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26 April 2024

21 April 2024

  • curprev 18:4618:46, 21 April 2024GS4-THANDIWE talk contribs 889 bytes +889 Created page with "{{storynpcbox |storyline = Laboratory Lamentations |gender = male |race = dwarf |culture = Smaelton Clan |life = alive |hometown = |relationships = |alias = |affiliation = }} == Description == <pre{{log3}}> You see Smelter Uvaldov the Freelancer. He appears to be a Dwarf of the Smaelton Clan. He is short. He appears to be past his prime. He has brooding steel grey eyes and ruddy skin. He has a bald head. He has a prominent nose and a long white beard with gears..." Tag: Visual edit: Switched