2012-12-15 - Juramis armor raffle (log)

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You ask, "Juramis aren't you from near Seareach?"

Juramis huskily says, "My last ship was destroyed by the Krolvin."

Juramis huskily says, "My father's work there was legendary.  Lord Elgon was his name."

Juramis huskily says, "He was a runemaster, who managed to corner the ore trade in western Elanthia.  I continued his work after his death."

Speaking to Juramis, you ask, "Wehnimer's is being plagued by an organization calling them th' Rooks. Did you every hear of any underworld organizations from there?"

Juramis huskily asks, "Rooks?"

Juramis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Juramis huskily says, "There are some who still call me friend in Brisker's Cove.  I can see if they might be able to find any information on this group.  They were not of any concern to me while I lived there."

Juramis huskily says, "I have spent a great deal of time away from home since my political venture in Wehnimer's Landing.  And now I can not return."

Juramis huskily says, "My warehouses and ships were destroyed.  I managed to escape, and ended up reaching port in Wehnimer's right before the Krolvin attacked."

Juramis huskily says, "I suspect foul play.  And those who asked for a reason on my behalf have not been heard from again."

Speaking to Juramis, Soasis asks, "There must be some way to clear your name, right?"

Juramis huskily says, "One piece of information I do know, is that this goes very high up the chain in Brisker's Cove.  Perhaps even to the Count himself."

Juramis huskily says, "Even beyond Brisker's Cove.  The entirety of Seareach."

Juramis huskily says, "Someone must be taking over my business.  The ore trade has continued in my absence."

Juramis nods slowly.

Speaking huskily to Kerl, Juramis says, "One interesting fact I've learned is that the government of Seareach has taken over my old business, using the profits towards the coffers of the county instead of my own."

Juramis huskily says, "An old friend of mine.  One I wish to have parted with."

Speaking suspiciously to Juramis, Soasis asks, "The government, as in the Count?"

Juramis huskily says, "Or someone under him, working on his behalf."

Juramis huskily says, "I can't get anyone to pry further, they all end up dead."

Juramis huskily says, "But I don't believe in luck.  Politics proved that they do not exist."

Juramis huskily says, "What you call luck, I call someone else deciding your fate for you."

Juramis shrugs.

Seydai says, "Deep."

Soasis says, "I never thought of it that way..."

Speaking to Juramis, Bremerial says, "Am a dwarf - we don't believe in luck."

Juramis huskily says, "You only believe in ale."

Bremerial begins chuckling at Juramis!

Juramis huskily says, "And maybe a sharp blade."

Juramis huskily says, "Ah, if I could only go back and right my wrongs.  But time is a fickle thing."

Juramis huskily says, "My wares for next year are still undecided, but I've been looking into some of my father's old rune work."

Juramis huskily says, "Rune working is an old magic, used to create anything from a common enchantment to something that would be considered a relic or artifact with great magical powers."

Speaking to Juramis, Soasis says, "You know... I think you should really consider that research. You might be able to use it to right those wrongs."

Juramis huskily says, "I suppose anything is possible, given the right circumstances."