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BEAST is a verb used with the Spirit Beast system.



    BEAST HELP                      - Your guide to Spirit Beasts

    BEAST SENSE                     - Senses Spirit Beasts in the surrounding area
    BEAST ATTUNE {beast name}       - Attunes user to a sensed beast in the surroundings
    BEAST CAPTURE                   - Adds the currently attuned beast to your collection

    BEAST LIST {rarity}             - Lists all beasts in your collection matching rarity criteria
    BEAST SELECT {beast name}       - Selects a beast from your collection for battle
    BEAST INFO                      - Provides information on a Spirit Beast in your collection
    BEAST STATUS                    - Provides your overall Spirit Beast system stats

    BEAST EQUIP {armament}          - Equips a Spirit Beast armament in your hand to your current beast
    BEAST DISARM                    - Unequips a Spirit Beast armament on your current beast

    BEAST OFFER {item}              - Uses system items, such as a blood vial, soul cage, or potion
    BEAST EXPEL {receptacle}        - Deletes current Spirit Beast or stores it in a receptacle

    BEAST COMMAND {command}         - Commands Spirit Beasts while in a Spirit Battle
    BEAST MATCH                     - Match the level of lower-leveled opponents
    BEAST CHALLENGE {name|options}  - Challenges another beastmaster to a Spirit Battle

    BEAST MANIFEST                  - Summons your current Spirit Beast to entertain you
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BEAST HELP is used to pull up topics for the Spirit Beast system. To view the Spirit Beasts Walkthrough, please see Walkthrough.

     BEAST HELP {topic}    - View help on a topic, if available

Where  {topic} is one of the following:

Spirit Beasts Walkthrough:

     1. Introduction
     2. Capturing a Beast
     3. Class, Element, and Rarity
     4. Prime Stats
     5. Secondary Stats
     6. Challenging Others
     7. Fight Resources: Stances, Action Points, Etc.
     8. Beast Commands
     9. Levels and Experience
    10. Loyalty
    11. Talondown Arena
    12. Customizations
    13. Beyond the Basics

Quick Reference Topics:

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A handful of merchants are able to alter your Spirit Beasts.  A few Spirit Beast aspects are able to be customized, including their 15/15/15, their LOOK description, and their non-special attacks and flavor messaging.  Applicable merchants can also enhance a Spirit Beast, granting it a +5 boost to all stats.  These services are available from willing merchants with the following guidelines in mind:

    * The type of Spirit Beast cannot fundamentally change--wolves cannot become dingos or dogs, for example

    * Merchants will always err on the side of caution when changing a Spirit Beast's noun

    * Attacks must make sense for the Spirit Beast type: dingos cannot belch sprinkles at their foes or throw fireballs

    * A service consists of one of the following: modifying 15/15/15 and LOOK; modifying both attacks and flavor messaging; Spirit Beast enhancement

    * Unless explicitly stated in advance, merchants will offer only one service per player and Spirit Beast per session

    * Merchant enhancements cap at +20 to all stats

    * Merchant enhancements stack with all other improvements
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Each Spirit Beast can wear one armament.  Armaments improve the statistics of a Spirit Beast, or provide unique capabilities such as elemental suppression, which removes the elemental attumenent of a beast.  Armaments come in three rarities: lesser, sturdy, and potent.  Armaments are usually restricted to a specific class of spirit--for example, most rings can only be worn by humanoids, while most collars are restricted to beasts.  You can LOOK at an armament to determine what enhancements it offers and what its restrictions are.  As a general rule, lesser armaments can be worn regardless of a spirit's level; sturdy armaments require level 10, and potent armaments can only be worn by spirits that have attained level 20.

To equip an armament on your beast, use the command BEAST EQUIP.  To remove an equipped armament, use the command BEAST DISARM.

Armaments collect wear and tear with repeated use and will eventually break.  However, their use can be extended with regular repairs.  The cashier at the Talondown Arena also moonlights as a repairman and can restore an armament that has not catastrophically broken for a small number of redsteel marks.  Armaments that have become catastrophically broken can only be restored by merchants.
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Before you can make or accept a Spirit Battle challenge, you'll need to bind a beast.  Binding a beast requires only that you have a talisman built for attracting and capturing Spirit Beasts.  You can purchase these talismans aboard the Firebird, a traveling airship that roves between Elanthian towns, or at some merchants.

Once you have purchased a talisman, simply head out into the nearby wilds.  Most Elanthian realms are chock full of common beasts.  You can detect these beasts using BEAST SENSE. You won't always detect all of the beasts in a given area, so it may take a few attempts to discover all of the beasts available to you in any given location.  Once you've sensed the beast that you want you'll need to focus your attention on it using BEAST ATTUNE.

You can choose a different beast that you have sensed by using BEAST ATTUNE again.  If you're sure you want to catch the beast to which you've attuned, use BEAST CAPTURE to catch it.  Newly caught beasts may be loyal or disloyal.  You can improve their loyalty by offering them blood in vials that you can collect from monsters across the world.  Beasts lose loyalty whenever they lose a Spirit Battle, so it's wise to keep some vials on you just in case.

You can only have one of every beast in your collection.  If you'd like to keep multiple beasts of the same type, you'll have to store them in enchiridions or soul cages.  These are also useful for trading beasts with other adventurers.
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Redsteel is a currency used in the Talondown Arena and at most Spirit Beast merchants.  You can see how many redsteel marks you have at any time by using BEAST STATUS.  You can earn redsteel marks for participating in Blood Matches at the Talondown Arena, and through other types of arena matches with less frequency.  Redsteel can be spent at the arena on a variety of accoutrements, and most Spirit Beast merchants will take redsteel in lieu of silver.
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Spirit Beasts have five primary stats: Power, Defense, Insight, Accuracy, and Speed.  Each type of beast has a different combination of the above as starting stats.  These primary stats inform a number of secondary stats that determine how your Spirit Beast performs in battle.  With each level that your beast gains, its stats will advance at a rate according to its class: humanoid, beast, elemental, arthropod, aberration, undead, or beastman.

Primary Stats:

Power - raw autoattack damage
Defense - health points and mitigation of autoattack damage
Insight - chance to detect opponent's stance
Accuracy - hit chance and critical chance
Speed - chance at roundtime reduction and evasion chance

Secondary Stats:

Focused Defense - additional chance to block while fortified
Flash of Insight - chance to detect inferior stances and switch during another action
Skill - a hidden stat that makes a Spirit Beast a little better at everything
Luck - a hidden stat that allows beasts to succeed at stat rolls they would otherwise fail
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BEAST SENSE is used to sense spirit beasts in the surrounding area. This verb cannot be used in "civilized" areas (in town). An appropriate talisman is required to successfully sense a spirit beast.


In town
You focus your thoughts on a rippled clay talisman.  The surroundings feel too civilized to hold any spiritual energy.
Outside of town
You focus your thoughts on a rippled clay talisman, attempting to align yourself with the spirits floes within the area, and a wash of foreign sensation floods your mind.

You detect the presence of a common kobold spirit.
You detect the presence of a common rat spirit.
You detect the presence of a common goblin spirit.
Roundtime: 9 sec.
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BEAST ATTUNE (beast name) is used to attune to a beast once sensed in the surroundings. An appropriate talisman is required to successfully attune to a spirit beast.


Not attuned to a beast
You are not currently attuned to a Spirit Beast in the area.  You can attune to Spirit Beasts you have successfully detected with BEAST SENSE.
Too long since sensing
It has been too long since you attempted to sense for Spirit Beasts in this area.  You will need to use your BEAST SENSE again to detect the latent spirits in this area before attempting to attune yourself to a specific Spirit Beast.
Successful attunement
You tighten your grip on your clay talisman, attuning yourself to the presence of the fox spirit lingering in the area.  You sense its trepidation at the possibility of being captured!
Roundtime: 16 sec.
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BEAST CAPTURE is used to capture a spirit beast once successfully senses and attuned. An appropriate talisman is required to successfully capture a spirit beast.


Not attuned
You have not attuned to a Spirit Beast in the area.
Successful capture
You hold out your clay talisman and extend your thoughts to encompass the fox spirit lingering in the area.  Sudden warmth draws your attention to your right hand, where motes of ghostly radiance spark over the surface of your talisman.  The spirit drifts closer to you, its outline glowing as it nears.

Golden lightning crackles between the two of you, and a thrill of new sensation echoes up your arm and through your body as the spirit merges with your form.

It is a robust specimen of its kind.

The fox is ambivalent about fighting for you.
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BEAST LIST (rarity) is used to view beasts that have been captured by a character.


BEAST SELECT (beast name) selects a spirit beast for battle.


BEAST INFO (beast name) offers information on a spirit beast currently selected (default) or when using the beast name.


No beast selected or none in collection
You do not currently have a Spirit Beast selected.  SELECT one from your BEAST LIST.
Selected beast
The Spirit Beast is a common fox of 1 training with the following traits:

General Traits

      Exp. to Next:   301
             Class:   Beast
           Element:   Unattuned
            Rarity:   Common
           Loyalty:   Average
           Quality:   Robust

            Primary  Base  Bonus  Total      Secondary
            -------  ----  -----  -----      ---------
             Power:    97      0     97  ==> none
           Defense:    91      0     91  ==> Health Points: 98, Focused Defense: 66.37%
           Insight:   113      0    113  ==> Stance Detect: 77.55%, Flash of Insight: 10.51%
          Accuracy:   106      0    106  ==> Hit Rate: 76.09%, Critical Strike: 8.48%
             Speed:   133      0    133  ==> Surge of Speed: 9.43%, Evasion: 5.53%

Appearance and Attacks

       Description:   a lithe red fox
           Examine:   With points of white fur at the tail and ears, the fox's fur 
                      would make for a luxuriant garment if the creature weren't a 
                      spirit already.

          Armament:   none

          Attack 1:   nips hungrily at
          Attack 2:   slashes with its little claws at
    Flavor Message:   letting out a series of high-pitched yips

           Special:   Bestial Fury.  The user launches itself toward its foe and 
                      blurs into a whirlwind of bites and strikes.  Deals 100% 
                      special ability damage.  Costs 3 Special Charges.
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BEAST EQUIP (armament) equips a character's current spirit beast with an armament in hand.


BEAST DISARM removes an armament from a character's spirit beast.


BEAST OFFER (item) offers a spirit beast a system item.


BEAST EXPEL (receptacle) will delete a selected spirit beast or place it into a valid receptacle.


BEAST COMMAND commands a spirit beast in battle.


BEAST MATCH matches the level of a spirit beast to lower-leveled opponents.


BEAST CHALLENGE (name/options) challenges another beastmaster to a spirit beast battle.

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BEAST MANIFEST summons a character's selected spirit beast for a few moments. For the duration of its summoned time, it will hover over the character with ambient messaging.


You raise a hand into the air, calling within to your ashrim revenant spirit.  Spiraling wisps of essence wind up your arm and into the air overhead, taking on the shape of an incorporeal sea elf revenant, which moves to hover over your shoulder.
End of duration
An incorporeal red fox begins losing cohesion, parts of its form dissolving into spectral stardust.  With an abrupt eruption of power, like thunder without sound, it vanishes.
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