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The TownCrier is the rolling news feed with all the news that's fit to share about GemStone IV. The TownCrier channel went live on LNet on March 11, 2016. Hosted by your friendly news anchor, Newsby, the TownCrier is published with ongoing updates by a dedicated team of creatives.

The project came to be because who wants to have to choose between roleplaying or looking in multiple places for what's going on in GS? It was named after the first magazine of Elanthia, The TownCrier of GemStone II from 1988-1989.

In January 2018, The TownCrier officially became a Meeting Hall Organization based in the town of Wehnimer's Landing.

When the 2020 changes were made to ESP, the TownCrier became available as an OOC ESP Channel, too, and news headlines are delivered simultaneously to both LNet and ESP now so that people can pick the one most convenient for them.


  • The newscast is primarily an out of character resource and available via ESP (ESP TUNE TownCrier) or Lich on LNet (;tune TownCrier)
    We don't promise 24/7 newscasting, but we're able to do so more often than not.
  • Daily news publication deadline is 8pm Eastern, the day's newsfeed becomes live around midnight with Newsby.
  • There's a very small podcast each day to inform you of today's events in GemStone. This can be heard over Alexa via the Daily Flash Briefing, "Today in GemStone IV" or "GemStone IV TownCrier" at Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts (a link seems to be needed to find it on Google):


Name Responsibility
Luxelle Publisher; Chief Bottle Washer
Avawren Storyline Correspondent
Aymar Author
Arianiss On leave of absence
Aspyre Social Correspondent and Capping Announcements on Instagram
Chandrellia Intern
Claudaro Special Projects
Conrash TownCrier Master Calendar Coordinator
Darcena Leave of Absence
Dergoatean Live Event Rodeo Caller, News and Tips Resource
Elysia GS Calendar Editor; Item of the Week Feature
Falicor TownCrier Intern
Felarion Ta'Illistim News Intern
Florania Landing Chronicler
Goldstr Smell the Roses Editor
Irar On Leave of Absence
Jahadeem Web Techs Consultant
Kaldonis News Correspondent for River's Rest
Kalyrra Tips Editor
Kayse News Correspondent at Large
Leafiara News Correspondent for Landing and Special Surveys
Leifa Instagram Editor & Designer
Loralaii TownCrier Special Assignments
Lylia News Correspondent for Landing
Lynaera News Correspondent for Ta'Vaalor
Macillus TownCrier Special Project Editor
Maevie Master DB Editor and Wrangler
Mersenne On Leave
Nalver TownCrier Editor
Newsby TownCrier News Anchor
Obelin TownCrier Event Teaser Correspondent
Oubar Interviewer Extraordinaire
Rovvigen Raffles & Live Event Correspondent, Player Run Organizations Liaison
Selema Special Projects and Roving Reporter; Backstage Technical Consultant
Siggurd TownCrier Special Correspondent
Varnock Intern
Xanlin Tips & Repository Editor; Backstage Technical Consultant
Yardie TownCrier Correspondent
Ylandra On leave of absence
Anonymous News Correspondent for Solhaven
Your Name could be here *name your dream assignment

Please contact Luxelle if you want to join our team. Technical or creative, large and small, in the spotlight or behind the scenes - there's something you can do!


The TownCrier channel news headlines are aggregated from a variety of in-character and out-of-character sources about GemStone.

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