2019-01-13 - Ta'Vaalor OOC Meeting (log)

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by Avawren Fiora Nalfein of the TownCrier


  • 2019 plans include:
    • Upcoming events are being left vague on purpose but a few storylines are being worked on.
    • Some storylines will be decidedly less combat oriented than we've come to expect
  • Taking questions:
    • The few remaining level gaps around Ta'Vaalor are known and will be requested, but hunting grounds are out of town guru hands.
    • The spawn rate of Warcamps are being looked at, since Ta'Vaalor residents hit them usually hard. No guarantee of any changes, but it is in discourse.
    • No, Mazreth still won't tell us what to expect with the Elven Village. Buy deeds.
    • PC roles as official diplomats unlikely to used in the near future
    • Citizen only GALD services will remain full citizen only, but the possibility of allowing WPS services for partial citizens will be considered.
    • Archales has a manifesto. No, he won't be told when the King is leaving the Fortress.
    • How non-Vaalorian elves fit into RP was discussed.
    • The Five Noble Houses mentioned in the Customs document are being left intentionally vague for possible future development
    • There a lively discussion about player retention and the perception of the community outside of the city.
    • Clarification of Warcamp ownership was discussed.
    • Teleportation landing points are randomized as part of the system. It's known that teleporting into groups of invasion mobs is an issue and some creative ideas were discussed to provide a safer method while still adhering to the lore around the city's wards.
    • Ziplines to Cysaegir are probably a no.
    • Guards twiddling their thumbs while hordes of enemies batter the gates is annoying, but rewriting the code to remove them during invasions would be large drain on time and resources better used elsewhere.
    • Festival of the Fallen can not be confirmed for this year, at this time. There was much sadness.


2018 In Review and 2019 Ahead

[Red House Cafe, Office]
The walls of this cozy room are lined with bookcases, while soft rugs cover the natural wood floor.  The warm air holds a faint smell of roasted coffee rising from an old espresso bar in the far corner.  A stark poster hangs above the bar.  Several plush chairs surround a large table holding a shiny trophy case in the center of the room.  You also see a small refuse can and some stairs surrounded by a low railing along the back wall.
Also here: Sweetsin who is sitting, Limorten who is sitting, Squire Legionnaire Zayp, Squire Legionnaire Xofia, Nihrvanah, First Legionnaire Esana
Obvious exits: none

Mazreth recites:
    "Alright, I think we'll get some preliminary stuff out of the way.  The stairs will take you back to King's Court if you need to leave before we are done.  I'm going to cover two questions now, because they're asked every meeting.  1) The papers will NOT be going away or diminished in any capacity.  2.) Partial citizenship will not gain pins."
Kynlee chuckles.
Krystalena grins at Mazreth.
Kakoon begins chuckling at Mazreth!
Abbrae grins at Mazreth.
Speaking quietly to herself, Lynaera says, "One day....i'll get that pin..."
Speaking to Mazreth, Avawren says, "You read my list, I see."
Mazreth says, "Now that's covered.  I wanted to have sort of a year in review, then talk about some upcoming events and finally open it up for questions, suggestions, etc."
Mazreth grins at Avawren.
Anarquendi shines his wyvern pin with a quick rub of his thumb, smiling with pride.
Lynaera grumbles at Anarquendi.
Talimiir asks, "A grande, soy, six-pump vanilla latte, please?"
Talimiir nods at Mazreth.
Speaking to Anarquendi, Avawren says, "It would be nice to have that. I could actually use my sprite staff."
Avawren stares at Mazreth.
Speaking in Elven, Erdosi remarks, "How tall do you pour these?"
Talimiir takes a drink from his rich espresso.
Taenarion says, "Sprite staff with syrup dispenser, interesting."
Taenarion rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Mazreth recites:
    "This past year, we made a few upgrades to the town.  Both the mens and womens clothiers got new wares including special IACL clothing for those with backroom access.  The Vintner Bezzik in the enclave began selling ingredients used with portal wine presses to make specialty wines, and the Cobbler's guild of elanthia opened a warehouse here in Ta'Vaalor."

Limorten lets out a cheer!
Sweetsin flashes a wide grin.
Sweetsin applauds.
Mazreth recites:
    "One aspect of Vaalor I really noticed when putting the review together is our MHO participation.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see MHO's active in Vaalor.  This past year, Moonstone Abbey, Wyvern's Honor, The Sphere and Scythe, and The Alliaince of High Elven Society have all ran multiple events here.  Many of the events have been cultural activities like a military ball, autumnal fest, or trivia nights.  These events are something that I, personally, love seeing."
Talimiir grins.

Mazreth recites:
    "So, to those present representing said MHOs, Thank you"

Mazreth recites:
    "2018 started off on a down note with a traitor among the ranks discovered very early in the year.  This of course led to an effort to cleanse the individual of outside influences and an influx of Gosaena cultists for a cleansing ritual.  It wasn't long after that the weather turned nasty and the Lake of Fear froze, prompting the King to commision the cobbling warehouse in response to frozen toes.  "

Abbrae grins.
Limorten blinks.
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "Sad i missed that."
Limorten frowns.
Taenarion says, "I miss the frozen lake."
Krystalena nods at Taenarion.
Speaking to Taenarion, Krystalena says, "You could walk across it."
Taenarion agrees with Krystalena.
Nihrvanah says, "Or slide across it."
Speaking to Taenarion, Talimiir says, "The family of the lost crew don't miss it."
Talimiir shrugs.
Speaking to Talimiir, Taenarion says, "That part was unfortunate."

Mazreth recites:
    "What should have been midsummer found the fortress still snow bound and crops failing.  It was during these stressful times that failed diplomatic efforts from Ice Mule and the west were attempted.  After some time and consideration, a meeting was eventually scheduled with the Mayors of Whenimer's and Ice Mule during which some concessions were made in benefit of Ta'Vaalor."

Avawren says, "Death makes good drama."
Avawren shrugs.
Avawren gives Valyrka a friendly hug.
Nihrvanah beams happily at Valyrka!
Speaking to Valyrka, Nihrvanah says, "I'm looking forward to Ta'Valyrka, RSN."
Limorten scowls.
Wolfloner darkly says, "Both mayors folded like cheap suits."
Wolfloner nods.
Abbrae grins at Wolfloner.
Erdosi says, "They saw OTF."
Speaking amusedly to Wolfloner, Kakoon says, "Most do under the might of the Vaalor."

Mazreth recites:
    "Soon after diplomatic relations began with the West, it was discovered that the cleansing performed earlier in the year was unsuccessful do to personal choices of the afflicted.  As a result, former Squire Lyrna Vaalor was tried on charges of Murder, Treason, and High Crimes.  She was convicted and permanently banished from Ta'Vaalor and all lands it controls."
Krystalena says, "And caused drama in their own towns doing it."
Kakoon winks at Wolfloner.
As Valyrka traces the lines of her Naamit tattoo, it seems to slow down a bit, calming its movements.
Speaking to himself, Talimiir reveals, "I always knew she was fouled..."
Talimiir shifts his weight.
Talimiir clears his throat.
Talimiir nods respectfully at Mazreth.
Talimiir says, "Sorry..."
Nihrvanah smirks at Talimiir.
Avawren snickers.

Mazreth recites:
    "Several sylvankind aided the fortress in determining the nature of the magical winter and recovered an artifact that controls the weather.  This was handed over to the elemancers of Ta'Illistim who were able to reverse the magic and stop the snow."
Avawren gives Anarquendi a series of teasing little prods along the spine.
Anarquendi hoots.
Nihrvanah points at Archales and jeers.  Boooooo!
Archales narrows his eyes and takes in his surroundings with a bitter expression on his face.
Archales says to Nihrvanah, "You, madam, are a wayward, beetle-headed strumpet!"
Limorten nods in agreement at Sweetsin.
Taenarion nods to Archales in greeting.
Nihrvanah gawks at Archales.
Newa just arrived.
Speaking to Archales, Nihrvanah exclaims, "Ouch!"

Mazreth recites:
    "A, perhaps unanticipated, consequence of months of unnatural snow and a frozen lake melting rather rapidly befell the fortress next as floods caused the mistydeep to rise and wash out all bridges leading into Ta'Vaalor."
Krystalena snaps her fingers.
Krystalena says, "Ran out of popcorn."
Speaking to Newa, Avawren says, "Cruel! You can't just pop Newa in like that all casual."
Avawren sobs.
Lynaera grumbles, "Perhaps unanticipated..."
Newa exclaims, "I can!"
Newa smooches Avawren on the cheek.
Avawren glances at Newa and bursts into tears!
Speaking to Avawren, Newa says, "There, there."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "And with it a mass exodus of AFK scripters."
Newa rubs Avawren gently.
Krystalena agrees with Kakoon.
Speaking to Kakoon, Lynaera exclaims, "That was fun!"

Mazreth recites:
    "The rise in waters brought forth water creatures of all types and, not unlike the magical winter, the fortress was often under assault from these misplaced beasts."
Felarion smiles at Valyrka.
Speaking to Felarion, Nihrvanah asks, "... do you just walk around with a whole inventory of those?"
Archales loses some awareness.
Newa says, "That's how you get the ladies, duh."
Speaking to Newa, Talimiir corrects, "How you get the ladies ... FAT."
Talimiir nods once at Newa.
Nihrvanah opens her mouth as if to speak, then shuts it just as quickly, without uttering a single sound.
Taenarion says, "Obviously a skilled baker."
Speaking to himself, Talimiir adds, "...then again...."
Speaking to Talimiir, Newa says, "BUT YOU GET THEM."

Mazreth recites:
    "Finally, the waters receded and things began to return to normal as dwarves from Zul Logoth brought in stone and rebuilt our bridges.  I would like to note how hard everyone in the fortress worked at chopping lumber to build the temporary bridges.  That was completely player driven and not something I had planned on implementing at first."
Speaking to Newa, Talimiir notes, "...and they're immobile."
Talimiir shrugs.
Speaking to Talimiir, Newa says, "See?  It's like a brilliant plan."
Krystalena lets out a cheer!
Nihrvanah smirks at Felarion.
Newa says, "If not morbid."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "Pretty resourceful little fellows, those dwarves. Skilled hummers, too."

Mazreth recites:
    "Last but not least, Grimswarm have been assualting the fortress beginning late in the year and continuing to the present."
Speaking quietly to Mazreth, Jessianna says, "Really liked that aspect."
Krystalena says, "Crimson Reserve Lumberjacks."
Mazreth says, "I believe that covers all of last year, and hope I did not miss anything major."
Mazreth smiles.
Speaking darkly to Kakoon, Wolfloner asks, "Depends on who is mayor does it not?"
Wolfloner grins at Kakoon.
Xofia says, "There were quite a few that joined in the tree chopping that weren't Reservists."
Krystalena says, "That's why I didn't put "Legion" in there."
Abbrae agrees with Xofia.
Speaking in Elven, Anarquendi says, "I even wrote a script to chop wood so I could watch YouTube videos."
Speaking darkly to Kakoon, Wolfloner says, "But fold they did to Ta'Vaalor."
Krystalena says, "Anybody can be a Crimson Reserve Lumberjack."
Lynaera says, "The Wyvern's Honor has done a ton to bridge the gap between Reservists and the rest of us."
Speaking to Anarquendi, Nihrvanah says, "I think everyone had a script."
Avawren points at Lynaera.
Anarquendi sticks his tongue out at Nihrvanah, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from his lips!

Mazreth recites:
    "Upcoming events are going to be rather vague on purpose right now as a lot is still being finalized.  Zoelle and I are working out the details on a few storylines for this year.  Some of these will be decidedly less combat oriented than my usual attempts to kill you all and we hope you enjoy them."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir confesses, "No script."
Talimiir raises his hand.
Talimiir points at himself.
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "You have to deal with the browser."
Abbrae grins at Mazreth.
Lynaera nods approvingly at Talimiir.
Newa exclaims, "But.. the death!"
Avawren applauds Mazreth.
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir mutters, "..but combat's all I'm good at..."
Mazreth says, "Actually, using the term Crimson Reserve ties it to the Legion.  Anyone can be a lumberjack though."
Taenarion says, "Intrigue can be fun."
Taenarion nods.
Speaking to Talimiir, Kakoon says, "Check discord, you now have a script."
Xofia says, "And there were lots of volunteers."
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "You're a passable flirt, don't sell yourself short."
Mazreth agrees with Xofia.
Nihrvanah sings ethereally:
    "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay
     I sleep all night and I work all day..."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Avawren says, "Nooooooo."
Anarquendi laughs!
Lynaera laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.
Newa chuckles.
Felarion gazes in amusement at Nihrvanah.
Speaking to Orssus, Talimiir wonders, "...why would you, of all people, point that out?"
Mazreth says, "That is why I said everyone in the fortress because there were a LOT of volunteers from all races."
Talimiir winks at Orssus.
Talimiir flutters his eyelashes at Orssus.
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus asks, "Why wouldn't I?"
Orssus chuckles.
Talimiir winks at Orssus and flashes a sly grin.
Anarquendi sings:
    "I cut down trees, I skip and jump
      I like to press wild flowers
      I put on women's clothing and hang around in bars."
Avawren pinches Anarquendi!
Nihrvanah can offer Anarquendi only a blank expression.
Newa chuckles.
Speaking to Anarquendi, Talimiir reveals, "I thought so."
Anarquendi says, "I know the rest if you'd like.,"
Limorten says, "I wish I was born a girlie..."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "Just like my dear mama."
Mazreth says, "That's the review I have.  I'll be glad to take questions, suggestions, criticizms, ideas for town upgrades, whatever at this time.  Please raise your hand and wait to be called upon so everyone can have an equal chance."
Speaking to Valyrka, Nihrvanah whispers aloud, "You should let him borrow your coloring book."
Meril raises her hand.
Valyrka grins.
Mazreth says, "But I can't stay in the lines."
Mazreth shrugs.
Sweetsin praises Mazreth.
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "Lines, shmines."
Sweetsin says, "Good answer."


Speaking to Mazreth, Taenarion asks, "Are there any plans for local hunting in the 50-60 training range?"
Speaking to Taenarion, Mazreth says, "Unfortunately that is not up to me, it requires a lot from the development side.  I do plan to ask about it though, as I do every year."
Mazreth grins.
Mazreth says, "I always try for them."
Taenarion says, "Thank you."
Speaking to Taenarion, Talimiir asks, "What about first ring of Red Forest?"
Mazreth points at Kakoon.
Speaking to Talimiir, Taenarion says, "Think that is 60+."
Talimiir holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.
Avawren looks over at Taenarion and shakes her head.
Speaking to Taenarion, Talimiir says, "First ring is mid-upper 50s..."
Speaking to Taenarion, Lynaera says, "The first ring is under 60."
Speaking to Taenarion, Avawren says, "I've been there since 50."
Talimiir agrees with Avawren.
Anarquendi says, "All the subsequent rings are the devil."
Lynaera nods in agreement at Anarquendi.
Speaking to Avawren, Talimiir says, "I hit it at late 40s, but only because I'm the ideal blend of stubborn and ignorant."
Talimiir winks at Avawren.
Taenarion says, "Still a stretch from the bog to red forest though, for some at least."
Speaking to Anarquendi, Talimiir says, "Second ain't so bad... third and on... with those sprits...."
Sweetsin says, "I would love to bring Sweets back to this town."
Speaking to Taenarion, Lynaera says, "There's always warcamps."
Sweetsin says, "Its the only place she can bank."
Speaking to Lynaera, Taenarion says, "Only if you are sunfist."

Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "Is there any chance that the spawn rate could be turned up or the amount of warcamps available around Vaalor be increased. Warcamps have always been burned quickly around Vaalor and with the recent storyline around Grimswarm it seems to have exasperated the problem."
Newa says, "Yeah, I'm not about that Sunfist life."
Speaking to Kakoon, Talimiir adds, "...and no giants."
Speaking to Taenarion, Lynaera says, "Just need sunfist friends."
Speaking to Talimiir, Kakoon says, "I think that's firmly set in lore that giants don't come around here. I think they talk about it during the GoS tour."
Talimiir nods understandingly at Kakoon.
Mazreth says, "That's a good question.  I am currently in a discourse with Coase who created the system to see if there is anything we can do.  I can't guarantee that anything at all will come of it, but it is at least being looked at."
Talimiir nods appreciatively at Mazreth.
Talimiir says, "Thank you."
Talimiir smiles.
Erdosi says, "There actually aren't any giants in the grimswarm. There's just not enough halflings and dwarfs out here to get confused."
Nihrvanah laughs at Erdosi!
Mazreth says, "It has always been an issue around Ta'Vaalor and I'd like to see it remedied somehow."
Mazreth points at Wolfloner.
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon asks, "Would it help if I do like Andy Dufresne and send him an e-mail every month asking?"
Kellii blinks.
Mazreth laughs at Kakoon!
Silvynn just left.
Mazreth says, "Probably not."
Speaking to Kakoon, Anarquendi says, "Yes."
Nihrvanah says, "Yeesh."
Esana says, "That's one way to get yourself put on a spam list."
Mazreth agrees with Esana.
Mazreth says, "And a quick way to get insta denial from dev on anything you ask."

Speaking darkly to Mazreth, Wolfloner asks, "Any plans you can share for the elven nations this year?"
Wolfloner darkly says, "Not elven nations."
Wolfloner darkly says, "Elven village."
Mazreth says, "Things will happen, some will be happy, some will not.  That's what I can share."
Mazreth grins.
Abbrae snickers.
Wolfloner smiles at Mazreth.
Lynaera reverently says, "Buy deeds."
Speaking to Mazreth, Felarion says, "That... that's true whether things happen or not."
Mazreth says, "Seriously though, there are things in the planning stages concerning the West and the Elven Village but they are not finalized and so I'm not going to speak directly on them right now.  I can say that I think the "annexation" or "repatriatism" of the village fits very well with Vaalor's honorable and militaristic culture.  It is not actually expansionism but rather more in line with securing a border to befit the protectionist isolationism of the EN as a whole."
Wolfloner nods at Mazreth.
Orssus says, "Move the doom clock 5 minutes to midnight."
Felarion appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Orssus appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Mazreth says, "That is of course an OOC way of how the "Crown" sees it."
Taenarion says, "Would be nice to have an outpost west of the dragonspine, with portals and such."
Taenarion ponders.
Wolfloner darkly says, "Yet another outpost near the landing."
Wolfloner nods.
Mazreth says, "And that's all I can or will say on the subject.  How characters interpret it is up to them."
Mazreth grins.
Lynaera says, "At the very least, the East-West interaction spawned a lot of interesting things on the forums and fun RP. More of it would be awesome."
Wolfloner darkly says, "Wise of you to surround Kenstrom."
Newa says, "That's okay, I heard someone's already taken over Solhaven."
Mazreth points at Nihrvanah.
Newa chuckles.
Newa points at Valyrka.
Speaking to Newa, Mazreth says, "The <Mirror may be a little more subtle than Qalinor."
Newa grins at Mazreth.
Felarion holds up two fingers and slowly pinches them together until they are almost touching.
Valyrka says, "She is patient."
Speaking to Valyrka, Mazreth says, "Like a creepy little spider."
Krystalena says, "Elves live a long time."

Nihrvanah asks, "You'll probably say RSN or something to that effect since there's nothing 100% and we're glazing over it but... Will there be an opportunity for PCs to be diplomats to the other towns/cities... and if so, would it be Legion restricted or would it be able to be citizen but not Legion-affiliated?"
Speaking to Krystalena, Talimiir says, "I'm a procrastinator, so that long life helps me get stuff done."
Valyrka says, "Yes."
Valyrka says, "Spinning her webs."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir asks, "What's RSN?"
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "Real soon now."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir says, "You can't be SO busy you can't type out 3 words."
Talimiir shakes his head, totally at a loss.
Mazreth says, "That's something that's been done in the past so it is possible, but there is nothing I can see in the near future that would necessitate it."
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "... you obviously don't know the joke about RSN and everything surrounding it."
Talimiir agrees with Nihrvanah.
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir admits, "...and I'm a better man for it."
Talimiir is admiring himself again.
Taenarion says, "RSN, NIR, too many TLAs if you ask me."
Mazreth says, "As to whether it would need be Legion or not, I think that would circumstances of each situation and so will not say one way or the other."
Mazreth says, "Would depend..."
Mazreth coughs.

Mazreth points at Anarquendi.
Speaking to Mazreth, Anarquendi says, "What are the chances of the 'citizen only' merchant services (like general alters, WPS, etc.) being moved to a location where EVERYONE can access them? I understand the IG purposes of having limited citizenship for the town, but for those of us that don't want to play Vaalorians yet want to contribute to the RP of Ta'Vaalor are penalized for it."
Speaking to Mazreth, Anarquendi says, "After all, this pin proves that I've been accepted by the Vaalor elves, but I can't do the things a full citizen can."
Anarquendi shines his wyvern pin with a quick rub of his thumb, smiling with pride.
Speaking to Mazreth, Anarquendi says, "Or just let pin holders have access, I'm not greedy."
Anarquendi appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Nihrvanah snickers at Anarquendi.
Avawren rolls her eyes at Anarquendi.
Speaking to Anarquendi, Talimiir clarifies, "So you understand the point of citizen-only Vaalorian-based things, but want non-citizens or non-Vaalorians to participate?"
Speaking to Talimiir, Anarquendi says, "Partial citizens can't participate."
Speaking to Talimiir, Avawren says, "I can't get WPS services anywhere."
Speaking to Talimiir, Anarquendi says, "The places are usually only full citizens can access."
Anarquendi points at Avawren.
Speaking to Talimiir, Avawren says, "Unless I revoke my citizenship, and move to Ta'Illistim."
Talimiir scratches his head.
Speaking to Talimiir, Avawren says, "But I have a house and a shop here, so ... I just can't get WPS."
Anarquendi says, "And of the things for 'full citizens only' I can't attend on Anarquendi. I'd have to be on my Vaalorian."
Avawren shrugs.
Mazreth says, "Actually the pin only proves that at one point the crown handed out pins.  It is not indicitive of the current political situation.  Citizen only merchants are held in that room specifically BECAUSE it limits access and thus saves m time of having to manually check every person spun."
Speaking pleasantly to Avawren, Felarion says, "I, for one, would be happy to welcome you to the other side of the ferry."
Straightening his back, Felarion gives a formal, low bow to Avawren.  He inclines his head as well, giving Avawren a brief nod.
Speaking to Felarion, Avawren says, "I hear that a lot."
Avawren winks at Felarion.
Speaking to Mazreth, Anarquendi says, "So if I want my non-Vaalorian characters to have access to Citizenship services, I have to leave Ta'Vaalor."
Archales nods at Anarquendi.
Archales says, "That's what I did."
Orssus asks, "Is Vaalor the only town with the partial citizenship category?"
Newa says, "Ta'Illistim is too."
Mazreth says, "If it were up to me, Vaalor wouldn't have partial citizens at all because it truly doesn't fit with their cultural documentation but it has been grandfathered in for so long that I will not change it."
Esana says, "No."
Mazreth says, "No, Illistim has them as well."
Esana says, "Ta'Illistim does it."
Speaking to Orssus, Avawren says, "Ta'Illistim, but I believe Valyrka has partial-citzen merchants and such."
Avawren looks thoughtfully at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "I do it very rarely."
Speaking to Anarquendi, Talimiir asks, "Doesn't that defeat the point of something being cirizens-only?"
Avawren shrugs at Talimiir.
Valyrka says, "I also do not think partial citizens fit with current documentation, but again wouldn't change it at this point."
Newa says, "I don't think it does.  They are partial citizents."
Felarion says, "It's about restricting travelers, not restricting by race."
Speaking to Talimiir, Anarquendi says, "But Anarquendi IS a citizen, at least partial. And I can't access anything."
Mazreth says, "For services that are extremely limited like the WPS I'll look into changing it to allow partial citizenships but for the normal gald merchants, I won't move it."
Archales says, "If you move to Cysaegir you can get wps services with no waiting, and you can still look down on Ta'vaalor."
Newa says, "They should at least get access to merchants."
Archales nods encouragingly at Anarquendi.
Talimiir grins at Archales.
Anarquendi nods at Mazreth.
Speaking to Talimiir, Avawren says, "I don't think it's terrinly out of place to request that people who dedicate the time and effort to a city and community have an opportunity to be thanked for it."
Avawren corrects, "Terribly, even."
Erdosi asks, "How do winedotters fit into all this citizenship stuff?"
Speaking to Avawren, Talimiir says, "Thank you. There."
Talimiir sticks out his tongue.
Newa says, "They get stuffed into bags and are grateful for it."
Mazreth says, "Honestly, the only reason I haven't pulled partial citizenship is that it would strip some people of their shops and I don't think that's fair."
Orssus asks, "For those who have the partial citizen pin, if you drop your partial citizenship status and become a citizen else where, does the pin stop working?"
Mazreth says, "It really doesn't fit current documentation or the culture of a military fortress."
Limorten exclaims, "Eminant domain!"
Limorten lets out a cheer!
Orssus says, "Not sure how the mechanics of the pin work."
Speaking to Avawren, Kakoon says, "I try to thank everyone at the end of every invasion I participate in. If you feel left out I appologize and will try to be better about it."
Avawren frowns at Mazreth.
Speaking to Kakoon, Avawren says, "I, nor Avawren, need a thanks for defending our home."
Speaking to Kakoon, Avawren says, "But thank you."
Lynaera nods in agreement at Avawren.
Speaking to Avawren, Kakoon says, "Then I completely misunderstood what you just told him."
Kakoon points at Talimiir.
Talimiir blinks.
Speaking to Kakoon, Anarquendi says, "Words. Nothing but sweet, sweet word that turn into bitter orange wax in my ears."
Anarquendi appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Speaking to Kakoon, Talimiir says, "AT the risk of sounding jerky, I don't understand the problem. We have cit-only things, other towns have cit-only things...."
Talimiir shrugs.
Speaking to Anarquendi, Nihrvanah says, "Ew."
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "The problem is that part-cit don't get access to WPS anywhere."
Talimiir nods.
Speaking to Orssus, Talimiir asks, "Maybe part-cit is a consolation gift that you should be glad you got and just accept it?"
Talimiir shrugs.
Newa says, "I think it is more you know, throwing your non-vaalor elves and other races a bone and sustaining your community."
Speaking to Orssus, Talimiir says, "I'm sick IRL so I'm a bit... short, today."
Archales laughs at Talimiir!
Talimiir shrugs.
Orssus says, "Which means they just completely miss out on WPS because it's always cit only."
Archales says, "That's rich."
Archales nods appreciatively at Talimiir.
Sweetsin says, "You can always pay mercenaiers with merchant visits."
Esana says, "But Mazreth said he'd change that for WPS."
Orssus nods at Esana.
Anarquendi shines his wyvern pin with a quick rub of his thumb, smiling with pride.
Speaking to Anarquendi, Talimiir says, "There's your answe.r.."
Talimiir nods at Esana.
Lynaera says, "The Talent does WPS without regard to citizenship status."
Sweetsin says, "Mercenaries ..."
Sweetsin rolls her eyes.
Speaking to Talimiir, Felarion says, "The issue of restricting merchants and galds to citizens was designed to keep the same fleet of people from descending on every mechant across Elanthia. Citizenship takes time to acquire. The full vs. partial designation is restricted by race and culture, so while it does prevent that fleet of merchant chasers, it also penalizes those who don't fit into a cookie cutter mold of a citizen."
Speaking to Lynaera, Talimiir asks, "The Talent? What is this, a radio station?"
Speaking to Lynaera, Orssus says, "Really? I've only ever seen it announced for citizens of a given town, and it cycles."
Mazreth says, "I said I'd look into changing it.  WPS does have some limitations and I cannot promise that I can allow partial citizens.  IF I can, I will."
Avawren nods at Mazreth.
Talimiir says, "Perhaps.. but that's not a BAD thing."
Mazreth says, "Just wanted that to be clear."
Mazreth grins.
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "It's what a merchant named Culd calls his services for WPS."
Talimiir sighs.
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir asks, "WPS?"
Speaking simply to Talimiir, Felarion says, "I didn't say it was good or bad."
Limorten says, "The talent is Culd's boss i thought."
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "Weighting/Padding/Sighting."
Speaking to Kakoon, Talimiir says, "It's like being in the Army or working for the government... everything has an abbreviation."
Talimiir nods at Nihrvanah.
Talimiir says, "Thanks."
Valyrka says, "Culd does also come to all cities to do WPS, watch for his announcements."
Limorten says, "They wont be happy being talked about I'm sure."
Talimiir nods appreciatively at Anarquendi.
Erdosi says, "I imagine Bugtropolis has short lines."
Taenarion says, "One would think being a militaristic culture, Ta'Vaalor would have more WPS offerings than most."
Taenarion grins.
Mazreth says, "We often forget that our characters are living in a world we do not.  It's easy to champion partial citizens rights because well, it seems the right thing to do.  Our characters however, do not live in a democratic state.  They live in a military monarchy and so things are very different for them."
Talimiir agrees with Mazreth.
Talimiir says, "Exactly."
Abbrae nods at Mazreth.
Nihrvanah laughs at Felarion!
Speaking to Anarquendi, Talimiir says, "Not to be jerky to you... you know you're my brother from another mother."
Sweetsin nods at Mazreth.
Talimiir just nudged Anarquendi.
Khobra says, "Ain't that the truth."
Mazreth says, "That is a balance that I have to maintain, regardless of how I personally feel about an issue."
Orssus nods.
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "That's what RP is... when your character behaves a way that you, as the person, does not or would not."
Mazreth points at Archales.
Nihrvanah blandly says, "I'm not really anorexic, guys.  I just play one in game."

Archales says, "I had a quick question and a short manifesto to read into the record."
Archales cackles deep in his throat, his voice rising in chilling laughter.
Lynaera says, "By design, people who go out and adventure are a little....beyond the norm. We kill giant monsters for fun every day."
Mazreth laughs!
Talimiir winks at Nihrvanah.
Talimiir says, "Sure."
Mazreth says, "This should be interesting."
Archales asks, "Will Qalinor be making any appearances outside the safety of Ta'vaalor?"
Archales says, "Inquiring minds want to know."
Wolfloner grins coldly, his eyes reflecting no emotion.
Anarquendi laughs at Archales!
Limorten chuckles.
Khobra laughs at Archales!
Mazreth says, "Not now that you're reading a manifesto."
Speaking to Archales, Anarquendi asks, "You want the exact time, date, and what he'll be wearing?"
Speaking to Anarquendi, Orssus says, "Number of personal guards in tow."
(Archales allows a small vellum to open up where it uncurls an rolls out across the cafe.)
Archales removes a piece of crackling aged vellum from in his charcoal envelope.
Limorten blinks at Archales.
Talimiir says, "The use of 'safety' is really encouraging..."
Archales clears his throat.
Speaking to Archales, Nihrvanah says, "... you would."
Mazreth says, "Seriously though, he may or may not have engagements outside of Ta'Vaalor's walls in the upcoming year."
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "The safety of Jaranzair's choke slam is never too far."
Mazreth says, "Safety is such a subjective word though."
Talimiir grins at Orssus.
Lynaera shudders.
Wolfloner darkly says, "For those that do not know someone did manage to go after Tyrnian on his return from a visit from Ta'Illstim."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "It's definition, yes- the delibrate use of it... not as much."
Limorten says, "Gurbah could take them."

Archales recites:
    "Dear vaalorians, if you are great its cause I made you great!
     Many of your champions and heros are growing old and soft it is time to find new ones
      an seein as most of your champions got that title foiling my plans in some way
     I will be returning soon to test your new legionaires"
Archales put a piece of crackling aged vellum in his charcoal envelope.
Archales nods appreciatively at Mazreth.
Speaking to Limorten, Nihrvanah says, "Nihrvanah has yet to meet Gurbah... I'm sure she'd be terrified."
Archales says, "I felt like I should give fair warning."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Limorten says, "He's an alright guy."
Limorten nods in agreement at Nihrvanah.
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Limorten says, "Bristenn rides on his back all the time."
Speaking dryly to Archales, Nihrvanah says, "I'm telling Menos."
Anarquendi chuckles.
Archales says, "I'm not scared ..."
Limorten winks at Wolfloner.
Speaking to Archales, Talimiir asks, "Are you one of those people who like to force THEIR RP onto other people?"
Archales folds his arms over his chest.
Nihrvanah looks over at Talimiir and shakes her head.
Talimiir says, "Just wondering."
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "He's not."
Speaking to Talimiir, Nihrvanah says, "He's like Anarquendi.,"
Mazreth says, "This should be interesting."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Anarquendi says, "So that's exactly what he does."
Talimiir glances at Anarquendi.
Anarquendi nods once.
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "Less playful mischievous Anarquendi though."
Avawren stares upward.
Nihrvanah laughs at Anarquendi!
Talimiir agrees with Orssus.
Mazreth says, "He's already tried to kill Qalinor once, before he was even King."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Anarquendi asks, "How else would you describe my food storms?"

Mazreth points at Lucrecea.
Lucrecea nods.
Taenarion renews his songs.
Lucrecea asks, "I recently attending a MHO event in Ta'Vaalor, which was probably the first time in about 10 years since I've spent any real time in this city with any character.  It ended up being a very unpleasant experience for me, as a player, through no fault of the MHO.  I got the very strong impression that non-Vaalorians have virtually no positive place in "official" roleplay in this city other than serving as the punching bags or objects of ridicule for Vaalor elves.  If I end up giving things a second chance here, is that what I should expect moving forward, or was that just a very unusual encounter?"
Speaking to Archales, Talimiir says, "All I know about you is that you're a bard and you tried to kill the king once."
Khobra examines Lucrecea closely, sizing her up and taking note of all the details.
Talimiir shrugs.
Lucrecea says, "I've played "evil" or otherwise socially unaccepted characters before, so this sort of antagonism isn't new to me.  It was, however, unexpected and (to me) inexplicable given that my pure elf character attending had no negative reputation and was only just starting to meet other characters in game.  I want to ensure that my expectations for roleplay here moving forward aren't misplaced if the only "official" role of non-Vaalorians, including other pure elves, has progressed from being the subject of just condescending aloofness to active disdain and antagonism over the past decade."
Talimiir asks, "Notepad much?"
Avawren grabs some salty popcorn from a small pocket inside of her obsidian wool cloak.
Avawren takes a bite of her salty popcorn.
Avawren crunches away happily.
Anarquendi appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Lucrecea says, "I'd rather copy and paste something quickly instead of taking five minutes to type it."
Mazreth says, "This one might take a minute for me to respond to so bear with me."
Limorten nods approvingly at Lucrecea.
Lucrecea nods.
Talimiir adopts an agreeable expression.
Lucrecea says, "That's fine."
Archales says, "To be so organized."
Archales sighs.
Speaking darkly to Lucrecea, Wolfloner says, "Well said."
Lucrecea says, "I know it's a lot to read."
Lucrecea grins.
Speaking to Archales, Avawren says, "Should have written your manifesto in notepad, instead of on vellum."
Speaking to Archales, Talimiir says, "See? One clever use of Notepad and you woudn't have missed capitalization."
Talimiir winks at Archales.
Speaking to Talimiir, Archales says, "Tha's just me taking poetic license."
Mazreth recites:
    "If you are going to play in Ta'Vaalor then I think you do need to understand it's structure.  It is a military monarchy.  The incident in question arose from previous events outside of your control, however you were asked to simply surrender a weapon in the presence of the King by his personal security.  Refusing to do so definitely escalated the situation beyond where it needed to be.  In general, those of other races are welcome in Ta'Vaalor far more than they ever used to be and are actively included in ongoing storylines etc.  Keep in mind however, that there will be limitations occasionally based upon the culture."
Mazreth says, "My apologies for that taking so long."
Mazreth asks, "Since we're ooc.  Imagine what would happen if you refused to surrender a handgun in the President's presence.   Do you think Secret Security would be nice?"
Lucrecea says, "I'm not going to nitpick the encounter, since that is in the past.  However, I was unaware of a lot of what was being insisted to me, including that a character demanding one of my items was an NPC, that it had a weapon in it, and that the previous request was rescinded (wear it) to be replaced by another (hand it over)"
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir asks, "Can I say 'burn' yet?"
Orssus says, "The issue is Nalfien's have a reputation for carrying knives in their fans."
Lucrecea says, "I'm fully aware of Ta'Vaalor's military structure."
Lucrecea says, "I simply want to know what realistic expectations are moving forward."
Speaking to Lucrecea, Talimiir says, "Umm..... you can't complain about an incident, then when it's explained why things happened the way they did, you then dismiss it and move on."
Speaking to Orssus, Lynaera says, "In Ta'Nalfein, it would be a grave faux pas to deprive a Lady of her Fan in any situation. However, when in Ta'Vaalor..."
Speaking to Talimiir, Avawren says, "You could lower the attack dog like, a half step."
Speaking to Lynaera, Orssus says, "It's tactically advantageous to do so."
Speaking to Talimiir, Newa says, "Could you please stop."
Talimiir blinks.
Mazreth says, "Honestly, it depends on what you put into it.  I don't have a problem with players choosing to play evil characters or good characters.  You will get out of Ta'Vaalor what you put into it.  The one thing you SHOULD know is that I firmly believe that RP has consequences both positive and negative."
Lucrecea says, "As it should."
Talimiir blinks.
Archales nods.
Speaking to Lucrecea, Kakoon says, "As a player who has a decent amount of ineraction with the officer, he was actually very patient with you. I have been treated far more harshly by officers than any encounter i have seen a non vaalorian be involved in. I think Esana and Krystalena could probably say the same thing."
Limorten says, "Aint that the truth."
Archales says, "I was banished for ages."
Mazreth says, "If you try to assassinate the King, don't expect to be welcomed at local merchants."
Limorten chuckles.
Talimiir agrees with Mazreth.
Archales exclaims, "I just want a rolton leg and something cold to drink!"
Archales casts his eyes downward while tugging self-consciously at the tip of his ear.
Speaking to Kakoon, Orssus says, "Even Katze was given fair warning before being choke slammed to the earth."
Lucrecea says, "Clearly I, the player, misunderstood what was going on, which led to it being such an unpleasant encounter.  I'll keep that in mind should I return."
Lynaera says, "Several warnings."
Lucrecea nods at Mazreth.
Mazreth says, "That's probably the best I can answer your question.  You don't have any predermined barriers to RP in Vaalor from my end."
Speaking to Lucrecea, Mazreth says, "Since a lot has happened to change Vaalor, always feel free to whisper an OOC question if you're unsure in an encounter.  I would have gladly explained why it was such an important issue in whispers to you that evening."
Lucrecea nods at Mazreth.
Lucrecea says, "Thank you."
Erdosi says, "Most PCs are good about OOC whispers too, in my experience."
Mazreth says, "That's a failing on my part as well, expecting everyone to be up to date on all that happens."
Mazreth agrees with Erdosi.
Mazreth says, "Yeah, even were it not me, I would expect most players here to be equally accommodating."
Mazreth points at Meril.
Sweetsin chuckles.
Sweetsin says, "Years, and years ago. I had the same problem kinda."
Meril says, "Oh, yes. I had a small lore question."
Speaking to Meril, Mazreth says, "Your turn."
Mazreth nods.
Orssus says, "Even PC's that are being hostile can be good about OOC whispers."
Sweetsin says, "I ended up begging a pair of giants to take my charter to a safer place for my race at the time."
Sweetsin says, "They role played getting me to the Landing really nice, perhaps explore that line of path."
Erdosi says, "A hostile PC who is not good about OOC whispers isn't a good player IMO."
Mazreth agrees with Erdosi.

Speaking to Mazreth, Meril says, "In the Customs of the House of Vaalor document, it is said that the city's politics is controlled mainly by 'Five Noble Houses', who have a majority in the Council of Regents, and from whom the steward is always chosen."
Speaking to Erdosi, Talimiir says, "I wish everyone thought the way you do."
Meril says, "But I couldn't find any references to who those five houses are."
Speaking to Talimiir, Erdosi exclaims, "Me too!"
Speaking to Meril, Mazreth says, "Correct."
Speaking to Meril, Mazreth says, "Intentionally vague for possible future development."
Meril rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Meril nods at Mazreth.
Speaking to Mazreth, Esana says, "I vote house Ilynov."
Speaking to Erdosi, Talimiir says, "Some just blur the IC/OOC lines too much. It's a shame."
Speaking to Esana, Mazreth says, "Careful what you wish for."
Esana says, "KIDDING."
Lynaera snickers.

Mazreth points at Avawren.
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "Alcohol can play a part in the blurred lines..."
Avawren clears her throat.
Talimiir grins at Orssus.
Avawren says, "Notepadding incoming."
Avawren smirks.
Limorten says, "Someone should make a song about that."
Limorten says, "Blurred lines."
Talimiir nods sagely at Limorten.
Avawren says, "Firstly, I wanted to say the winter storyline with the sylvan child was masterfully crafted and was pretty much responsible for getting me hooked on this game. There were openings for all sorts of characters and motivations, both pro-Vaalorian and less so. Mysteries to salve, moral debates to be had, alligences to tes. It was a blast, and I'd absolutely love to see more in that style."
Avawren asks, "My question though, is a bit more vague and perhaps there's no clear answer. I'm wondering what ideas you have, from a player action standpoint or a design one, to increase player retention around Ta'Vaalor? It's no secret that new players are routinely told that we're 'not worth the bother', and while it's clear that some of the little annoyances they complain about are a "feature" of Ta'Vaalor ... King's Court gets real empty sometimes. I know I've personally had long conversation with new players trying to convince them to stay, and those that have seem to enjoy themselves/find a place but I keep needing to empty my friends list. Small communities suffer most when people drop out, what can we do to encourage them to visit us and stay?"
Avawren nods once.
Archales says, "Good question."
Avawren mutters, "Notepad and still typo solve to salve."
Avawren stares upward.
Avawren nods graciously at Archales.
Abbrae agrees with Avawren.
Speaking to Avawren, Limorten says, "Lack of hunting grounds above a certain level is probably one of the bigger mechanical reasons."
Avawren nods in agreement at Limorten.
Speaking to Limorten, Lynaera says, "It takes a new player a good while to hit 30ish, when the hunting grounds start to dry up."
Limorten nods in agreement at Lynaera.
Erdosi says, "Low level hunting can be a beast here. Lotta orcs in heavy armor, including with resistances."
Speaking to Lynaera, Limorten says, "A truely new player, yes."
Erdosi says, "And you have to compete with dreavenings."
Mazreth says, "That has always been an ongoing issue for the nine years I've had Ta'Vaalor.  I understand the papers are an inconvienence and have driven some players away.  Vaalor's population ebbs and flows with storylines and occasionally we get some that stay afterwards but in all the time I've had Vaalor, I've had to reconcile myself to the fact that it will NEVER be the Landing.  It is a niche RP.  Not everyone likes the military, or arrogance, or the extra costs at local merchants, or the papers, etc."
Limorten nods in agreement at Erdosi.
Avawren nods in agreement at Mazreth.
Erdosi says, "Level 8 stuff with slash/crush reistant haubreks just feels cruel."
Nihrvanah mouths, "Wow... it's been 9 years..."
Speaking to Mazreth, Avawren says, "It is niche, and I don't think any one of us wants it to be the Landing ...."
Avawren stares off into space.
Speaking to Erdosi, Talimiir says, "The Dreavening is great... but I don't want Vaalor to BECOME the landing- that defeats the purpose of it being Vaalor. Try to be like some other place too much and you lose your own identity."
Mazreth says, "Simply by the way the culture is defined, and the city I inherited, it will always be a struggle.  I think we do pretty good as a population doing what we can in being helpful, positive, and generally nice people to those new players we see."
Erdosi says, "I'm just saying what the calculus is."
Esana says, "No, but I've seen people argue how it should be the landing of the west."
Nihrvanah says, "Personally... I've done my time in Landing... I avoid it like the plague now..."
Esana stares off into space.
Esana says, "East."
Speaking to Esana, Mazreth says, "I've heard that a lot too."
Orssus says, "If Vaalor was like the landing I wouldn't be here."
Limorten says, "Solhaven is the landing's vaalor."
Archales says, "I think that's mainly cause people have to start here."
Talimiir agrees with Orssus..
Talimiir says, "That."
Erdosi says, "Half the bounties are in heavy armor, which is a beast for swingers or casters."
Speaking to Limorten, Nihrvanah says, "I am actually really liking Solhaven rn, too."
Limorten agrees with Nihrvanah.
Mazreth says, "We could have the population of the Landing, but we would sacrifice what makes the EN unique."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir says, "Of course you are."
Speaking to Limorten, Nihrvanah says, "And not even as my humans."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Limorten says, "Solhaven and Vaalor have great little RP communitis."
Orssus says, "And I would think the papers are really less of a determining factor than some may think."
Talimiir nods at Orssus.
Orssus says, "As the population of Vaalorian elves ebb and flow as well."
Archales says, "I don't think its overstated."
Speaking to Orssus, Mazreth says, "No, I've actually had people tell me they're leaving specifically because of the papers."
Speaking to Orssus, Talimiir says, "Maybe lowering the cost of the papers could help? I think it's what they SIGNIFY that defines their purpose, not by how much they drain someone's coinpurse."
Limorten says, "I could see that."
Limorten nods.
Speaking to Orssus, Mazreth says, "They are more of a sticking point than you might think."
Esana says, "I've heard people leave because of the no-teleport in town."
Erdosi says, "The papers are a cold splash of water when you hit level 10 and get asked for 8k or whatever it is for the unwanted races."
Speaking to Mazreth, Avawren says, "I'm kind of here because I don't want the population or style of the landing, and I love the EN theme. But I missed it for a solid year, beause all I heard was "stay away from TV"."
Lynaera says, "I think the biggest contributor to getting people to stay, is fostering a community. Which is always more of a challenge with fewer people. Some times people are accepting and sometimes they are not."
Mazreth nods at Esana.
Avawren shakes her head.
Mazreth says, "We addressed that last night in the elf meeting..."
Erdosi says, "And then running into 15 seconds of RT, having to pay for stuff with hands full, ... it's a lot."
Mazreth says, "It came up, the no teleport into town."
Archales nods in agreement at Erdosi.
Orssus says, "I can understand that from the standpoint of a very new player, trying to play a half-elf or dark elf."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "What about lowering the cost of the papers? Maybe NEEDING them wouldn't be as much of a hindrance if they didn't cost as much."
Talimiir shrugs.
Speaking to Orssus, Archales says, "I'm capped and its still annoying."
Krystalena says, "Dark elves pay less than Aelotoi."
Speaking to Orssus, Archales says, "Even though I enjoy the folks here, its made me avoid the town for long stretches."
Limorten asks, "Or extend how long they last?"
Orssus says, "Oh yeah, it's aelotoi and half-elves that pay the most."
Erdosi says, "The papers are especially annoying on alts."
Speaking sarcastically to Archales, Talimiir says, "Our loss."
Talimiir sticks out his tongue.
Speaking to Krystalena, Nihrvanah says, "The Aelotoi destroyed the town."
Speaking to Talimiir, Archales says, "In your case it would be throwin pearls before swine."
Archales snickers.
Krystalena says, "Wasn't denying that."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Orssus says, "An Aelotoi, but yeah."
Erdosi says, "Log in and find out you have to pay up again."
Lynaera says, "An Aelotoi destroyed the town."
Erdosi grumbles.
Lynaera nods at Orssus.
Krystalena says, "Papers aren't going away.  That was said at the top."
Mazreth says, "They're really not that expensive in my opinion.  A casually hunting character can make 50k/day easily."
Nihrvanah takes a bite of her oversized fudge brownie.
Orssus says, "The papers are just an unfortunate factor of the way things are."
Orssus shrugs.
Sweetsin says, "All the better to watch you."
Mazreth says, "The most expensive papers don't cost anywhere near that and last a month."
Krystalena says, "You don't need papers if you hunt before sunset."
Newa chuckles.
Nihrvanah says, "You can also sell in Ravelin."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "Told you it was because it was daylight."
Speaking to Krystalena, Mazreth says, "Only to sell things, but not to get in and out of the gates."
Nihrvanah says, "You don't need papers there."
Speaking to Krystalena, Avawren asks, "What is this "sun"?"
Speaking to Avawren, Orssus says, "Big ball of fire in the sky, it's terrible."
Mazreth says, "The gates do NOT check papers during daylight hours."
Avawren shudders.
Speaking to Mazreth, Krystalena says, "You're right.  My mistake."
Mazreth says, "The merchants always check for them."
Orssus nods at Mazreth.
Orssus says, "That was my question."
Speaking to Krystalena, Mazreth says, "No, you were correct."
Archales says, "I don't think the cost is the issue if we're being honest."
Orssus says, "I figured the shop-keepers still checked."
Avawren exclaims, "Petition to move Elanthia to PST so I can see the sun!"
Avawren coughs.
Meril says, "I've always felt GS needs the accelerated day-night cycles from DR."
Mazreth says, "I think the issue is one of convienence."
Wolfloner nods at Archales.
Erdosi says, "The cost is an issue at level 10, but beyond that, not really."
Archales nods in agreement at Mazreth.
Orssus agrees with Erdosi.
Mazreth says, "It's an extra step, and one more thing to do."
Newa says, "Right? I have this thing called a job I do when the sun is up.  It is how I pay for my subscription.  I'm not complianing about papers, I think it adds to the richness of the Vaalor being well, Vaalor."
Archales asks, "Could you just speed up the reminder?"
Archales says, "There's no real reason it has to take 15 seconds to tell me."
Speaking to Archales, Orssus asks, "Speaking of at the gates?"
Mazreth says, "You mean when caught without them?  They're stopping you and searching you.  Just think you got lucky and chosen by TSA for a personal search."
Mazreth grins at Archales.
Erdosi says, "It would be nice if your first "offense" was 3 seconds."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir asks, "Maybe we can furlough the guards?"
Talimiir winks.
Speaking to Archales, Nihrvanah says, "Cavity searches, all for you."
Newa chuckles.
Mazreth points at Esana.
Archales says, "Its doesn't feel like random luck."
Speaking to Mazreth, Orssus says, "Petition to have random cavity searches enacted during invasions."
Orssus chuckles.
Erdosi says, "15 seconds, they should buy me dinner."

Esana asks, "There has been some hostility over warcamps, and I was wondering if you could lay to rest an argument.  Do warcamps, if found by a person, belong to that person?"
Mazreth slowly empties his lungs.
Mazreth says, "The million silver question..."
Archales says, "Poaching is a filthy habit."
Lynaera says, "Camps belong to no one."
Mazreth says, "Technically, warcamps do not belong to anyone."
Orssus nods at Lynaera.
Limorten says, "The grimswarm."
Speaking to Limorten, Lynaera says, "They steal the land from the Crown."
Mazreth says, "They are fair game for anyone to enter and fight in."
Speaking to Lynaera, Limorten says, "I heard they pay taxes."
Limorten shrugs.
Wolfloner darkly asks, "Same as any other hunting area?"
Nihrvanah says, "Speaking of warcamps."
Mazreth agrees with Wolfloner.
Mazreth says, "Exactly."
Mazreth says, "I will say that I think Vaalor has a bigger issue than anywhere else though, due to the number of Sunfist members who reside here and how often every single camp is burned."
Limorten asks, "Could that be because of the lack of higher level hunting grounds as well though?"
Limorten says, "Or at least, quickly accessible ones."
Mazreth says, "OTF is easily accessible from here now via Aradhul road."
Wolfloner nods at Mazreth.
Limorten says, "Right, but thats a big leap from the sorcerer's isle."
Limorten says, "Thats why I moved out."
Mazreth says, "With the teleportation changes, one can ring to Illistim and run there if need be."
Orssus says, "Oh, I had a curious thought."
Erdosi peers quizzically at Limorten.
Erdosi says, "There's the bog."
Erdosi says, "And the red forst now."
Orssus asks, "Why are there no camps in the bog, cemetary or Red Forest?"
Limorten ponders.
Sweetsin asks, "Red forest can be reached from here?"
Speaking to Erdosi, Limorten says, "Maybe i moved out before they were in."
Orssus nods at Sweetsin.
Erdosi says, "Grimswarm always avoid certain areas."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Orssus says, "Different red forest, but the same..."
Archales says, "Is the shortage of warcamps in vaalor a new thing? outside of river's rest there seem to always been camps that sit here longer than any other locality."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Avawren says, "Yup, through the cemetary. You need some climbing for the rock."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "Might be a fun hunt."
Sweetsin agrees with Limorten.
Speaking to Sweetsin, Krystalena says, "We can show you afterward if you'd like."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "Until you end up with rocks in your pocket."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "If we get spells maybe before we head back over."
Erdosi says, "The climbing is rough, and rescues there are terrible."
Speaking to Archales, Avawren says, "It's been that way since I've been here, really. Most of our capped players use warcamps."
Mazreth says, "There is still a small gap from the bog to the red forest, but for the most part the gaps in hunting Vaalor have been eliminated."
Speaking to Limorten, Orssus says, "And a banana for a weapon."
Limorten nods in agreement at Orssus.
Taenarion says, "Just don't bring back a backpack full of treasure and expect to hop skip and jump over the river canyon though."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "We'll have to check out the options."
Avawren says, "There's a pretty good rescue team around the Fortress though, a few of us even. For Red Forest Deaths."
Esana preens her white-feathered wings, gently pulling a few loose feathers which quickly dissipate.
Limorten says, "Consider me learneded."
Erdosi says, "Right, it's just quite obnoxious to do, unless you have a nexus. Unless some teleport changes have happened."
Archales nods slowly.
Speaking to Avawren, Talimiir says, "Anar's the one who tends to pull me out of the forest most of the time."
Erdosi says, "I can't keep up with those. I'm an old man."
Speaking to Limorten, Kakoon says, "The Red Forest can be a lot of fun. Some interesting combinations the creatures there can hit you with that make it a challenge."
Avawren nods at Talimiir.
Orssus says, "Is there a possibility of putting camps on the sorcerer's isle, bog, cemetary and red forest? more area for camps might mean less in fighting for "claimed" camps."
Speaking to Kakoon, Limorten says, "It was silly easy on my mage."
Limorten nods in agreement at Kakoon.
Speaking to Talimiir, Avawren says, "He and Aharil drag and make a lot of portals."
Avawren chuckles.
Talimiir grins.
Talimiir adopts an agreeable expression.
Lynaera murmurs, "More orc camps would be nice."
Speaking to Limorten, Kakoon says, "I just really don't like that last ring."
Kakoon gasps.
Speaking to Kakoon, Orssus asks, "With the treekin?"
Mazreth says, "Honestly, I don't know what changes might look like IF they can even be done.  It may be a reduction in regen time or perhaps an increased number of camps in the area, or none of the above."
Speaking to Lynaera, Kakoon says, "More troll camps."
Speaking to Kakoon, Talimiir says, "I tried the third and hated it- can't imagine the fourth would be any better."
Speaking bitterly to Orssus, Talimiir says, "Those sprites..."
Talimiir shudders.
Nihrvanah says, "I like the sprites."
Esana says, "I vote for troll camps as well."
Erdosi says, "The fourth is fun, just tough."
Limorten nods appreciatively at Mazreth.
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "It's amusing when the Treekin Druids crap out a bunch of little twig constructs."
Speaking to Erdosi, Talimiir says, "Haven't tried it... can't say I'm looking forward to it."
Limorten says, "Treekins were rough, sprites was ewave into 917, collect xp."
Speaking to Orssus, Talimiir says, "You're really not pushing me to go."
Orssus says, "They act like little shield guards too, throwing themselves infront of the druid."

Mazreth points at Wolfloner.
Nihrvanah leans back a bit and folds her arms behind her head.
Archales nods slowly.
Wolfloner nods at Mazreth.
Archales asks, "I had a question about the town defenses, I get the blocking teleportation nto town, but could there be a small defensible spot outside the walls?"
Archales says, "I tried usng Ravelin but it can be ackward getting back into the fight from there."
Esana seems to slow down and become a bit less nimble.
Mazreth asks, "Are you specfically asking for invasion situations?"
Archales says, "There might be a location I'm unaware of now, since the catacombs are blocked up."
Archales says, "Yes kinda specifically in those situations."
High Legionnaire Kakoon just arrived.
Mazreth says, "Currently teleportation lands you directly outside one of the 4 gates OR the Ravelin.  It is random."
Mazreth asks, "I guess what I'm asking is the issue, teleporting into a swarm of creatures assaulting the gates?"
Archales asks, "So there's no way to anchor it to one gate?"
Mazreth says, "There is not."
Orssus says, "You can anchor to the inn in the Ravelin."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon asks, "Does training affect how close you will land to a gate?"
Orssus says, "That's the only thing I'm aware of that works consistently."
Archales says, "Yeah trying to avoid running in and becoming an instant casualty cause 'm not in the main group."
Mazreth says, "Even anchored, it's never 100% but no, you can't anchor."
Speaking to Orssus, Nihrvanah says, "Only bards can do that."
A long-eared jerboa on Taenarion's shoulder plops down and begins grooming itself with an almost comical air of fastidiousness.
Speaking to Orssus, Nihrvanah says, "And it's not an in... it's a tavern."
Talimiir rolls his eyes.
Mazreth says, "You will always land in one of those 5 locations regardless of which spell is used.  Which one is purely random though."
Orssus says, "Semantics."
Nihrvanah corrects, "*inn."
Mazreth says, "And cannot be locked in to make one gate more likely than the others etc."
Archales says, "Okay that's fair."
Meril says, "Spiritualists will more likely land outside Victory Gate with more training, you don't get to choose which one."
Archales says, "I'll govern myself accordingly."
Mazreth says, "I will think about what might be able to be done to keep teleporters from insta death during invasions."
Mazreth says, "But can't promise anything quickly as I think it will take some thought."
Archales nods understandingly.
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir asks, "Would it be possible to make the potential landing spots one room PAST the gate?"
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "No guarantee of safety, but at least hte overall chances would improve."
Mazreth says, "It won't be inside the walls, no."
Talimiir adopts an agreeable expression.
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "Not one room insde... but one room 'earlier', might be a better way of saying it."
Sweetsin says, "A guard guarded area ..."
Sweetsin stares off into space.
Mazreth says, "I don't want rescuerers dying with a body before they can even "go gate" but I'm not sure how to counteract that."
Orssus says, "Probably on the far end of the bridge would be the safesty during an invasion."
Talimiir nods understandingly.
Erdosi says, "In the past, I thought an IC-ly heavily guarded triage spot would make sense."
Speaking to Orssus, Talimiir says, "That's the sort of thign I was suggesting."
Erdosi says, "You teleport to some place and you're immediately surrouned but a bunch of cranky armed elves."
Mazreth says, "Of course then they'd have to drag through multiple bridge rooms which may have invasion creatures on them."
Erdosi says, "And a medic."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "Could do like Icemule does."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "They have a portcullis."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "Kind of."
Limorten says, "Raised my hand to throw this out, but - Might there be a highly specific, IC way that maybe there is some super secret way to get from Solhaven to Vaalor? wink wink nudge nudge."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "Basically two rooms of "gate"."
Orssus says, "True, in a rescue situation you want to come in as close to the gate as possible."
Speaking to Limorten, Orssus says, "Chronomage."
Limorten says, "Exactly."
Speaking confusedly to Limorten, Avawren asks, "You mean Ta'Valyrka?"
Speaking to Limorten, Erdosi says, "Steal an airship. I hear that went well last time."
Speaking to Limorten, Nihrvanah asks, "You mean Ta'Valyrka to Vaalor?"
Limorten squints at Avawren.
Mazreth says, "That's a thought, but would require a "reconstruction" of the fortress."
Avawren grins slowly.
Speaking to Avawren, Limorten says, "Over ordim's dead body... which... probably wont make anyone unhappy."
Limorten points at Erdosi.
Speaking to Erdosi, Limorten says, "Good answer."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah reasons, "It would make slightly more sense to have it that way than just to have ONE gate."
Nihrvanah says, "Well... four gates, but one gate to go through at each of the four gates."
Taenarion says, "We rebuilt bridges, now let us build a proper gatehouse."
Nihrvanah says, "Consider it extra defenses."
Lucrecea says, "Even Ta'Vaalor has a portculis."
Lucrecea says, "I mean, Ta'Illistim."
Nihrvanah says, "We can also reposition the ballistas inside of the gatehouse."
Krystalena says, "We have a portculis on the main keep."
Avawren says, "The dwarves would like the construction work, I'm sure."
Erdosi says, "The inner keep has a portcullis."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir asks, "Or sort of what Archie was suggesting... perhaps a pre-gate room, outside the gates, that's secure? Like... a barbican?"
Talimiir shrugs.
Mazreth says, "I'll definitely think about it.  I think it would make sense and we could allow the murder holes from above for the "gatehouse" rooms."
Nihrvanah says, "Put the barracks in that area."
The mirror images surrounding Archales undulate and grow stronger.
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon asks, "Boiling oil?"
Taenarion asks, "Or all four bridges to the island fortess should be able to be raised or barricaded or some such?"
Limorten says, "The Wyvern's drool."
Nihrvanah says, "I'll even willingly redo the map I made."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Lynaera says, "Lovely map, by the way."
Mazreth says, "It wouldn't be a minor project though and so I WILL think about it and decide on how to propose it."
The brilliant luminescence fades from around Orssus.
Mazreth says, "I would love boiling oil."
Talimiir nods appreciatively at Mazreth.
Archales says, "How about a way to scale the walls."
Archales says, "Or sneak in."
Archales asks, "Who said that?"
Archales turns around.
Archales shifts his weight.
Speaking to Archales, Kakoon says, "There's already the catacombs."
Mazreth says, "You can currently sneak past the gates if you're good enough."
Lynaera grins at Mazreth.
Lynaera hums distractedly to herself.
Orssus asks, "Door to the catacombs never opened did it?"
Speaking to Kakoon, Archales says, "But I bought this fancy rope n grapnel."
Mazreth says, "Just saying it IS possible."
Archales grips the length of rope dangling from his grappling iron.
Mazreth says, "Door to the catacombs is staying closed."
Speaking to Orssus, Krystalena says, "I was going to ask if that was going to be reopened."
Nihrvanah can offer Mazreth only a blank expression.
Nihrvanah asks, "What?"
Archales says, "Duly noted."
Mazreth says, "I finally had a good IC reason to close it and now it's staying shut for security reasons."
Archales asks, "To clarify we can sneak past the gates or the catacomb entrance?"
Krystalena says, "So we'd better make sure to defend the fortress and not have to escape."
Nihrvanah complains, "Now I'm going to have to add it back into my regular TV map."
Mazreth says, "The gate guards."
Erdosi asks, "Can you fix the room, then?"
Erdosi says, "If it hasn't been fixed yet."
Limorten says, "Someone better bring them coffee instead of water."
Orssus says, "Finally, no more vulnerable exhaust port on the deathstar."
Mazreth says, "It is possible to sneak into the actual gates."
Erdosi says, "The door is/was described as open."
Speaking to Erdosi, Mazreth asks, "In the room text?"
Nihrvanah says, "Because it won't make sense to have it be part of Fearling Pass if you can't actually GET to Fearling Pass from it."
Erdosi says, "I forget the details. Either the room text or the door description itself, yeah."
Mazreth says, "I'll look at it.  I didn't realize it was described as such in the room description."
Nihrvanah raises her hands in surrender!
Talimiir says, "I just thought of something."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Kakoon says, "But now it's only accessible from fearling pass."
Erdosi says, "When I reactivated I was confused as heck."
Speaking to Erdosi, Mazreth says, "Thanks for bringing that up."
Archales asks, "So do you just throw a lock on something like that or have to brick it up?"
Speaking to Kakoon, Nihrvanah says, "The catacombs aren't, no."
Speaking to Kakoon, Nihrvanah says, "Only from the grate."
Speaking to Kakoon, Nihrvanah says, "With the door closed, you can't access them from Fearling Pass."
Kakoon asks, "I thought the grate is what was closed?"
Speaking to Archales, Mazreth says, "I just locked it for now."
Speaking to Archales, Mazreth says, "But it can't be picked."
Archales says, "So many memories down there."
Speaking to Kakoon, Talimiir says, "The grate's open- that's how people access the Voldemort Society."
The black ora medallion around Khobra's neck is momentarily engulfed in a shroud of darkness!
Mazreth says, "Yes, this is specifically the door out to kobolds."
Mazreth says, "That has always been a bit of a hole in Vaalor's security."
Kakoon says, "Well that is very interesting then. Quite the little underground area for all kinds of possible crime synidicates to take root."
Lynaera muses, "Now, just to deal with that secretive cult living down there..."
Speaking to Kakoon, Nihrvanah asks, "Because a society being housed there isn't enough?"
Wolfloner glances at Kakoon.
Mazreth says, "I know nothing of such cult."

Mazreth points at Limorten.
Speaking simply to Nihrvanah, Kakoon says, "Nope."
Speaking to Mazreth, Limorten says, "I think Krystalana had a question before me, unless I missed something."
Archales rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Limorten glances at Krystalena.
Krystalena says, "It was answered with the door remaining closed."
Limorten nods.
Mazreth says, "Perfect then."
Limorten says, "I was just going to throw out the suggestion that may be out of your scope but could help the discussion before - A connection between vaalor and solhaven that might have the ability to transport poeple."
Limorten says, "Certain society people might enjoy that."
Mazreth grins.
Mazreth says, "I think it's called the Chronomages."
Mazreth says, "And it already exists."
Limorten nods knowingly.
Mazreth says, "Seriously though, I can't duplicate systems."
Limorten nods understandingly.
Archales asks, "So don't even ask for a zipline from Cysaegir?"
Archales appears to be chewing on the inside of his golvern mask.  He must be hungry.
Mazreth says, "Wtihin Cysaegir would be fun."
Speaking to Archales, Madilynne says, "That would be fun."
Speaking to Archales, Orssus says, "That would be amazing."
Mazreth says, "But not from it, no."

Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "I don't know what the coding restrictions are, but... during the last invasion I was at a gate, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were just standing there, having a conversation, while I was hacking away at Grim."
Orssus says, "I fear I would become a wrecking ball though."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir asks, "If they can't participate, could they at least pretend to be called off to guard some other area?"
Talimiir says, "It seemed moronic that there's a horde of baddies outside and these two are discussing local real estate trends and other small talk."
Nihrvanah nods in agreement at Talimiir.
Speaking to Talimiir, Orssus says, "No, you must hear about what's-her-face's dreams of having a cow farm."
Talimiir agrees with Orssus.
Speaking to Talimiir, Archales says, "I guess they thought you could handle it."
Mazreth says, "Though I admit it does look odd to have drunk guards just standing there, recoding that would be a MAJOR project because they are all tied together with shift rotations and a lot of other interactions."
Kakoon says, "It's just battlefield banter."
Speaking to Archales, Talimiir says, "It's not a measure of my capability."
Erdosi says, "At least the guard post comes with remarkable immortality."
Erdosi says, "They just keep popping back up."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "I got ya. Figured it wouldnt' hurt to ask. It wasn't the HELP that I needed... just the obvious clash of logic...."
Avawren says, "They've only been standing there like, two weeks in Elf Time."
Talimiir says, "Invasion happening, these two chit-chatting about silly stuff."
Mazreth says, "And honestly, I'd rather put my coding resources into storylines, or creating boiling oil, or something along those lines than trying to fix that issue.  It would be very time consuming."
Mazreth says, "Yeah, sometimes I have to just disbelieve."
Speaking to Mazreth, Talimiir says, "Knowing that now, I agree 143,500%."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon asks, "Would you have it like acid flares so it could melt the creatures faces?"
Talimiir says, "I didn't know how complex it would be- couldn't hurt to ask."
Avawren whispers aloud, "Stoooorylines ...."
Lynaera offers, "A storyline....about boiling oil."
Speaking to Lynaera, Talimiir says, "Vaalorian Fried Chicken frachises popping up everywhere..."
Mazreth says, "Okay, now you are making me want to do ANYTHING just so I can put in messaging about melting faces ala Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Talimiir grins at Mazreth.
Archales says, "Isn't that kinda primitive? I mean Ta'illistim has magical towers that shoot bolts down, you should definitely buy some of those."
Archales says, "Five stars."
Krystalena grins at Mazreth.
Mazreth says, "I don't trust those elemancers."
Speaking smarmily to Archales, Nihrvanah says, "We have a drake."
Speaking to Archales, Talimiir says, "People who liked bolting towers also searched for...."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Talimiir says, "We need a Hulk."
Nihrvanah intones, "Hail the Mighty Drake."
Mazreth says, "I think that's everyone who signed the coloring book."
Limorten exclaims, "Don't look at the drake!"
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Orssus says, "Now if only we could commision three more."
Krystalena says, "A drake at Amaranth would be amazing."
Speaking disappointedly to Mazreth, Nihrvanah asks, "Why you lie?"
Mazreth says, "And Moonstone Abbey has a trivia event coming up soon that I don't want to trample all over so Kakoon will be the last question."

Mazreth points at Kakoon.
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon asks, "Are you able to confirm that it is a festival of the fallen year?"
Mazreth says, "I cannot confirm Festival of the Fallen this year at this time.  Things are still up in the air."
Kakoon frowns.
Kakoon nods.
Esana says, "That's sad."
Esana says, "I hope it comes."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "I will keep my fingers crossed."
Kakoon agrees with Esana.
Krystalena agrees with Esana.
Khobra asks, "What's the Festival of the Fallen?"
Lynaera nods in agreement at Kakoon.
Archales says, "Delightful."
Avawren says, "I think I can hear Anarquendi wailing somewhere ..."
Avawren cocks her head.
Speaking to Khobra, Lynaera says, "The best festival that isn't pay to enter."
Speaking to Lynaera, Khobra says, "Like it already."
Khobra nods at Lynaera.
Speaking to Khobra, Archales says, "Its a combat themed festival that happens every few years here in Ta'vaalor."
Mazreth says, "With that note then, I want to thank you all for coming tonight.  If you have thoughts about town systems you would like to see improvements too, don't hesitate to email me about them.  I'm always open to ideas, even if I can't implement them immediately."
Talimiir nods appreciatively at Mazreth.
Speaking to Mazreth, Limorten suggests, "More wines."
Limorten nods.
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah asks, "Still sending you player story things?"
Speaking to Limorten, Mazreth says, "Being discussed."
Archales smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand!
Limorten nods in agreement at Mazreth.
Limorten lets out a cheer!
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Mazreth says, "Of course."
Mazreth says, "I like backstories."
Sweetsin says, "Another personal wine press release."
Archales says, "Good meeting."
Avawren asks, "Player story things?"
Mazreth says, "Helps me find more subtle ways to kill you."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "I could write you a novel."
Jessianna just climbed down some stairs surrounded by a low railing along the back wall.
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "Thank you for taking the time to meet with all of us and to listen to our suggestions."
Mazreth says, "Or trap you."
Valyrka says, "Time to go over look my new domain of Ta'Valyrka."
Speaking to Mazreth, Lynaera says, "Or get us in trouble with the local guards."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "Nawp... Lydil has my soul now."
Speaking to Mazreth, Esana says, "Thanks for holding this meeting. Always fun to say hi."
Archales says, "Diabolical."
Archales surveys his surroundings carefully.
Speaking to Mazreth, Abbrae says, "Thanks so much."
Speaking to Mazreth, Sweetsin says, "I hope to find a reason to bring Sweets back more."
Speaking to Lynaera, Mazreth says, "Yes, that happens occasionally too."
Esana taps Kynlee lightly on her shoulder.
Lynaera looks at Mazreth and hums.
Khobra says, "'Thank you, was very informative."
Kynlee asks, "Wut?"
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin asks, "We going to the Trivia or hunting?"
Speaking to Kynlee, Esana asks, "Any houses going to be released in Ta'Vaalor?"
Esana says, "I have a few friends who could use one."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten says, "You going to carry me because I don't know anything."
Kynlee says, "There aren't any plans right now."
Talimiir snaps his fingers.
Speaking to Kynlee, Nihrvanah says, "Speaking of... still... going over your last set of notes."
Speaking to Kynlee, Esana says, "Second question."
Speaking to Kynlee, Esana says, "Do you take bribes."
Speaking to Kynlee, Nihrvanah says, "I'll be sending them soon, promise."
The mirror images surrounding Taenarion undulate and grow stronger.
Talimiir says, "Right then.... I'll be off."
Talimiir says, "A pleasure seeing most of you."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "I am on the fence, I really want to support the house here."
Mazreth says, "I think the MHO event will be in a tent in Amaranth court."
Talimiir smiles at Orssus.
Mazreth says, "Somewhere."
Wolfloner darkly says, "Have a grand evening all."
Archales asks, "No hug for me?"
Lynaera says, "Now to steal all the food...."
Lynaera wiggles her fingers at an old espresso bar.
Esana begins chuckling at Mazreth!
Speaking to Mazreth, Avawren says, "Thank you for hosting."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "She asked nicely, whynot."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon asks, "Will Qalinor ever propose to Esana?"
Speaking to Mazreth, Newa exclaims, "Thank you!"
Speaking to Esana, Mazreth says, "Now, about Ilynov being on the Council of Houses..."
Esana groans.
Speaking to Kakoon, Lynaera says, "Now THERE is a good question."
Newa gives Avawren a friendly hug.
Speaking to Mazreth, Kynlee says, "Can they just have a love child?  Who needs a ceremony."
Kynlee examines her fingernails.
Speaking to Kakoon, Mazreth says, "Probably not, he'll just admire her from a distance."
Esana says, "Aww."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "It could be a good lead into making Ilynov on the Council of Houses."
Speaking to Kakoon, Orssus says, "You'll have to tune into the next episode of The Bachelor, Ta'Vaalor edition."
Esana says, "I was KIDDING."
Nihrvanah glances skeptically at Esana.
Mazreth says, "To be honest, when the House was conceived  House Ilynov already WAS a member of the Council of Houses, but being as they had no surviving members for centuries, their seat has remained vacant."
Esana stares off into space.
Speaking to Esana, Kakoon says, "Time to fill it."
Esana takes a few steps back.
Esana says, "Oh look someone died."
Mazreth says, "So technically, they are still ON the Council, but they don't really have a vote anymore.  Sort of an honorary seat at this time."
First Legionnaire Esana just climbed down some stairs surrounded by a low railing along the back wall.
Nihrvanah comments, "I hope if that's the case positions for other PCs will open up as well."
Lynaera glances to her left.
Lynaera glances to her right.
Mazreth says, "Well, that's why it's an honorary seat.  I'm not ready to give PCs authority over choosing a new King just yeat."
Lynaera helps herself to a small maple bacon donut.
Mazreth says, "Yet."
Mazreth says, "I would like to get more lore into the game though, like was done with Ilynov.  A noble house with an entire history behind it."
Speaking to Mazreth, Nihrvanah says, "But we kind of did when we voted for Qalinor."
Mazreth says, "Well, you THINK you did."
Nihrvanah says, "So... we're actually in Russia."
Nihrvanah says, "And Qalinor is Putin."
Madilynne says, "Good brainwashing."
Nihrvanah says, "Got it."
Mazreth says, "But to say the Council considered your input would be fair."
Mazreth says, "But the Council had the ultimate decision."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Kakoon says, "In Mother Vaalor, you don't vote king."
Erdosi says, "You chose... wisely."
Mazreth says, "More like our Electoral College vs Popular vote actually."
Nihrvanah says, "And now... Qalinor = Putin is cemented in my head."
Limorten says, "Theres only one REAL council."
Erdosi asks, "Does that mean we're getting a lot of shirtless Qalinor?"
Lynaera wiggles her ears at Erdosi.
Kakoon says, "I'm totally down for a Vaalor type of red square may day parade."
Krystalena says, "We don't get any now so more would be something."
Krystalena says, "Shirtless Qalinor I mean."
Speaking to Kakoon, Mazreth says, "You may regret that, because I'm going to hold you to it."
Speaking to Erdosi, Orssus says, "Shirtless Qalinor riding a bear."
Nihrvanah says, "With a fur hat."
Speaking to Kakoon, Orssus says, "I want to see a red square parade myself."
Speaking to Orssus, Madilynne says, "A drake."
Speaking to Madilynne, Orssus says, "Good point."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "Aren't there applications for a new Legionnaire? Nothing wrong with a little delegation."
Speaking to Kakoon, Krystalena says, "That means we have to practice parade commands more so we don't look bad."
Kakoon grins.
Orssus says, "Shirtless Qalinor riding a wyvern."
Mazreth starts chortling.
Khobra laughs!
Speaking to Kakoon, Erdosi asks, "You want him to ride the new legionnaire?"
Mazreth says, "That there are."
Speaking to Felarion, Nihrvanah asks, "Better?"
Mazreth agrees with Krystalena.
Mazreth says, "Yes, practicing parade commands would be great."
Taenarion says, "That or a more roman triumph parade style."
Speaking to Taenarion, Erdosi whispers aloud, "Memento mori."
Speaking to Felarion, Nihrvanah says, "I hope you have more brownies."
Speaking to Taenarion, Mazreth says, "If only I had chariots for that."
Taenarion exclaims, "Chariots, yes!"
Mazreth says, "Think how we could cut down the grim with chariots."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Felarion says, "I.. will be right back."
Nihrvanah whispers aloud, "Yay, brownies."
Krystalena says, "Get those chariots with the blades sticking out of the hubs."
Speaking to Mazreth, Kakoon says, "We cut their legs off at the knees then poor boiling oil on them."
Nihrvanah glances over at Kakoon and winces.
Mazreth nods.
Speaking to Kakoon, Mazreth says, "I like the way you think."
Speaking to Kakoon, Madilynne asks, "Isn't that overkill?"
Taenarion asks, "Or oil then cut legs, we could give them a choice as a sign of leniency?"
Speaking to Madilynne, Kakoon says, "Only if they bleed out before we poor the oil."
Lynaera asks, "I think we have to do oil first, if they are troll. Their legs could grow back, no?"
The firemote on Nihrvanah's forehead dims, then suddenly brightens in a luminous plume of tiny silver and cardinal red sparks that radiate out from her eyes in a feather-like pattern.
Nihrvanah looks over at Krystalena and shakes her head.
Taenarion says, "But then someone would remind us we need horses for chariots..."
Taenarion groans.
Speaking to Lynaera, Kakoon says, "Drakar blades for the chariot spikes."
Lynaera nods eagerly at Kakoon.
Kakoon says, "That way they could then light the oil on fire."
Nihrvanah says, "Horses exist in Elanthia... we just don't have access to them."
Mazreth says, "If they're trapped between the portculious and the gates, what does it matter if they have their legs."
Mazreth says, "They can't get out and the oil will kill them eventually."
Speaking to Nihrvanah, Taenarion exclaims, "Good point!"
Speaking to Taenarion, Madilynne asks, "How about boars?"
Speaking to Madilynne, Taenarion says, "Hmm, armored boars, sounds more dwarf-like."
Kakoon says, "Deep fried grimswarm, wonder how that would smell."
Nihrvanah hopefully asks, "So...?"
Speaking to Kakoon, Nihrvanah says, "Like fried chicken."
Speaking to Kakoon, Krystalena says, "Disgusting."
Great Lord Talimiir just arrived.
Speaking to Kakoon, Lynaera says, "Like progress."
Kakoon laughs at Lynaera!