freezing in the blinding snow. Is was then that we heard the howls of hounds coming from west of town. The brave young wizard, Teaberry, had fallen. Blood will be paid.

I led a group of defenders outside the gates, where spectral black dogs were running wild and attacking anything in sight. We moved around, dispatching these fell beasts as we went. Other groups of defenders zipped to and fro, also releasing these ravenous hounds. More brave young adventurers fell. Blood will be paid. The dogs had breached the gates and made their way into town. Defenders frantically raced around, dispatching the dogs as they went. I instructed the healers and clerics to fall back to Voln, as Town Center was no longer safe. Back outside the gates, we felled the last of the dogs.

Without a moment to rest, we were now assailed by more vile undead. Winged skeletal horses. More spectral dogs. The attack was unrelenting, but we stood our ground and pushed back. Rushing back trough the gates, we headed back to Town Center, where fanged ebon bats were wreaking havoc. We dispatched them with ease, but the creatures assailing us were intensifying with their toughness. Back outside of town, we were met with fleshless icy corpses, more of the horses, and even more dogs. As these enemies were defeated, that's when the demons sprang forth. Lightless black oculoths. I knew I had to dispel their magics to soften them up, and did so with haste. The demons were tough, but we eventually overcame them. We heard a horn in the distance. A feeble, desperate bray. I felt in my heart that our Mayor was in peril. More demons assailed us, but we fought on. After a long, hard battle, all the demons were finally gone.

Back a Town Center, two defeated-looking guards trudge by. They are dragging a sled with a limp form on it, headed towards Clovertooth Hall. Our Mayor had fallen in battle. I thought the worse, that he had died, but I was wrong. Bells rang from the direction of the Abbey, and we ran there as fast as we could. Mellian was there to inform us that the Mayor had received grievous wounds, but still lived. Only time would tell. She told us the before he lost consciousness, she had learn that the location of the Tablet we seek was found. A sigil that can transport us to this location was to be entrusted to the appropriate town official.

-end log Submitted by Kobane Tiravellian, Town Councilor of Icemule Trace, Feastday, 6 Fashanos, 5121.

Town Council Meeting

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Date: 02/06/2021 03:32 PM EST
Subject: Town Council Meeting

So the Town Council had a meeting.

The bulk of the discussion was thoughts on the deal with Kadya. There's definitely a strong "for" sentiment (take action now, high services demand a high price, no one else can do what Kadya claims she can do, the asking cost isn't that steep) and a strong "against" sentiment (it sets a precedence going forward with future situations like this, do we really want to upset the balance of Arkati power, do we really know Kadya, what if Eorgina comes a' calling).

Ultimately, a deal with Kadya HAS been struck and the Council feels it would be unwise to renege on that deal. There's no decision yet on HOW the deal will be fulfilled on either side. That's a future decision.

Archales suggested, for improving town defenses, freezing Brimstone gems ( ) into blocks of ice and detonating those at invaders. Archales was tasked with looking into that.

Sothog was tasked with figuring out how to clone Svardin and Roblar so we can catapult many of them into approaching armies.

Ambushed! Relic from the Ice

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Date: 02/11/2021 11:07 PM EST
Subject: Ambushed! Relic from the Ice

A summery on the events that took place on on Leyan, day 10 of the month Fashanos.


Reiphe O'Mallory the Election Coordinator arrived to Icemule TC. After some questions regarding why he hid a crumpled paper, he revealed he was given orders by the gravely injured Mayor Talliver Dabbings. Ellerel Barrowfoot was to be released and given the sigil needed to create a Portal to the Green woods in the north mountains, where the Tablet of Life is believed to be.

After some lengthy discussions, the Sigil was given to the Councilmen present, Dayzed and Kobane.

The paper is stained with old blood and was clearly wet. There is a clearly visible sigil drawn on it in a thin rivulet of dried blood. It looks sinuous and vaguely circular, with a series of jagged lines crossing it.

It was reluctantly agreed to use Ellerel to create this portal. As if summoned by his name, Ellerel arrived, was given the sigil and agreed to aid the town and adventurers in this portal.

Lead by a kilt-flipping ranger, the councilors, townsfolk and group of adventurers headed outside north gate, where Ellerel created this one-shot portal. Soon they were transported to a long expanse of snow where they faced off against Zeban’s creations; vast skeletal worms, immense fanged ebon bats, rotting mountain griffins, fleshless icy corpses and winged skeletal horses.

They battled on, moving through frozen woodlands, across icy walls and past a wall of unnatural vegetation. With fiery magic and sharp blades, the growth was removed allowing access to the woods beyond. More of these corrupted creatures tried to stop them as they push forward.

Soon they found themselves at a woodland monument…

Incongruous and ancient, a monument of silver-veined black stone stands untouched amidst the tangled sea of overgrowth. Honeyed sunlight pours through a strange aperture hanging above the platform, around which crackle threads of arcing mana. The light is warm, and the patter of melting snow fills the glade, which is aflower with multifarious blossoms that heavily perfume the air.	

The way forward was blocked. The aperture repelled any who tried to approach. More so to Ellerel, which he says is why Zeban was unable to claim the relic within yet. It was hostile to those not living.

Ellerel eventually weakened it enough for the group to enter, where they found themselves on a floating Isle.

Drifting amidst an impossible landscape, the floating island is overgrown with abundant greenery in wildly alien configurations. A languid spiral of wood, still adorned with living blossoms in silver and scarlet, has grown into the shape of a pedestal at the island's center. Dozens of other landmasses, far larger, dot the horizon. Honey-golden radiance showers down through the pastel clouds cavorting through the sky, but it seems a diffuse and sourceless glow. You also see a glowing amber aperture.

On the pedestal was the sought after stone tablet of life.

Sorlu was quick and removed the tablet.

an ancient white stone tablet.
Nonsensical arcane words are scrawled onto the surface of the tablet. They seem to shift and reshape themselves of their own volition, their movements reminiscent of unfurling vines.	

It was decided we had to rush back, before Zeban could realize they had it. But they soon found out it would not be so easy.

More of the creatures awaited them on the way back to the portal. A portal that was now barred by bloody vines. More things attacks as Ellerel tried to figure out how to open the way. Unfortunately, Arnabas found us and taunted us from the shadows

Arnabas materializes, dripping shadows that are as thick as coagulating blood.

He focused his attention on Sorlu, demanding the tablet, but he resisted and hid the best he could.

Arnabas made more threats and attacked Councilor Kobane.

Roelon drew on the moonlight of Lornon and trapped the Demilich while Erienne unleashed a searing Sun burst, burning away the rotting flesh of Arnabas.

He fled into the shadows and sent demons to attack, while he focused his attention back to Sorlu.

Ellerel pleaded with Zeban, to remember life before, trying to end this peacefully. This did not work.

Eventually, Arnabas was defeated, the final blow given by Earthdiver. The remaining demons were felled shortly after.

Arnabas body has finally given up, as it was merely the host to Zeban’s spirit.

Arnabas's flesh begins peeling away as the body beneath it rapidly surrenders to decay.

A hideous wisp of bloody mist forces itself out of the rotting jaws of Arnabas's body and drifts away on the breeze.

The vines blocking the portal crumbled, and the adventurers this moment to retreat.

It was ultimately decided Sorlu will protect the tablet. Ellerel did not trust himself with such power and there was some uncertainty with Mellian the Abbey.

Ellerel mentioned it would be sometime before Zeban would find himself another body. He reminded everyone that there was still one amongst us who is an ally to Zeban

He left, aiming to find what remains Arnabas’ corpse, to return it to the earth of home.

In the Cold

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Date: 02/11/2021 01:34 AM EST
Subject: In the Cold

It drifted over the snows. It had no flesh, and it had no name.

Arnabas. Fernotten. Zeban. Who could keep track of names? It had been through as many bodies as names. The latest of those bodies lay in the snow now, split open like an overstuffed pastry. It had liked fruit pastries, once, when it had been Zeban.

It should have learned more lessons from being Zeban. He had never been strong of arm or hardy of flesh. No, he had been bookish, more interested in reading about swordplay than practicing it. Often had he cursed the cruel fate that saw him born to stupid, simple farmers in a snowy hovel. He had hated them, from their dirty nails to their empty heads.

He had wasted almost eighteen years of his short halfling life before meeting the wise woman. He'd known of her since he was little. She was a minor celebrity around the village. His petty, jealous parents had whispered poison about her around the supper table, saying that she was dangerous, that the things she preached would bring the village to ruin some day. They blamed the growing cold on her, or said it was her evil eye that made one of the cows birth a stillborn calf. So of course he had sought her ought.

She had told him that he was special and destined for greatness. It had been a lie meant to seduce him, of course. Likely she knew that all children want to be special. Zeban had known better. He was born in the muck to the least special people there were. But he had humored her and let her think that she was weaving him into her web. The wise woman knew things, and through her, he would come to know them, too. Together, they had explored ancient tomes that their forebears had brought with them during the diaspora. They had found knowledge and power, yes. It was in those musty pages that they had first seen the Master's hand.

Gavrail was dead, now. Dead twice over. Her first death had been in the tomb. That death had been one full of purpose and intent. She had spent her last breaths offering her soul to Amasalen in exchange for the blessing of life as an everlasting lich. Gavrail's second death had been as meaningless as it was offensive. She had been brought down by a mob as angry and ignorant as the parents whose names Zeban had forgotten. They'd broken her phylactery and torn her apart.

They had broken Zeban's phylactery, too, on that terrible night. That was when it had stopped being Zeban. Its tortured spirit had been set free: free of its rotting husk, free of names. But not free of Him. The Master's cold, sibilant voice had been a constant companion through its bodiless exile. Hearing without ears was a strange thing, but through Amasalen, all things were possible. He had granted Zeban eternity, and He had certain expectations in exchange for that gift.

After the Ten had been reduced to two, the Master had mostly discarded the thing that had been Zeban. Now and then, it was given petty assignments. It had buried itself in the body of a town official here or a merchant there. Sometimes it was human, others a giantman, and it had even been other halflings. The Master's demands were often simple and beneath its considerable skills: spread lies about a devout priest of Lorminstra; kill a popular town official so that one of the faithful might be promoted in her stead. The bodies never lasted long. Its essence was too strong and left them as messy husks after a few days' time.

Then had come an assignment that was different than the others. The Master had found it a body that would last, and had whispered to it of a great work to be done. So the thing that had been Zeban had waylaid its latest form. A stupid, simple farmer. Perhaps the Master did have a sense of humor.

A blush of warmth pulled the spirit from its ruminations. It had no flesh, so it could not feel the cold of the swirling snows around it. It could drift through stone and flame and feel neither. The only warmth it could sense was the spark of the living. During its meanderings, it had felt little pinpoints of flashfire here and there, but this was a veritable bonfire of life.

The halfling making her way through the snows was half-frozen. She was a pathetic thing, spare of flesh and with none of the mirth of a 'Mulewoman. She stank of sweat and unwashed flesh and the sourness of fear. The spirit did not recognize the style of clothing that she wore, or the odd bluish bones that adorned her neck. It did not care.

A scream tore free from the halfling woman's throat as the spirit closed on her. It cut off with a gurgle as the spirit forced its way down her gullet, spilling into her guts. From there, she put up barely a struggle. The spirit was stronger, smarter, and more special than she would ever be. Its tendrils unfurled down her limbs, filling her up with so much power that she might burst. They became one.

She flexed her hands. There was little feeling left in them. The gloves she wore were wet, and the cold had seeped in, marrying leather to flesh. She peeled the gloves off, wincing at first at the pain, but then reveling in the fiery agony that arced down her nerves. This body would not last long. She could already feel her essence burning too bright in its gullet, searing away the flesh from within.

She did not need it to last long. Icemule Trace was an incantation away, and what she sought was there, along with hundreds of bodies that she could wear until they wore out. Wards eons old had failed to keep the Tablet from her. Provincial halflings and their allies would prove even less of a challenge. She had never been strong of arm or hardy of flesh, but she hadn't needed to be. Her weapon was her mind, and no blade was half as keen.

"But my creations," she said suddenly, as much to the Master as to herself. "They were the work of months, and now there are so few."

Over the howl of the wind, the Master's laughter rose as if in mockery. She was still getting used to her ears, but there was something else, a pounding percussion that she could hear as much as feel. She blocked both sounds out and rifled through her thoughts. Having a brain made thinking so difficult sometimes. The woman's heart was pounding and her hands were trembling from more than just the cold. She had been terrified even before their struggle. Memories flooded her thoughts unbidden. She'd been running from something. Things. Monsters. Her thoughts were sluggish from dehydration, from cold, from privation, but the word came to her lips unbidden.


She bolted, but too late. A hand the size of a boulder closed around her, cruelly lifting her from the ground. Her new ribs cracked under the force of its grip. The giant lifted her up to a vast, filthy face with a stinking beard and pock marks that seemed as deep as potholes. She could smell the creature's ale-sour breath as it bellowed something at her in a slurring, senseless tongue.

Surprise dawned on its features as she began to laugh, her high-pitched amusement joining the Master's cold chuckling.

"Oh, very good," she said. "Very good indeed."


Thanks all who've participated in Midweek 'Mule Train so far. With tonight's wild climax to this part of the ongoing story of Icemule Trace, I settle in for a few weeks of rest while Duskruin takes the center stage.

Midweek 'Mule Train will resume once Duskruin is done and will likely continue on Wednesdays at 9:00PM ET. Although these stories will remain Icemule-centric, folks from other towns are more than welcome to participate. Players have been putting up summaries on GSWiki, but we'll have some fresh opportunities to jump on with the resumption in a few weeks.

Clovertooth Hall Announces Civic Improvements

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Message #: 2480
Date: 03/03/2021 11:18 PM EST
Subject: Clovertooth Hall Announces Civic Improvements

Clovertooth Hall is pleased to announce that a number of the civic improvements authorized by Mayor Talliver Dabbings have been completed.

The improvements, accomplished in record time, include:

  • Restoration of Clovertooth Hall, a victim of arson in 5120
  • Work on the town walls to make them less susceptible to ice buildup and more easy to navigate during crisis
  • Customer service training for some of the Ancient Burrow shopkeepers
  • Training for the Bondsman to carry messages to some of Icemule Trace's new residents

In addition, the town's residents may be more responsive to questions after a good talking-to by the mayor's staff.

Mayor Dabbings still remains in the care of the Sisters of Hope, but his condition is said to be improving.