Troll's Head

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Troll's Head is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on Troll's Way within the Orc's Nest Road Premium home neighborhood.

[Troll's Head, Barroom]
Stone walls give off a cool respite from the heat reflected off rock outside. A large boulder has been outfitted as a bar, its surface carved down into a semblance of a level counter. Stone tables are surrounded by flimsy wooden stools. Obviously, the priority in this establishment does not rest with fly-by-night furnishings fashioned from wood. A figurehead mounted above the bar appears to be the moth-eaten, stuffed head of a troll. Its dusty countenance is disgusting. You also see a bar maid.


      Item                       Price
   1. Vinegar crisps             55
   2. Pickled egg                40
   3. Troll's Head stout         75
   4. Troll's Head bitter        70
   5. Strong cider               50
   6. Lager shandy               65

If you look at the bar maid, you get the following description:

The bar maid is a heavy-set human woman, and seems to have no trouble at all carrying trayfulls of drinks. She has the cheerful rosey cheeks that come from a lifetime of taverns, and a jovial outlook to match. She is wearing a dark blouse, a plaid skirt, and a stained apron.