Wolenthor (prime)

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AI image created via Leonardo.ai via prompts given by Wolenthor's player.

You see Wolenthor Terennia the Thug.

He appears to be a Dark Elf. He is taller than average. He has silver-flecked absinthe green eyes and golden brown skin. He has short, soft loose chocolate brown hair that darkens to a deep black at the tips.

His face is concealed by a flawless black vaalin half-mask.

He has a curved black diamond bar in the upper ridge of his right ear, and a nefarious dark elf tattoo on his arm.

He is wearing a black suede mantle with a lush golden and smoke fur-trimmed hood, a black diamond studded mithril earcuff, a low-hung vaalin neckchain suspending a 'W' pendant lavish with black diamonds, a black suede golvern-crowned bandolier, some ora-chased double leather, a sparkling black diamond bracelet, some charred and bloodstained fingerless black leather gloves, a folded ebon satchel, a black leather tool kit, a pair of ebony trousers secured with a silver buckle, a partially suede-wrapped keyring seared with tiny black elemental runes of luck, and some slouched dark leather boots with golden fur trim.

Services and the Like

Race Dark Elf
Culture Unknown
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Alleged Rogue
Profession Thug and Locksmith

You may find Wolenthor in Prime for any locksmithing needs.