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I'm getting a different value for the base enchant difficulty. Assuming +1 per level, +2 per wizard rank up to level and +1 per stat bonus my results indicate that the base penalty is 20 less than your values. I tested +5 leather armor (-10 material mod) with a level 45 character with 25 wizard ranks, +30 LOG and +25 INT stat bonuses. Total bonus if level is +1 per is +150 (45 level + 50 spells + 55 stats). The 925 read was Very Difficult. I added 1 rank lore (5 skill), retested and the read remained V. DIFF. I then added 2 ranks EMC and the messaging changed to DIFFICULT BUT POSSIBLE (35%). With a total bonus of +152 the item difficulty was (152 - 35) = -117 but this includes the leather material penalty (-10). After adjusting for the material penalty the actual base penalty for the +5 item was -107. Your table is showing a penalty of -127.

The test wss done at a table with no familiar present and no relevant skills other than the 1 rank of lore and 2 ranks of EMC added during the test. I'll try to do a bit more testing as time permits. Thanks for the fantastic work you've done here! SPYRIDONM3 (talk) 18:53, 21 May 2019 (CDT)

lvl as a factor

I suspect something else is at play, level is the most difficult for me to prove out impact on. Prior to the anounced changes though, the skill contributions and stat bonuses were very repeatable, but my base number seemed strange, on a steel sword at lvl 80, 21 and 26 bonus respectively, -10 material mod, 25 ranks wizard it took 18 ranks emc to get to a 55% reading. or 80 + 47 + 50 + 9 = 186 - 10 - 55 = 121

This leaves me to the conclusion that level inst so simple as +1 / per, or there is another factor not accounted for. Also if naos had rolled out his changes all ready at that moment, everything i got is currently invalid.