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Type System
Demeanor-based No
Wedding No
System Justice
ACCUSE is a justice system verb and is used to accuse a character for any number of crimes. In order to ACCUSE another character, a player must locate a local law enforcement officer, or head to their office.


    ACCUSE {player} {crime}   - Accuse a player of a crime.
    ACCUSE {player} DISMISS   - Dismisses charges of all crimes committed against you.

Where {crime} must be one of the following:

ACCUSE can be used to accuse someone of misconduct towards you.  If someone were to PUNCH you, for example, that is assault upon your person, and this can be ACCUSED.  A number of other verbs are also included in this system.  You can accuse someone at the local constabulary, the local courtroom, or to any authority figure you may see.

ACCUSE {name} DISMISS can be used to dismiss the charges against someone who you have ACCUSEd, or someone that has murdered you.  When you dismiss the charges, you are dismissing ALL charges against said person.  You cannot pick and choose which to dismiss.  Please note that you MUST dismiss any charges you want to BEFORE the criminal goes to trial, as charges already tried and punished cannot be rescinded.

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