War Stories: Fall of Ta'Ashrim and the Third Elven War

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: War Stories: Fall of Ta'Ashrim and the Third Elven War

Author: Aetheri, Aurach

Posted 2017/07/30:

For those that may have missed this evenings fireside war stories shared by Mentor Aetheri and Blade Aurach. (Very well done) 

[Silverwood Manor, Quiet Garden]
A pair of stained glass doors open directly into the garden, where a well-manicured carpet of verdant grass is surrounded by a circle of stately haon trees. The strong trunks and layered green leaves create a quiet area of insulated serenity. Moonlight glints on the waters of a perfectly round pond at the center of the area, the surface dotted with glowing white votives. Daisies sprout at the base of an elaborate polished marble statue. You also see a disheveled grey kitten, the fiery red Whirlin disk, the Treeva disk, a silver-traced carved mahogany cart with some stuff on it, an eternal flame, a wide wooden log, a flat oak log and a small fire burning within a ring of stones.
Also here: Mentor Alifair, Mentor Aetheri (sitting), Nadier (sitting), Mentor Heartfire (sitting), Conquerer of Reim Whirlin (sitting), Conquerer of Reim Treeva (sitting), Sornrin (sitting), Yakushi, Nazarr, Mentor Shinann (sitting), Farenkhel (sitting), Etanamir, Maiden Istoriel (sitting), Meril (sitting), Blade Aurach
Obvious paths: none

Aurach turns an inquisitive ear toward Aetheri.
Alifair walks over to the log and settles down.
Alifair pours herself some Silverwood pale pink pilsner.
Alifair takes a drink from her pale pink pilsner.
Nazarr turns an inquisitive ear toward Aetheri.
Farenkhel takes a bite of his spicy chicken wings.

Aetheri recites:

"Okay, please settle down. I will begin with tonight's event, then Blade Aurach will discuss his part of the Third Elven War."

Aetheri says, "I will give a brief history of the Ashrim and Faendryl war... And my first-hand account of it."
Farenkhel gazes in awe at Aetheri.
Aetheri takes a drink from his Seafarer's vodka.
Aetheri looks rather relaxed.
Aetheri recites:

"After a long exile in the Southron wastelands, the Faendryl grew resentful and started looking north towards their ancestral home. Some argued to take it back by force... others argued to try a peaceful solution."

Aetheri recites:

"After much convincing, the war faction within House Faendryl agreed to try it the peaceful way. The peaceful solution would not work if attempted after a failed war, but war would certainly do the trick if peace failed. Thus, it made sense to try peace first. And so when Rythwier Faendryl, Patriarch XXXVII of House Faendryl, proposed a wedding alliance between his eldest daughter Chesylcha Sukari Faendryl and a prince of House Ashrim, he had the full backing of his people."

Aetheri recites:

"It began with a secret alliance between House Nalfein and House Ashrim. The exact circumstances involving the disappearance are debatable, as House Nalfein still vehemently denies the situation. Irregardless, Chesylcha never made it to her wedding. Stories of her death are as numerous as the fish in the sea she sailed upon, but the Faendryl never had a doubt as to what happened. The evening of her death, Chesylcha's three sisters all fell to their knees, screaming in pain and holding their heads. An assassin of House Nalfein, there by grace of a secret alliance between the Nalfein and the Ashrim, slitting their sibling's throat"

Aetheri recites:

"The war council got their wish, and they built huge fortress ships setting sail for the Ashrim Isles. They set sail on the 24th of Ivastaen. Faendryl had no prior experience building ships, so they built them as they'd build a land fortress. The Faendryl ships were heavily magically reinforced. In fact, only their tiny scout ships could have floated on their own. Their crown jewel of the fleet was the flagship named the Korthyr, after the founding Patriarch of House Faendryl. It is said that an entire forest was harvested for the construction of the ship, and it's sails if layed flat would cover the entire city of Ta'Faendryl."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Farenkhel gasps.
Aurach reaches out and touches his emerald blazestar.
Now and again, resin in some burning wood is ignited by the flames and the fire hisses loudly. The sharp smell of the scorched resin permeates the air and invades your nostrils.
Nazarr gulps.
Farenkhel fidgets.
Istoriel takes a bite of her brie-topped cracker.
A faint white aura flickers around Yakushi.
Farenkhel takes a bite of his spicy chicken wings.

Goldstr just arrived.

Aetheri says, "In days to come the Ashrim bested the Faendryl fleet mostly by trickery, piracy, and dispelling the magical wards to the Faendryl ships. The Ashrim were by far superior sailors, and had home advantage. Only 3 of the Faendryl's 32 ships survived. On the 10th of Lumnea, in an act of desperation, the Faendryl unleashed horrors which ultimately led to the destruction of the Ashrim Isles."
* Chamorr joins the adventure.
Aetheri recites:

"The next morning, the sun rose a crimson red over the tranquil seas. Golden rays caressed the surface of the water, kissing the coastline of the Ashrim Isles. I heard the sounds of pelicans diving into the water catching their breakfast, and the fenvaoks returning to their nests to feed their young. I could see schools of fish swimming through the sun-kissed aquamarine water. Merchant fishing ships began to exit the harbor, oblivious to the calamaty which will soon come. This was the last beautiful sight I had the blessing of seeing, a memory which I will cherish as my last day living on the Ashrim Isles."

You notice Nuc moving stealthily into the area.
Aetheri recites:

"An unnatural wind began to blow against the oncoming ships. Interestingly enough, it only affected the progress of the Ashrim ships sailing to intercept the longboats. Foul Faendryl sorcery was at work. As the Warmages set foot on the docks, they began killing everyone in their path towards the palace... which included many non-combatants, such as women and defenseless children. They made their way quickly to the palace, somehow able to dodge the local militias. Within twenty minutes of making landfall, they were inside the palace. At this point, a large swarm of Ashrim Marines had docked in the harbor, and were running towards the Palace to defend the Matriarch and the Prince. A group of Ashrim Warmages began employing a counterspell blocking all teleportation and gate spells from being cast within the vicinity of the Palace. The Faendryl were backed into a corner, and it looked like it was all over."

Nuc sits down.

Aetheri recites:

"The palace collapsed in on itself, victim of the Faendryl Trademark implosion spell. Thousands of burning rocks began hurling towards the ground, in the busiest sections of the main city. As the meteors subsided, the temperature began to rise rapidly, causing the air to shimmer. Flesh began to ignite, sending bodies flying towards the horiffic firestorm. It got so hot, that the bedrock itself began to drip like hot wax. When the main island city fell so quickly, the fleet formed a blockade of the harbor, allowing whatever civillians to flee in rowboats to the ships"

Great Lady Rendena's group just arrived.

You bite your lip.

Aetheri recites:

"At Tashel, a smaller Ashrim isle, the populace knew something was amiss. As the evacuation was underway, a Faendryl palestra found his way to the Island, and tore a fabric in the veil allowing demons, spectres, and shades free reign on the poor souls of the island. Tashel was a resort town, with little to no military experience amongst the general populace. They never had a chance..."

Mentor Archales just arrived.
Arshwikk just arrived.
Archales walks over to the log and settles down.
Farenkhel frowns.
Aetheri recites:

"Aelv, the smallest hamlet of the Ashrim isles, had no survivors whatsoever. The only people alive from Aelv were in service to the Ashrim fleet. Six Warmages deposited themselves on the shores of the island community, and began tearing magical rifts in the fabric of the world. Some of these rifts would move erraticly, vaporizing anything in it's path, including living flesh."

Nazarr's face turns slightly pale.

You frown.

Aetheri recites:

"And finally, there was Langmar Isle... One Faendryl ship crashed ashore, knocked out by an Ashrim trebuchet. Every Faendryl sailor was dispatched shortly after arrival, including their elite Palestra division, and one summoner. The summoner was able to tear a rip in the veil allowing for the dreaded abyran'ra, oculoth, and vathor to enter this plane before he was killed by his own creations. Needless to say, vathor give even the greatest of heroes pause. There was no chance for that small community."

You narrow your eyes.
Farenkhel shivers.
You mutter something about demons...
Aetheri takes a drink from his Seafarer's vodka.
Aetheri looks rather relaxed.
Farenkhel takes a bite of his spicy chicken wings.
Aetheri recites:

"Typically, the Nalfein claimed no knowledge of any secret treaty, and were outraged at such an accusation. Taking advantage of the already anti-Faendryl sentiments felt by the rest of the elven Houses, they stated that the Faendryl were no longer true elves, but some dark and perverted facsimile thereof. The other Houses echoed those words, and since that time, the Faendryl were known as Dark Elves."

Goldstr shudders.
Farenkhel ponders.
Treeva nods in agreement.
Aetheri recites:

"At that point, the Faendryl gave up hopes of regaining their old home and empire. Either from bitterness or wisdom, they realized that to go back would be to be constantly reminded of what was and what could never be again. They turned their backs on the elves and the city they had built and moved north of Rhoska-Tor, although not far, to build their new city."

Aetheri recites:

"After the battles of Ta'Ashrim, the surviving fleet sailed to Ruin creek with the survivors of the Ashrim Race, as well as the few survivors of the Ashrim royal family. Some Ashrim escaped the war by being elsewhere when the war broke out... However since then, very few Ashrim have been seen to this day."

Farenkhel nods.
Nadier leans back.
Nadier folds her arms over her chest.

Istoriel takes a drink from her pale pink pilsner.

Aetheri says, "Blade Aurach will now discuss a perspective of the Third Elven War."

Goldstr applauds Aetheri.
Alifair smiles at Aetheri.

Aurach narrows his eyes in concentration as he taps his pursed lips idly with one forefinger.

Shinann smiles at Aetheri.
Farenkhel applauds.
Nadier glances at Aurach.
You applaud.
Aurach nods respectfully at Aetheri.
Meril cocks her head at Aurach.
Arshwikk nods at Aetheri.
Arshwikk leans back.
Arshwikk turns an inquisitive ear toward Aurach.

Speaking quietly to Aetheri, Aurach says, "An interesting, perspective of history."

Goldstr turns an inquisitive ear toward Aurach.
Farenkhel sniffs at his Seafarer's vodka.
You pour yourself a glass of Seafarer's vodka.

You agree with Aurach.

Aurach quietly says, "I am Aurach, Blade of the Palestra, one of the wanderers of Mahkra, night druid of Isil Dae'gonn. But this is a reflection of a time when I was a veteran of the Armata."
You feel more refreshed.

Nadier turns an inquisitive ear toward Aurach.
Aurach's gaze grows distant, fixed on something distant and unseen.
Nadier leans forward.
You tilt your head slightly toward Aurach, noting the subtle changes in his muscles and breathing.
Nazarr turns an inquisitive ear toward Aurach.

(Aurach looks down and nods then directs his attention to you.)

Speaking to Aurach, Aetheri exclaims, "It is said that history is spoken by the victors, but I believe it is said by those who are there to witness it!"

Farenkhel winces.
Aurach smiles faintly
Aurach quietly says, "Indeed."

Rendena ponders.
Aurach quietly says, "The 3rd Elven war. This conflict, the shortest of the three, lasted for approximately one year, from 4841 - 4842 M.E. Here, a noted yet unidentified seer of the empire stands named as the agitator for the conflict. The Faendryl, on the south-eastern border of the empire, were the target."
Goldstr adopts an agreeable expression.
Rendena nods at Aurach.

Aurach smiles faintly.
Aurach quietly says, "This remembrance is of that time perdiod, but did concern the war itself. Only in how a Faendryl special team of the Armata conduct business."
(Nadier quietly takes notes.)
Aetheri smiles at Aurach.
Aurach rests his hands on the hilts of his sheathed weapons.

Aurach quietly says, "We Prepare. That is what we do, we prepare. This rescue was no different. We prepared. Each action is different, each preparation is fluid and matched to the individual mission. This mission, this act was to save women taken against their will by three brothers. Imagine what they had planned for their captives? This is a story not of the women captured or the men who captured them. This is about we who act, we who serve. How we achieve our missions."

Aetheri agrees with Aurach.

Aurach quietly says, "Those of us going were all seasoned, experts in our field of endeavor, and as Faendryl, superior in fitness and agilty.."

Aurach quietly says, "The 3rd elven war had taught us that were present, how important pre-mission planning was to the sucess of any operation.

"Farenkhel stares at Aurach.
Nadier smiles.
You shift your weight.

Aurach quietly says, "Each carried a small kit. Within each was a selection of magic items carefully prepared and marked with gemcutters or labels."

Aurach quietly says, "Included in one pouch were Clerical blessed gems of Prayer, spirit shield, purify air, prayer of warding, bravery, prayer of protection, benediction, warding sphere, releive burden and soul ward."
A pale white aura dances across Yakushi's krolvin skin guards.

Aurach quietly says, "A second pouch contained items to remove curses, raise our fallen, silence our foes. a third with all herbs required to stop bleeding and fix minor wounds and nerves."

Aurach quietly says, "A set of ranger imbued rods was also prepared and imbedded. Strength, the elemental protections, thurfels, prismatic guard, mass blur, deflection, bias, focus."

Aurach quietly says, "A white flask, crystal amulet, several chisms each tucked into the top flap."

Aurach quietly says, "Scrolls were chosen carefully, based on this rescue with each members strengths considered. Chance is another word for death. We prepared."

Aurach quietly says, "A simple mangled and bent spoon carried heroism, many of us had Ethers with Dauntless and Cloak of shadows within."
Aetheri smiles.

Aurach quietly says, "Preparation is the key to combat success. We prepared."

Alifair nods.
Aurach quietly says, "Finally, each of our weapons was consecrated and blessed."

You nod in agreement.
Aurach shoves his dusky leather pack over slightly.

Aurach quietly says, "We were ready."

Aurach quietly says, "We moved to a local node, We completed pre-mission checks on each others gear, gathered magic and cast group defenses. Each member activated their crystal amulets and communications were checked. Rangers used their whisper reception."

Farenkhel gazes in awe at Aurach.

Aurach quietly says, "One final time we rehearsed on a sand table drawn on the ground, the target site marked in detail. Each team member talking through their portion. The wizards would handle long range movement portals, cleric and empath formed an emergency response and quick reaction force to support team members in trouble, rangers providing long-range overwatch and precision target interdictions, rogues handling flank security during movement, low visibility scouting, trap detection during movement and on site. Paladins, bards and warriors would comprise the main assault shock force."

Aurach quietly says, "We were ready. A portal was opened... and our team stepped through covering a hundred miles in a blink, and found ourselves in a small gully, with high sides to limit view of our arrival. The rangers set off immediately to get ahead and provide a safe route to the target and avoid ambush, little chance, for this night one of the rangers had eyes in the sky, their companion hawk was already circling the target, the mage's familiar would join it soon - bringing detailed target site information to our team. My curhound was used to track any of the enemy that tried to flee once the batle began. We would allow no reports of our methods and and our team being reported back to the enemy."

Aetheri nods at Aurach.

Aurach quietly says, "We move."
Aurach folds his arms, clasping his illthorn scepter close against his chest. The soft light emitted from the orb-capped staff colors half of his face with an eerie glow.

Farenkhel shudders.
Aurach quietly says, "With a wizard familiar above, a rogue on each flank, two warriors up front, followed by bard, cleric, empath and wizard, and a warrior at the rear our unit moved forward at a steady pace."
Yakushi's jaw drops.
Alifair leans forward.
Aurach quietly says, "Reconnaissance."

Aurach quietly says, "We Rangers moved silently, using terrain to mask our approach, and then slowing to a crawl as we circled the target taking in all aspect of the terrain, enemy movement on and around the target, lighting, and any obstacles that may have been set up Our ranger whispers constantly being fed back to the assault force as it moved towards the target area."
Aetheri agrees with Aurach.
Nadier nods.
Farenkhel acts puzzled.

Aurach quietly says, "Our target."

Aurach quietly says, "This particular target was a small farm, with a high stone wall around the main house and small shed, with several smaller sheds and a barn a few hunrded yards away. The rangers had seen the three brothers leaving the barn and all were currently still in the main house."

Aurach quietly says, "Once the force was close, a hasty sharing of target information was disseminated. Any changes to the plan were discussed, and the unit broke down into the assault teams. a rogue each moved to link up with the rangers, on opposing corners of the building, so each group could see two sides, but not hit the other observation team."

Nadier leans forward.
Aurach quietly says, "The Assault."

Aurach quietly says, "On command, Warriors moved to the main door, on the opposite side the cleric and empaths launched Fireballs into the night sky to draw attention and provide momentary light to disrupt the target occupants guards night vision."
You watch in breathless anticipation.

As Aurach raises his illthorn scepter into the air, a beam of incandescent light shoots forth from the glowing orb.
Aurach quietly says, "The warriors once they reached the main doors, battered them in with mauls and the assault team entered."

Heartfire turns an inquisitive ear toward Aurach.
Farenkhel gazes up into the sky.
Aurach quietly says, "We moved from room to room, our bard followed along, his song creating a blaring announcement of the impending fate of any that stood before us."

Nadier smiles.

Aurach quietly says, "The Scene evolves."
Nadier glances at Archales.

Aurach quietly says, "All rooms were assaulted throughly. Rogues moved into the building searching each area carefully, rangers moved to secure the entrances and watch for any reinforcements coming to aid the targets. Empath and cleric made the rounds checking the assault force for injuries, and treating any on scene."

Aetheri grins.

Aurach quietly says, "The three brothers were captured. We came across an ancient woman on a table, barely breathing, her path in this world would end soon. Two young girls were found in the main building cowering in the kitchen, they claimed many more were in the outbuilding chained. A ranger, rogue and two warriors were sent to the barn to check the situation. 13 more girls and women were found, chained to an overhead beam, hands above their heads."

You nod.

Farenkhel grinds his teeth.

Alifair winces.

Aurach nods slowly.

Aurach quietly says, "We return."

Farenkhel gags.

Aurach quietly says, "Once the brothers were chained and gagged, the women were assembled and asked if they wished to remain or depart, all chose to depart. The return trip to the portal would be slow going, many could barely walk. The Movement was uneventfull, all arrived and the group returned to camp in the blink of an eye stepping through the portal opened once again by the wizard."

Aurach quietly says, "Once the team returned, the women were questioned, where, when, who, any information on them and their ordeal was recorded."

Aurach quietly says, "End of Mission. Each member checked their packs,"

Aurach tugs on the straps of his dusky leather pack, checking their durability.

Aurach quietly says, "And restocked for our next mission. We are Ready."

As Aurach slides his scepter into his scabbard, it makes a loud THUNK.

Aetheri nods at Aurach.

Aurach quietly says, "All honor and glory the Patriarch."

Aurach nods respectfully.

Nadier smiles.
Nadier stands up.
Farenkhel nods.
Nadier bows to Aurach.
You applaud Aurach politely.
Alifair applauds.
Nadier sits down.
Farenkhel applauds.
Nadier applauds Aurach.
Goldstr exclaims, "Vetta well organized!"
Alifair exclaims, "Well told!"
Archales nods.
Farenkhel hoots.
Speaking to Aurach, Aetheri says, "Wonderful. A sodier's perspective."
Treeva inclines her head.
Shinann smiles at Aurach.
A low chirping sound comes from within a black cricket box inset with a blue rose.
Nadier says, "Efficient."
Nuc applauds.
Speaking to Aurach, Aetheri says, "Thank you again, for your assistance."
Aurach quietly says, "Thus completes this reflection on our methods in the days of the Elven wars."
Farenkhel says, "A terrifying level of detail."
Goldstr applauds Aurach.
Aurach nods respectfully.
Aurach rests his hands on the hilts of his sheathed weapons.
You smile.
Nadier nods at Aurach.
Aetheri recites:

"Thank you all for attending."

Alifair says, "Thank you both for relating the tales."

Nadier stands up.
Arshwikk adopts an agreeable expression.
Goldstr turns toward Aetheri and renders a sharp salute with his Glissando's Grog.
Shinann grins.
Archales nods appreciatively.
Meril claps her hands.
You stand back up.
Heartfire grins.
Treeva stands up.
Archales says, "Yes I do enjoy a good fireside tale."
Nazarr says, "I never heard such tales before. Thank you very much."
Arshwikk stands up.
Heartfire squints at Archales.
Goldstr agrees with Archales.
Heartfire grins.
Speaking softly in Elven to Aetheri, you say, "Thank you for hosting and sharing your history."
Alifair smiles.
Nadier smiles at Aetheri.
Heartfire chuckles.
Farenkhel asks, "It makes one wonder...could something like it happen again?"
Nuc nods.
Speaking in Faendryl, Aurach quietly says something you don't understand.
Treeva politely says, "Thank you for the enjoyable and descriptive tales on history."
Nadier says, "Thank you for hosting this."
Heartfire agrees with Treeva.
Speaking to Farenkhel, Nadier says, "Yes."
Nuc says, "Many thanks."
Speaking to Farenkhel, Aetheri says, "They say time flows like a river, and History repeats itself.". 
Speaking softly in Elven to Aurach, you say, "And thank you as well for your extremely informative story as well."
Farenkhel ponders.
Speaking in Elven to you, Aetheri says, "Thank you for attending."
Aurach nods respectfully to you..
You curtsy to Aetheri.
Nadier says, "Different players. Different causes. But, yes."
You curtsy to Aurach.
Nadier smiles at Farenkhel.
Farenkhel bows.

.........Those gathered start to mingle and partake in a last drink from the cart as they bid their farewells before retiring for the evening. 

Siierra O'Leigha
Faith Healer
Devout Follower of Imaera