Calm (201)

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Calm (201)
Mnemonic [CALM]
Duration 5 sec per warding failure
Cast Time 2
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single 
State(s) Inflicted Calmed
Major Spiritual Spells
Calm (201) Attack
Spirit Shield (202) Defensive
Manna (203) Utility
Unpresence (204) Utility
Light (205) Utility
Tend Lore (206) Utility
Purify Air (207) Defensive
Living Spell (208) Utility
Untrammel (209) Utility
Silence (210) Attack
Bravery (211) Offensive
Interference (212) Attack
Minor Sanctuary (213) Utility
Bind (214) Attack
Heroism (215) Offensive
Frenzy (216) Attack
Mass Interference (217) Attack
Spirit Servant (218) Utility
Spell Shield (219) Defensive
Major Sanctuary (220) Utility
Transference (225) Utility
Spiritual Abolition (230) Attack
Spirit Slayer (240) Offensive

Under the influence of the Calm spell, the target is soothed and calmed, inhibiting them from engaging in aggressive behavior. Actions involving combat or the casting of attack spells are not possible while in the calmed state. If the target is attacked, they will come out of their calmed state.

Calm is a warding spell. The duration of the effect is 5 seconds per warding failure unless interrupted by a hostile action.

Some creatures are immune to being calmed.



Successful cast A calm washes over (target).
While spell is active (Target) blinks calmly.
Interrupted by attack (Target) is enraged by your attack!

Alchemy Recipe

Some soft ivory powder
  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add 2 doses of soft white mushroom
  3. Simmer
  4. Add centaur hide from centaurs
  5. Boil
  6. Add powdered bright chrysoberyl gem
  7. Chant Calm (201)