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Let's start a short note page that keeps track of what I'm trying to do to get Lich to run on El Capitan. Using Virtual Box to keep from having to reinstall over and over and over. . .

Base OS 10.11 install Update to 10.11.3 (current as of 4 March 2016) Install Chrome (because) Install CLT Install Homebrew

Install XQuartz Install RBENV (because I personally prefer this to RVM) Install ruby 2.2.2 Global 2.2.2 Install gtk+2.24.28 (requires specific pull from gem install gtk2 gem install sqlite3 curl -OL (current Tillmen Lich) install Avalon 4.3.2 beta (current GS FE for Mac)

Special note - seems gtk+-2.24.28 will require Cairo built with X11 (xQuartz) extensions, so the normal cairo bottle will fail. - brew install --with-x11 cairo to address.

If all this works, back up to base image and try with standard El Cap Ruby