Voln Favor and Step Calculator

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Link to the calculator spreadsheet: Voln Favor and Step Calculator

NOTE: This tool is meant to be an easy way to do the calculations found on the Order of Voln Favor page.

How to use this calculator:

  1. Open the spreadsheet linked above.
  2. Go to File > Make a Copy in your browser to create a personal copy of this calculator that you can edit and use. (You will need to be signed into a Google account, otherwise, you can download the spreadsheet.)
  3. Fill in the yellow boxes with your inputs, i.e., your character's level and your character's current Voln step.
  4. If you know how much favor you had when you achieved your last step by using Verb:RESOURCE, you can enter that.
  5. Enter the creature level you will be hunting to calculate an approximate number of kills needed to advance.

For any issues with this calculator, please contact Tara on Discord (Feiorai).