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Type System
Demeanor-based No
Wedding No
System Policy
Use the ALTER verb to get the official alteration guidelines in-game. To view the guidelines in full, see Alter.


Please note: This only populates with ALTER HELP.

Type ALTER alone for general numbering, ALTER 100 (or ALTER MISCELLANEOUS) for 'Other Services' numbering, ALTER 200 (or ALTER FEATURE) for feature alteration numbering, and ALTER FULL for a longform list.


ALTER by itself

Typing ALTER by itself populates the main numbered menu for alteration guidelines. ALTER 100 and 200 are listed, but in a condensed format.

Alterations - General
  1) Where to Start
  2) Base Descriptions    (the 15/15/15 rule)
  3) Long Descriptions     (seen all the time and when TAPPED)
  4) Show Descriptions        (seen when you SHOW it or LOOK at it) 
  5) Joint Long and Show Descriptions
  6) Live Merchants     (What To Expect During a Live Session)
  7) Scripted Items
  8) Essence (Underlying Item Build)     (aka 'Why a broadsword can't become a backpack')
  9) Transcending Descriptions     (working with existing "illegal"/unapproved item builds & terms)
  10) Additional Resources

Alterations - Guidelines
  20) Wording - General Alteration Tips
  21) Wording - Subjective Adjectives
  22) Wording - "Test of Time"
  23) Wording - Out Of Genre and Obscure Terms
  24) Wording - Assumed Wearer's Body Parts/Gender in Item Descriptions
  25) Wording - ICE Terms

  30) Magical Properties   (items that move and/or glow)
  31) Imagery Limitations
  32) Colors (and Alchemy Dyes)
  33) Lettering and Languages
  34) Racial and Cultural Item Descriptors/Capitalization
  35) Professional Item Descriptors
  36) Names, Official Titles, Affiliations

  40) Materials - Base/Adornment Change Guidelines
  41) Materials - Rarity     (includes Alter Fodder information)
  42) Materials - Creature Skins/Parts
  43) Materials - Gems
  44) Materials - Metals
  45) Materials - Woods, Flora/Organic, and Misc.

  50) Items - Weapon, Shield, and Armor Naming
  51) Items - Pockets and Containers
  52) Items - Books
  53) Items - Instruments
  54) Items - Risque Clothing

Other Services
  100) Miscellaneous Services
  200) Feature Alterations


ALTER 100 will pull up the miscellaneous service guidelines menu for specific services on items.

  100) ALTER MISCELLANEOUS - Miscellaneous Service Guidelines and Information
    101) Lightening
    102) Deepening
    103) Tattoos
    104) Popular Customization Services
    105) Recharging
    106) WPS


ALTER 200 will pull up the menu for feature alteration guidelines.

  200) ALTER FEATURE - Feature Alteration Guidelines
    201) Feature Alterations - What Are They?
    202) Feature Field Format
    203) General Guidelines (for all features)
    204) Hair
    205) Eyes
    206) Complexion
    207) Height
    208) Body Build
    209) Face
    210) Nose
    211) Distinguishing Marks
    212) Other Unique Features
    213) Wings


ALTER FULL will pull up the all three ALTER menus in full.

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